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Star Principal Seminar By Perry Marshall & Richard Koch – Instant Download!

Star Principal Seminar By Perry Marshall & Richard Koch

You’re Working Way Too Hard.
Too Many Hours, Too Many Interruptions, Too Much Trivia.
You’re Far Too Focused on INCOME.
But Worst of All, You’re Not Getting Enough EQUITY.

Dear Business Builder:

How much money did you earn LAST MONTH from work you finished 5 years ago?

No cheating. If it took more than mere minutes for you to collect your harvest, you’re still working for your bread.

If you wanted to sell your business this year, could you?

Would any sane human being want it?

Could you hand the new owner the keys and walk away with your bag o’ cash? Or would they be dragging you out of bed 2 hours later to come in and fix the next crisis?

Are you able to dispense a few minutes or hours of advice, and get a large, lucrative return on that money – not just in the form of income, but in real equity ownership that rises in value?

Are you a consultant who, like 99% of your brethren, owns title to nothing at the end of the day?

Are you only as good as your last client check?

Do you truly understand that when you have the right strategy, then the less you work and the more you make?

Star Principal Seminar By Perry Marshall & Richard Koch

Are The Strategies You’ve Gotten Over The Last 5 Years Earning You More and More Freedom and Equity With Each Passing Year? Or Are You Caught In A Trap?

If you have any of these frustrations, stick with me because you’re in the right place.

I can count on one hand the number of times meeting someone has completely and utterly changed my perspective on business, life, and success.

There was the spring day in 1997 that I wandered into the Peoria Civic Center and heard Dan Kennedy talk about direct response advertising. A revelation.

There was my very first System Seminar with Ken McCarthy in 2002. That’s where I discovered Google AdWords – but far more importantly, it’s where I discovered a system and a process for selling anything online. Ken’s original model for a tested online sales funnel is still the foundation not only of my business – but of every single one of my successful clients’ businesses as well.

There was legendary copywriter Gary Bencivenga’s once-in-a-lifetime event in New York City, where I probed the inner workings of “The World’s Greatest Copywriter.”

And then there was a recent meeting in Portugal, with a complete and total business master – that has forced me to re-think and re-evaluate everything I thought I knew about what success in my business (or anything else) looks like.

That, along with a Memo from the Head Office – as you’ll learn – it was time to:

“Re-engineer your very existence as a business leader. Transform your entire way of thinking.”

I’d been searching for this lesson my entire business career. Even way back in my Amway days. (I think this is actually a lesson every business builder is searching for.)

Perhaps it’s a case of “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

When I was in Amway, the mantra was: ‘Work 15-20 hours a week for 2-5 years and you’ll have a walk away income for the rest of your life.’

My rose-colored glasses shattered when Jeff Probandt, an insider, “came out of the closet.” He posted a tell-all website in the early days of the Internet. It said yes, it’s true, my mentors go on cruises and drive Cadillac and Mercedes automobiles and live in beautiful homes with swimming pools and 4-stall garages.

But they also work 50-70 hours a week, not 20. They check their voice mail constantly, and they’re always up to their eyeballs in some kind of crisis. And the minute they stop frenetically paddling, their whole business starts to unravel.

A squirrel cage. Hamster wheel. Rut. Routine. Treadmill. Trap. Whatever you wanna call it, it’s something you can’t extricate yourself from.

When you were wet behind the ears, when you were a newbie in the entrepreneur world, how many times were you promised “passive income,” “residual income,” “turn-key simplicity,” and a chance to do something once and get paid for years?

Do you remember the day harsh reality crashed in? Do you remember how after you ‘grew up’ and realized 99% of those promises were hype?… Do you recall how many more times you were admonished to “stop trading hours for dollars” and “stop working in your business and start working ON your business” and let automation do the work for you?

Jonathan Mizel, one of the smartest marketers I’ve ever met anywhere, once said, “Once you get to a certain age you say to yourself, ‘I’m tired of hustling and chasing deals all the time. Eventually you want to have a business that just generates cash.”

Haven’t we all eventually reached the point where we’re sick and tired of hustling and chasing deals all the time?

Jonathan is the guy who said, “I got out of the guru business because I got sick and tired of my students making five times as much money as me.” He only spends about 10% of his time being a guru now.

Has the day come and gone when you realized the machines aren’t working for you, it’s you working for the machines, along with all the other worker bees?

Are you making a comfortable income with a respectable business, yet at the end of the day you know you’re not actually getting anywhere?

How many people who ever made you promises of residual income were truly “walking the walk” and not just selling books and tapes?

Have you noticed that all of them are, in one way shape or form, “Motivational Speakers”?

Q: Why do they all need to be motivational speakers?

A: Because at the end of the day, every single one of them teaches you how to hustle.

I’m happy to say I’ve never offered anyone false promises of total financial freedom and autonomy. I’ve only promised my members and clients that I would get them more customers for less money.

And I have MANY success stories. Many. They’re plastered all over my website.

Nevertheless, let’s admit it: What you really want is income and wealth that do not require you to hustle eight, ten, twelve, fourteen hours a day.

One or two hours a day is much more like it. The laws of 80/20 dictate that it’s entirely possible. I can prove it to you with calculus if you want.

