Pet Business Owners - 2021 Stories Planner1Pet Business Owners – 2021 Stories Planner

I love all Social Media, but one of my biggest passions of 2020 has been Instagram Stories.

It’s true….I am mad about them!

What I love most about Instagram Stories is that:

  • They don’t need to be perfect – phew!!
  • There is no fancy production required – phew!!
  • There are soooooo many interactive tools to use right inside the app – YES!!!
  • And they allow me to connect with the people that follow me on a more personal level – resulting in new customers!


When it comes to Stories I think a lot of people get it wrong.

  • They make them too salesy
  • They just throw anything up just to have posted a ‘story’
  • And they have no real strategy

The other problem is people think they can’t do stories until they have a million followers.

In fact they put off doing them thinking that need to grow their account first.

But the truth is you should be engaging with those people already following you now…while you work on getting more followers.

Focus on those people that have already said YES I LIKE YOU…and given you a follow.

Because these are the very people that might actually buy something from you.

Even if right now there might only be a handful of them.

So How Do Stories Help You Sell More Of Your Products And Services?

  • Stories keep you top of mind for those people that follow you – every time you post a story you appear at the top of their phone and they see you have posted something.
  • Using hashtags and location tags in stories give you the chance to be found by new people who might want to follow you.
  • And most importantly stories allows you to showcase who you are and how much you love and care for pets – something your ideal customer is definitely going to appreciate.

And don’t forget you can share your Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories – so you are reaching twice as many people.

Win Win!

But What Do You Post Every Day on Stories?

I get that it can be hard to come up with great content every day. To think of something ‘fun’ and ‘engaging’ that people will love – without going on camera every day.

Which is why I developed a Stories Content Plan.

This it what I use to make sure I am consistent with my stories every day.

Because, as with everything, if you aren’t consistent then you don’t tend to get the results you are looking for!

Meet The Stories Planner For Pet Business Owners!

The Stories Planner tells you what to post each day to your Insta Stories.

It doesn’t involve creating tonnes of graphics or videos ahead of time – instead it’s all about using the built in features of Stories to engage and sell to your audience in the way Stories are intended to be used.

Each day just open the planner and create your story throughout the day. So instead of just sharing random things to stories, you will have a carefully crafted story concept you can post.

THIS…will make you stand out from your competitors as the trusted source of Pet Care in your area.

The posts are all quick and easy so that you can do them while you are having your morning coffee, standing in line at the grocery store or watching TV in the evening.

And the more you use Stories the better you get at creating fun and engaging posts.

What Is In The Planner?

Each Month You Will Get

The exact content to create up to 4 engaging, fun and interactive stories per day. With instructions on what built in features to use and the resources you need to create the story.

Everything will be there for you to copy, paste and make awesome looking Stories.

For example: If on Tuesday you are posting a quiz using the quiz function – you will get all the questions and answers making it super easy for you to post and then get on with your day!

It’s a fact based post – you get all the information needed to create it. You don’t need to do any research.

Note – Because Stories are being updated all the time with new features the planner will be delivered each month around the 15th of the month for the following month. So the January Planner is available now and the February Planner will be available mid January…and so on. This means you will have content ideas based on the latest version of the app.

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