But I’d rather prove it with actual results from real business owners who have applied the “99/1” secrets that Richard Koch shared out our Star Principle Seminar.

I don’t know of another “Marketing Seminar” that can boast of an “alumni” as successful as these guys…

  • Ed Harycki sold Loanbuilder to PayPal for a massive, life-changing sum
  • Casey Graham cashed in so big when he sold Rocket Company that he was instantly bored and had to go out and find new adventures
  • Donny Wyatt cashed out of his biz, selling to a private equity firm, but happily stayed in the company to keep it growing
  • Tim Francis’ took one sentence that Richard said, added his own special sauce, and birthed a million-dollar company called Great Assistant
  • Megan Macedo took Richard’s words to heart, developed a heart-string-tugging “be yourself” video that transformed her business and her life
  • David Jellens, Austrialian entrepreneur took his thriving adventure company public
  • Patrick Leypold is building a STAR business in Austria Germany and Switzerland in the self storage space
  • Michael Strickland took Richard’s Proposition Simplifier model, applied it to his Ship-a-Car-Direct company, and collected over 6000 raving reviews
  • Mike Rhodes built the biggest PPC agency in Australia
  • Timothy Seward made ROI Revolution a force to be reckoned with in a hyper-competitive space
  • Scott Marlow built Themeco into one of the biggest WordPress plugins in the world
  • Vladimir Zakharov transformed himself into the #1 Feng Shui consultant in Russia
  • EJ Tahir built one of the most successful orthodontic practices in the Midwest United States
  • Jim Siwek and his partners sold their company and parachuted out with life-altering money

All these guys (and gal) gleaned wisdom from the fountain that is Richard Koch’s brain.

Sometimes it was just ONE single idea…one SENTENCE out of Richard’s mouth … that toppled a domino in their brain, setting off a chain reaction that led to $100,000, $1,000,000 and yes, even 9-figure payoffs!

Remember, Richard wrote “The 80/20 Principle.” He literally wrote the book on 80/20.

So, when he speaks, every word is packed with literally billions of dollars of potential.

If you don’t get a $100,000 idea from listening to the Star Seminar videos, you’re just not paying attention!

Who Are the Top 5 People Who Have Influenced YOUR Business Education?

What have they successfully taught you?


What have they attempted to teach you, that still has not materialized?

What do you wish they could teach you, that is sadly beyond their experience?

The worlds of Internet Marketing, Entrepreneur Education and Personal Development have no shortage of authors, consultants, gurus and thought leaders.

The best of the best are impressively successful. Top incomes extend into the 7 figure range. Some enjoy lavish, nearly Jet-Set lifestyles. A few have private jets.

The best enjoy plenty o’ street cred. They have incredibly impressive success stories, robust case studies, star clients, unquestionable expertise, and flair.


To a person, all are prisoners of the celebrity-based squirrel cages they’ve built.

In short, they are famous for… being famous. And to keep the dinero flowing, they have to stay famous.

Fame is fleeting. Not all are as wealthy or successful as some might assume. Some live hand to mouth. Or product launch to product launch. I know this because I’m an insider. I know exactly what goes on behind closed doors.

Setting aside those who are more show than substance or who’ve taken major spills, how successful are the best of the best?

The best of the best make $1-3 million per year, have net worth occasionally surpassing $5 million, but still…

They are constantly hustling.

They have no choice.

Most could not sell their business if their life depended on it.

The most successful “golden parachute” I’ve seen in the Internet Marketing education space so far was $20 million. And that is the top of the top of the heap.

The deals get smaller from there.

They also work 50-70 hours a week, not 20. They check their email constantly, and they’re always up to their eyeballs in some kind of crisis. And the minute they stop frenetically paddling, their whole business starts to unravel.

To the average opportunity seeker or working stiff, what I just described still seems like outrageous wealth and good fortune. I get that. If you hear me griping, slap me. But I need to remind you of a few things:

  • Of all the folks who preach “financial freedom,” almost none are financially free themselves. Most own surprisingly little equity in anything.
  • Most work 50-60 hours a week.
  • Some have no choice but to travel constantly. That gets old real fast.
  • Some are walking family-relationship disasters. Mistresses, estrangements, divorces. And it’s not unusual for their business relationships to exhibit the exact same patterns. Not terribly different from Hollywood.
  • If they got hit by a bus tomorrow, their businesses would grind to a screeching halt.
  • Too many spend 105% of what they make.
  • Many do not even know what they would do if they were financially free.
  • Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula – which was and is a necessary, inevitable evolution of the information business – has converted what once was an “autopilot for months or years” ecosystem into a merciless, “bust your ass 20 hours a day for 2-4 weeks 2-3X per year” gauntlet.
  • Again, to Larry Lunchbox who makes $65,000 a year punching the clock, none of these issues seem worth complaining about. “First world problems.” Compared to the average wage slave, compared to the opportunities he has, to the colleges his kids go to, the gurus enjoy a country club paradise. With fame and recognition to boot.

However: If YOU Make More than $250,000 Per Year, If You Already Own a Company, If You Mostly Come and Go as You Please, If You Enjoy Some of the Finer Things in Life…

You Can See the Summit From Here.

And that Particular Summit isn’t Really All that Much Better than Where You Are Now.

In other words, if you really do want a “Four Hour Work Week”

If you really do want to spend the other 36 hours or 164 hours a week doing whatever you truly WANT to do…

If you know that what you really should be building is wealth and equity and not merely building yourself a fancier, more prestigious squirrel cage…

Then you have no role models.

NONE of your mentors have what you actually want.


Even If You Become The World’s #1 Marketing Genius, You Still Could Wake Up Some Day And Find Yourself In A Golden Squirrel Cage, Unable To Stop Running Without Everything Falling Apart

Why am I saying this? Am I saying this to insult Anthony Robbins, Joe Polish, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Brian Tracy, Jeff Walker or Yanik Silver?


I’m not insulting anybody at all, because…

I’m no better off than they are!

Star Principal Seminar By Perry Marshall & Richard Koch

My brotherhood of “online marketing guys” makes fun of MBAs and people who own “real” businesses, but the truth is, we all need things they’ve got. I’m a guy who makes a very comfortable income. I’ve created a fabulous job for myself working with great people who I love, serving great customers who I love… I get to come and go more or less as I please, invent cool things, write bestselling books, hang with interesting and famous people.

I get invited to occasions like Leigh Steinberg’s Super Bowl Party in New York City (it was a blast) and I live, well, a modest dream lifestyle.

I really do have a terrific life.

But it’s still a JOB.

I can’t take six or twelve months off. Sure, I can work four hours some weeks but after a few of weeks of that, I’m gonna pay.

I realized I wasn’t building equity.

I realized, if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, my business might last a year.

I doubt it would last any longer than that. Probably less.

Add me to the list.

Ditto with most other “gurus.” Some can retire, because they’ve banked enough savings. But ALL trade hours for dollars.

If I got hit by a bus tomorrow, I would be grateful for the amazing life I’ve led. I would also know that decades of dreams that were still ahead of me didn’t come true. I’d wonder: If I lived longer, would I figure out how to make those dreams come true?

I had to be honest and admit to myself that the real dreams that I have on my heart, the things I want to accomplish in my life, demand that I attain more freedom than what I have now.

I can’t transform the world the way I really want to if I’m working 30-50 hours a week. I bet you can’t either. I can’t change the world in a big way if I can’t build foundations and invest in projects that could take 5-20 years to pay off.

That’s why I began quietly searching for an answer. How do I escape the limitations of my amazing, otherwise fun, Planet Perry “job”?

Every one of my successful clients is also quietly searching for the exact same thing.

I was hunting. You never know when or where an interesting solution might appear. So…

In October 2013, I came home from a speaking engagement in Mexico. Laura and I headed out for dinner.

“So where are you going next?” she asked.

“Nowhere,” I replied. No major trips on the calendar.

“You have to go somewhere,” she answers.

“I do?”

“Sure. You gotta go somewhere. Where could you go?”

My mind spins for a minute. “Well, Richard Koch once mentioned I was welcome to come visit him in Cape Town or Gibraltar or Spain and stay at his guest house.”

Richard Koch (his last name rhymes with “Gosh”) is the author of the million-copy selling classic The 80/20 Principle, which transformed my thinking more than any other business book I’ve ever read. Reading that book was every bit as important as meeting Dan Kennedy and Ken McCarthy. In fact, Ken’s the guy who turned me on to him. Richard and I had become friends and he was gracious enough to write the foreword for my own book 80/20 Sales and Marketing.

Laura says, “You mean you’ve got an invitation to go hang out with a guy who’s worth two hundred million dollars… and you haven’t done it yet?

“What on earth are you waiting for? Go!
Buy the plane tickets and GO!”

Dang. I guess I’m going to go see Richard now.

Laura has a 25-year history of nudging me to make pivotal moves. Like quit my job and start Perry S. Marshall and Associates right after September 11, 2001, for example.

A week later, I’m all booked for a trip to Portugal (Richard owns a home there too) with a stopover in Ireland on the way.

It was the first week of December. I finished a solitary Irish retreat, driving through the breathtaking Conor Pass on the way out of County Kerry. I visited my friends Terry and Gerri, then headed to the Algarve in Portugal.
Richard picked me up at the airport and we spent three days together. His home is situated about two miles out from the water. The sparkling Atlantic is clearly visible from his rooftop. The Mediterranean is just a little further down the strip. He has a 1,000 year old Olive tree in his front yard, and a guest house just a few steps away from the main place.

Richard is a “tax exile.” He’s chosen to live in countries where the taxes are low and the weather is warm, not rainy and dreary. Preferring NOT to give 30% of his capital gains to the British Government each year, he’s learned a thing or two about asset protection and tax strategy. He knows where to invest money.

For several days, we spent stretches of time together both in the morning and the late afternoon, eating lunch on his sunny patio.

Over the Last 30 Years, He’s Applied 80/20 and Focused His Efforts on Nineteen Select Firms.

Please notice what I just said.

Not 190. 19.

And when I say he’s applied 80/20, he hasn’t just, like, read a book and found some shortcuts. Or even merely written “the” book and taken his own advice. Richard has lived, breathed and multiplied 80/20 for decades.
Scarcely more than a few people reading this can fully appreciate what that really means.

Half the companies Richard’s invested in have gone on to be tremendously successful, selling for many times what they were originally worth. Half his investments have grown 5X to 50X their size when he bought in.
This is how Richard Koch has grown his net worth from $5 million in 1990 to $1.4 billion in 2022.

Richard’s asset base has grown an average of 19.7% per year for more than two decades. The money has been multiplied 320 times. (And the growth rate and multiple are an understatement, because Richard has given away substantial sums along the way.)

Warren Buffett became the world’s richest person, by growing his assets at 20.3% per year, over a longer period of time.
How is it that Richard can consistently beat the market by double digits every year, year after year? How does he attain results within spitting distance of Buffett and the world’s richest billionaires?

He’s not a mutual fund manager.

He’s not a corporate analyst.

He’s not a mathematician. He doesn’t know how to use an Excel spreadsheet. He doesn’t have a splay of six computer monitors with charts and market data blaring at him every day. He does all his sums by hand, using an antique HP-16C calculator (he can calculate compound interest and IRRs). He says the only way to truly understand what is going on is to keep the model so simple that he can calculate it.


When a Venture Capitalist (“VC”) invests in TEN companies, they expect seven to go belly up, two to do OK and one to explode 10X. VC’s are the fraternity that gave birth to Facebook and Google. Those guys make billions of dollars this way.

Even the best are lucky to bat 10%.

Yet, Richard has invested in only sixteen and hit paydirt – serious paydirt – on eight. Way too many to ascribe to luck.

So here’s the question I have for you today:

How is it Possible that Richard Koch Bats 50% When Most Venture Capital Firms are Delighted to Bat 5-10%?

And that’s not all. Cuz the icing on the cake is:

Richard Spends at Most 1-2 Hours per Day Working on His Business.

That’s it. He spends the rest of the day doing what he wants. He does not stress and obsess about his fortunes day and night the way a lot of “retired” people do.

I was there – I witnessed it firsthand.

Here’s how we spent our day:

We would meet for breakfast and mastermind together from 9am until 11am every day. Richard would get up at about 7:30 and he would spend the 8am to 9am hour working his business. Checking up on the progress of his “darlings,” advising directors and CEOs and scoping out new opportunities.

Then at 9, we sat down together and talked. Our conversations ranged far and wide. We consulted each other.

Then, at 11am, he did what he does every day: he went for a three-hour bike ride. (He’s 63 and handsomely fit, thank you very much.)

At 2pm, he returned. We ate lunch together and then he spent three hours writing. Richard writes a lot. Writing is his pleasure, his contribution to the world.

Then at 5, we would go for a walk with his beloved dog, either on the trails around his house or on the beach. And around 8:30 we would have dinner.

This Was When I Really Began to Understand the Scope of What Richard has Achieved.

Let me give you an idea of Richard’s story – which he relates in bits and pieces in his many books.

Richard started out in corporate consulting. He did stints at both Boston Consulting Group (“BCG”) and Bain Consulting, the company Mitt Romney is associated with. Though his time at those companies was frustrating and not outrageously successful (he quit before they could throw him out at BCG), he absorbed a tremendous amount of knowledge and insight from BCG’s founder Bruce Henderson, as well as Bill Bain.

He left and formed another consulting firm, LEK, with two ex-Bain colleagues. LEK was enormously successful, because Richard combined the wisdom and experience of Bain and BCG with a completely new niche and business model, and smart partners.

LEK prospered and Richard sold his stake in the company for six million pounds. LEK is very well known in the corporate management consulting business today.

After the sale of the company, and after taxes, other commitments, gifts, and buying property, Richard had three million pounds – five million dollars – left to invest. He started investing in 1991.

At that point, he became a private equity investor. He used the experience and acumen he’d acquired in his consulting years to precisely define:

  • What kind of companies to invest in
  • Which niches to pursue
  • Growth strategy for those companies
  • Finance strategy
  • Management (Richard’s philosophy of management is that it’s a mistake to begin with. “Managing” in his view is the corporate equivalent of retirement. As in, you usually die 18 months later.)
  • When you should get in
  • When you should get out

Richard began taking equity positions in small companies.

This guy spends 1 hour a day running his business and 3-4 hours a day being a Renaissance Man. Rides his bike and plays “stick” with his dog. (By the way, the dog is a brilliant swimmer.)

This man is living the dream!

In fact, I call my membership “Renaissance Club” because that’s my dream – to be a Renaissance Man.

Richard is not in a squirrel cage.

He’s worth 10X more than any other business mentor I’ve ever had.

Nowadays, he grows his net worth 20-30% a year. In fact, he achieved his ambition to be a “British Billionaire” – to be worth a billion British pounds.

He plays outdoors five hours a day and thinks really, really hard about big, deep questions.

But that’s not all.

Richard pointed to one title and said, “This is the book I’m most proud of. It’s called The Natural Laws of Business. It draws parallels between all the major scientific laws and their equivalents in business – evolution, mathematics, quantum mechanics and so on. Because I am always in search of the deep, deep principle that unifies everything and makes the complicated simple.”

I crack it open. I flip to page seven and I notice he’s talking about Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem. My goodness, it’s one of the most important discoveries in mathematics. Gödel’s theorem proves that no system can understand its own self, or confirm its own assumptions. It has earth shattering implications for all branches of knowledge. With direct application to business of course. It helps you identify your own assumptions with such ease.

Besides me, the ONLY business author I’d ever heard talk about Gödel was Dan Sullivan. If you know Dan you know he’s one of the sharpest people breathing oxygen today. I have an article about it on my website, and here Richard is talking about it in the first 10 pages.

My mind flashes back to the epiphany I had on page 14 of his original 80/20 book. This is my kind of guy!

But that’s not all. Another book arrested my attention: Suicide of the West.

“What’s this about?”

“It defines the six pillars of Western Civilization, THE six principles that made the West more powerful, more prosperous and more peaceful than any other civilization in the history of earth. It’s about what those ideals are, where they came from, and the forces and prejudices that threaten our survival. I am concerned that we are tossing our treasures into a cultural landfill. That is why I wrote this book.”

I started reading it early the very next morning and finished it before I got home. I was tremendously impressed. The most tidy summary of what makes our civilization tick I have ever seen. Flat out elegant.

I want to write books like this.

I want my business to thrive with an absolute minimum diet of precision attention and focus, like Richard’s does.

As Richard’s guest, I was grateful for the opportunity. I might have consulted him more during our time together than he consulted me.

I’m Not Going To Pretend…

When I was in Amway I observed that the top dogs, the Diamonds, were extremely adept at making themselves look like very very ordinary blokes, who had somehow managed to stumble onto the greatest business opportunity in the history of planet earth. Being “relatable” and not seeming any more talented, any more gifted than anybody else, but in fact seeming less so… they had that down to a science.

I call it “letting people catch you with your finger up your nose on purpose.”

Like one guy presented himself as a “roofer.” Actually, he wasn’t a roofer, he was a Dale Carnegie course instructor who’d been a salesman for a roofing company. And this guy was razor sharp. His ‘Emotional IQ’ was off the charts.

Yet, he was very good at seeming like everyman. He dumbed himself down to make it appear that “Anybody can do it.” Even though only a microscopic percentage of people actually accomplished anything in Amway.

To a lesser degree, most people who sell business advice play this same game.

Well, I’m not going to play that game. Richard, for all I know, might be way smarter than you. He might live in a stratosphere that seems vastly out of your league. Now all of that may or may not be true, but I’m certainly not going to dumb the guy down. He really is brilliant.

But here’s what I do know:

Nobody has to be an Einstein genius in order to SIMPLIFY. You just need to get out of your own way and find someone who can teach you the STRATEGY and priority and mindset behind the simplification. And that is precisely what Richard can do for you. That’s because…

Richard’s world is not more complex than yours. It is simpler!

That is why you are working too hard. You are chasing too many rabbits. Chase two rabbits, catch zero. Most people reading this are chasing ten.

Bad strategy.

I know that YOU can make world-shifting discoveries that simplify your life and give you more EQUITY at the end of the day.


Why Aren’t You More Famous?”

Even though his 80/20 book sold a million copies, other titles are virtually unknown. Richard has zero interest in attempting to become the next Facebook or Twitter business socialite.

We talked at length about his books and his ambitions. He insists Venture Capitalists are under-rated because they have made some of the world’s biggest success stories of the last 20 years possible. Google and Facebook for example. He says they need to raise their standing in the world.

He wondered aloud: “Why doesn’t Great Britain have an Apple or Google or Facebook or a Microsoft? Britain has the resources. She has the people and education level and the talent. I hope to somehow inspire or empower some entrepreneur to create the next British Apple.”

Most of all, Richard wants to inspire and empower entrepreneurs, wherever they hail from.

Richard has made his money not by investing in big companies but by investing in savvy entrepreneurs and great ideas.

That’s because huge growth numbers only come from big companies while they’re still small.

And guess what:

Richard liked the idea of doing a seminar!

We had already been kicking this around for quite some time, but I’d never felt satisfied that we had the right idea. Our original approach was an “80/20 Seminar.” But I already did one of those years ago. And even though we have certainly not said all that could be said, we’ve put a lot out there. Richard had already been banging the 80/20 drum for a long time anyway. He’s moved on to more advanced ideas.

But Why Would Richard Even Want to do A Seminar in the First Place?

There’s not a lecture hall on earth that’s actually in his pay grade. The top keynotes in the world – former presidents and Nelson Mandela grade guys – command $250,000 per speech. Considering they have to board an airplane and stay in a hotel, they’re only probably making $25,000 an hour. Richard makes $100,000 an hour for at least one hour every day. Plus he doesn’t enjoy traveling.

(By the way… a big reason why universities give people honorary degrees is to avoid paying their huge fees when they want a notorious commencement speaker. If you want to get an honorary doctorate someday, raise your rates.)

Why on earth would Richard want to do a seminar?

Several reasons, actually.

Books don’t pay either, but he still enjoys writing them. It’s part of who he is. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not interested in working for free. But he is concerned about legacy.

If you read his book Suicide of the West, you know he’s also concerned about the future. OUR future. He also loves knowledge and insight – especially the kind you get when you bring the smartest people from all over the world together in a room.

There are other reasons beyond those intangibles:

His agent and publishers have been urging him to do this for some time. Live events create vital visibility for authors. I believe Richard should be a lot more famous than he is.
A seminar is an unparalleled talent magnet. Richard knows that 1-5% of the people who come to a seminar like this have tremendous potential for investment and future working relationships.
Richard and his New Zealand colleague Geoff Vautier have long dreamed of building an 80/20 community. Not just some online discussion board, but an active, living, thriving network and brotherhood.
A seminar fosters tremendous conversations and networking. Billion dollar businesses may be born in the bar over rounds of Guinness.
A partnership between himself Richard and me Perry – two passionate 80/20 guys who believe in d-e-e-p principles and the elegance of simple truths – could be wildly productive. We hail from different generations and different cultures, but we share so much in common, it’s downright scary.
Fascinating things happen whenever you bridge two worlds. What happens when Richard’s British reserve, corporate track record, consulting acumen and financial consulting ability meet the youthful, ambitious, daring start-up spirit and marketing precision of Planet Perry?
We decided on a two-part conference, and we held it at the Hilton near Navy Pier in downtown Chicago. Here’s what we put together.

Day 1: Richard’s “60 to 20 Liberation Formula” – The 80/20 approach that anyone can use to cut their labor from 60 hours a week down to 20. This is Richard’s 80/20 Philosophy of Time.

I did an 80/20 seminar 5 years before, but this new information is vital because Richard has never presented this in its entirety anywhere in public. There is nothing like immersing yourself in 80/20 Time for 24 hours.

If Richard can grow his $200 million 30% per year working 1-2 hours a day, you can make what you make, or more, cutting your hours in half.

Star Principal Seminar By Perry Marshall & Richard Koch

You Don’t Need Money to do This. You Just Need THE STRATEGY.

Richard delivers not only the tools and the techniques but the MINDSET that will transform your habits, your work, and your environment so that the ONE thing you choose to focus on each day gets accomplished and thus merits you taking the rest of the day off, if you so choose.

You’ve been to plenty o’ seminars. But nobody who’s worth a hefty fraction of a billion dollars has actually taken you inside his head. Ever. This is unlike anything that has ever come before. And again, you don’t need to have Big Money or Big Resources. Heck, you could be a sales guy on commission and just this one day will transform your entire existence.

The knowledge, habits, tools, mindset and OPPORTUNITY FILTERS you need to build a SUCCESSFUL CAREER into a

Before Richard founded LEK, he owned nothing but the ideas in his head. He was just like a million other sales guys or consultants who say to themselves, “I’ve done OK so far, and I live better than most. But it’s uninspiring and I’m still banging around in this squirrel cage. I know I can do better than this!”

Richard said to himself, “I’ve watched Bruce Henderson come in and out of his office impeccably dressed, take a few phone calls and enjoy long leisurely lunches with seemingly not a care in the world, while everyone under him hustles 60-70 hours a week – and I’m tired of working 60-70 hours a week. I wanna be like Bruce.”

“In fact, I am GOING to be like Bruce. I am going to figure out how it’s done.”

He took ruthless stock of what was working, and what was not working in his own life, and he became a ferociously devout student of great men, brilliant geniuses.

As “Ivy League” as many of the consultants at Bain and BCG were, few were astute enough to learn the secret work habits, attitudes and opportunity filters of their own bosses.

But Richard was.

That’s why he’s worth well over $1 billion today.

What You Get From This Seminar

  • A state of the art treatment of his absolutely killer STAR PRINCIPLE. This is the strategy he uses to bat 50% where most Venture Capitalists bat 10%. He will explain the system, but updated, streamlined and refined based on the additional 5 years of experience (and $100 million of net worth) that he’s accumulated since his book of the same title was sent to the printer.
  • Richard’s concept of DISRUPTION which has three components: Disruptive Simplification, Disruptive Sophistication, and Disruptive Optimization. Most people probably have a vague idea of how these three concepts can work; but almost nobody realizes how to approach markets and businesses in the proper sequence. When you do this properly, you jolt your market out of its stupor and leave competitors reeling. For example, old fashioned bookies will never recover from the Disruptive Simplification that Richard’s darling company Betfare wreaked upon the niche it’s in.
  • You will discover exactly why most attempts at “outsourcing” and “reducing hours” never quite seem to work. Maybe you read 4-Hour Work Week? And you’re still not working four hours a week. Why? Richard is, after all. What’s the difference? He’s going to tell you. Richard is heart-attack serious about YOU whittling your work week from 60 to 20. You will never achieve the equity gains you really desire when you’re busting your ass 60 hours a week. You need the space to think, and to SENSE what is going on around you. You must have space.
  • Otherwise you’re dead. (If you doubt me, ask your spouse.)
  • You will also discover why simplicity is never enough. This is the real downfall in the “4 hour work week” as most people attempt it.
  • Four types of money and how each is radically different from the other. Especially in terms of… simplicity.
  • When you should ruthlessly simplify and when you should bomb your competitors with a bucket of sophistication bricks.
  • Why most innovations do the exact opposite of what was intended (this is why projects spiral out of control and two years later you’re still trying to figure out how to get that thing launched, throwing good money after bad).
  • Why, contrary to common entrepreneurial common sense, it’s an enormous advantage to BE the lowest-priced player in a commodity market! “Info marketers” and consultants are always striving to be the most expensive, and to an extent that is good. But Richard approach is completely different. He’s going to show you how even when you are the high end player, the most esteemed in your market, the EQUITY play usually means turning in the opposite direction. This seems like driving the wrong way on a six-lane freeway, and it is! But will make you extremely wealthy when you take that voyage in the right vehicle. (It’s fun to watch the SUVs go flying in every direction.)
  • Goliath’s Challenge – How you maintain and extend market leadership. Steve Jobs said, “If you don’t cannibalize yourself, someone else will.” Very few entrepreneurs practice creative destruction within their own organizations. They’re too busy fixing stuff that’s broken for it to even occur to them. Richard will share eleven warning signals the number one firm in a market MUST be wary of.
  • David’s Opportunity – When you’re the bottom player on the heap, what chance do you have? Richard will show you how to disrupt and exploit the weaknesses that all #1 players have. (Which is what Goliath’s Challenge warns you of.) Richard is going to show you BOTH sides of this coin, so you understand how you can be exploited, and how to exploit. But he expresses this in language that is foreign to all the MBAs and info marketers out there. This is why you are at such an advantage when you watch the seminar.

Now there’s something else that’s crucial, a key to the whole entire enterprise. And that is:


Companies like yours and mine. Online firms, offline firms, but in most cases startups or very young firms. And sometimes established firms that have languished.

He’s not like some hypocrite who talks about “free enterprise” and then spends all his money on MBAs and lawyers.

His darlings aren’t giant insurance companies. No British Telecom. No Lloyds of London. No Apple or Microsoft. Small and medium-sized service companies, restaurants, online concerns, manufacturers.

You Need To Start Playing An Equity Game Instead of an Income Game.

It’s not about what you make. It’s what you own when the music stops.

Very few people understand how to grow a business from pure start-up to big-bucks equity and longevity. Richard does. Also, Richard is not a Venture Capitalist. He’s a Private Equity investor. Which means he sees a very BIG picture. Richard looks at a $1 million company and he envisions more accurately than most people what it will likely look and smell like at $50 million.

Richard possesses a profound gift for simplification.

On My Way to Portugal, My Stint in Ireland Proved to be A Crucial Part of the Story.

I traveled to the far west, as far as you can go, to the Dún Chaoin on the Dingle Peninsula. Dún Chaoin (pronounced “Dun QUINN”) is the jagged edge, a wild remote hamlet. Even more remote in December, when there’s scarcely a visitor in sight.

I had been to Ireland twice before. Once in 2009 for our 20th anniversary; then in June 2013, for a mind-bending, spirit-freeing trip to the “Thin Places” of Ireland.
The islands off the Atlantic coast of Ireland have been inhabited on and off by monks since 500 AD and a spiritual atmosphere has been cultivated there like few other places in the world.

If you’re an intuitive or spiritually attuned person, you feel the shift. I discovered – no, I experienced – that the downloads, those “Memos from the Head Office,” come 5X faster there than anywhere else I’d ever been.

Nearby Mount Brandon with its nine-mile stations of the cross affords some of the most gorgeous scenery I’ve seen in all my journeys to 32 countries. The vistas there on a warm summer morning are so delicious, you almost want to take a giant spoon and scoop the land into your mouth and eat it.

Oh, the grass. The forty shades of green. The green, the green. I never knew one color could hold so much pleasure.
Even the stones seem somehow alive. You look at the land, and it feels like it’s looking right back at you.

So maybe it won’t surprise you to hear that every time I’ve been to Western Ireland, I’ve gotten a major mind shift. Major. Unlike anywhere else.

That story extends far beyond the scope of this letter; that will have to wait for when it’s just me and you and a beer. But while there I took another trip up Mount Brandon, which even in December was heartbreakingly beautiful.

Ireland’s Wild West is the most enchanting mix of remote, otherworldly austerity and heart-warming hospitality I’ve experienced anywhere. The landscape is so wild, the rocks so jagged, the mist so ever-changing, sometimes it feels like walking on the moon.

Yet a Bed and Breakfast and a Guinness is never more than a couple of miles away. American law requires brewers to pasteurize all beer. Guinness from the tap in Ireland is not pasteurized, imparting an organic, soulful aliveness to your glass. The liveliness of the beer all by itself is enough to make you homesick for Ireland.

At Murphy’s Pub in Ballyferriter, I enjoyed roasted chicken and sipped Guinness. I asked the barmaid, “Are you from around here?”

“No, I’m from the UK.”

“How did you wind up here?”

“I came here on holiday and my car broke down. The mechanic said he wouldn’t fix it unless I moved in with him.” She smiled at me. “So, here I am.”

It was about 50° F that day (10° C). I said to her, “To a guy from Chicago, it’s sure not very cold here.”

“Ah, well you just come here sometime when it’s raining and the wind gales are 70 miles per hour, and then you tell me it’s not cold! It’s cold here alright!”

Some days, Atlantic gales assault the coast with hurricane force. That’s why the west is so austere, so foreboding, so wild. There isn’t even a tree in sight, anywhere – except for a few palm trees(!). Too much wind, too much salt in the air.

I spent a couple of days in total solitude, climbing over rocks, hiking, ambling over moonlike landscapes in the misty dawn, listening to the surf pound rocks. I even glimpsed the Northern Lights (it is PITCH BLACK looking out over that ocean at night!) and inhaled fresh inspiration.

For a good part of the day I was the westernmost human being on the whole European continent.

The Muse struck at 2 o’clock the very next morning, in the middle of my first night at Ferriter’s Cove. I jolted awake, and it came to me loud and clear:


In other words: Re-engineer your whole operation, your whole organization, so that it does not revolve around you.

To the point where it can thrive long, long after you are gone.

And then, when you get to Portugal, learn everything you can and cultivate your friendship with Richard. He has many things to teach you.

That’s what I got. It all came to me in about 10 minutes.

100 years? This had not been how I was thinking AT ALL.

I had always seen myself far more like a serial entrepreneur than some guy who’s out to build a century-plus legacy. I work in a technology driven industry where most people can’t see past their next book or product launch. Which means one year is a really long time. Some of my colleagues don’t plan anything further than next summer.

In this business, a lot of people are hoping the live bodies parading through the front door don’t notice the dead bodies being carried out the back door.

But suddenly I had a new vision. This was the shift I needed to make a clean break from much of what I’ve known, and burst into new territory.

I also realized: Perry, if you do succeed in engineering a business that can last 100 years, you’re also by definition out of the squirrel cage. Because then you can spend time away from it for long stretches. Just like you want and need to.

I’m not saying you have to build a 100-year business in order for it to finally serve you, instead of you being its slave. Not at all. But I want you to understand that for the first time, I began to ask myself a new, hugely important question:

How does the SOUL of an organization – you know, that magic ingredient that makes a company ALIVE like a Guinness from the tap in Dublin – extend beyond its founder?

How do you reproduce your own DNA and culture into your own organization so that people inherently do not need to jerk your chain every time they’re presented with a problem or a question they’ve never answered before?

“Better Systems” Alone Will NEVER Solve This Problem!

Why? Because there is no such thing as a system that can anticipate every possible event! In fact, in order to evolve, an organization must always be extending beyond its current systems into uncharted waters. By definition.

How do you instill that level of knowledge into your organization, so that it becomes a living thing?

How do you inject adaptive, evolutionary DNA into your creation?

If you sell your company, how do you ensure (as much as reasonably possible anyway) that it doesn’t just collapse or get absorbed into the new company and disappear?

If someone takes over because you want to retire or travel six months of the year, how do you preserve the culture that you worked so hard to create?

Do you even know how to create a culture in the first place?

But there’s also something else.

The harsh reality is that some businesses, some Unique Selling Propositions and some markets are fundamentally incapable of providing you with the lifestyle you desire.

Most businesses, given their current trajectory, simply will never achieve this. Ever.

Quite a few can be re-engineered to grow 3X or 5X or 50X, if you, the owner, possess the right knowledge and strategies.

But any reasonably intelligent entrepreneur or sales professional can be trained to recognize what Richard calls a “Star Business” and steer it even more in the direction of its true Star Power.

The efforts you are expending right now to evolve your business may be fundamentally incapable of reaching fruition. If so, someone needs to TELL you.

The business you have right now may have explosive potential. MANY markets and MANY businesses do. But if you do not recognize precisely where that potential lies and if you don’t possess the x-ray vision to see where the “80/20’s are” and where the top 1% leverage points are, you’ll go around in circles forever.

Well, actually not forever.

Until you die or give up in frustration or go broke.

Some people are perfectly willing to keep their ear to the ground, their shoulder to the wheel and their nose to the grindstone for the rest of their life. Despite the fact that it’s a rather uncomfortable position to be in.

And if you’re okay with that, the universe will comply.

There will always be some bureaucracy ready to welcome you into its bowels. There is always some market that will freely share its dysfunctions and STDs with you. But as Richard says,

“Modern civilization rests not on drudgery, muscle power, repetition, or long hours of work, but on insight, inspiration, inventiveness, originality, and enterprise.”

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The Star Principle Essentials Videos — How to Disrupt, Redefine, and Dominate Your Market in 1-Hour a Day

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The Explosive Power of Radical 80/20 Reductionism… Why Most Entrepreneurs Simplify the Wrong Stuff…

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The “Mushroom Cloud” Expansion Secrets of the Growth Share Matrix

  • How to find and/or build a STAR business and become #1 in a fast-growing, hungry, rabid market …
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  • How to radically expand a market… even create markets where none existed before… or unearth surprising new applications for products that nobody ever considered…

How to Spot a Star Business…and Make Your Business a Star

3 key “money metrics” that predict meteoric business success and protect you from the painful also-ran, grind-it-out drudgery suffered by most (why the “swipe and deploy” nonsense taught in internet marketing circles is a total sham)…
How to dig your business out of the feature-comparison muck and begin selling incomparable art and utility and elegant simplicity (at premium prices)…
How to define a niche, grab an early lead, and hold that lead as your competitors choke on your dust…

How to Wield Advanced “Price and Proposition Simplification” to Build a DEFENSIBLE Business

  • The secret to building a business with “legs” that doesn’t need to be propped up with relentless marketing campaigns and exhausting product launches…
  • The fractal nature of the STAR principle. How to ride the winner-take-all Jetstream and get rich in a micro-market…
  • 80/20 tactics for service providers, agencies, and consultants. How to cut lucrative equity-share deals with high-potential STAR businesses…
  • How to defend against a disruptive SIMPLIFIER who charges into your market and tries to demolish everything in sight.
  • And much more!

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Star Principal Seminar By Perry Marshall & Richard Koch