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Dear Transformational Entrepreneur,

Frustrated because your business is STILL not booking enough clients? Chances are it’s because you haven’t mastered the sales part.

The truth is, the driving force behind a successful business is sales. And it breaks my heart every time I hear a gifted, hardworking, heart-centered entrepreneurs just like you say, “I could have a 6-figure business…if only I didn’t hate to sell.”

Are you…
really tired of hating sales (and want to never again experience that sinking feeling you get when it’s time to have a sales conversation)
faithfully meeting your goals of talking to prospects but getting only “no” answers (and every “no” feels like a knife directly to your heart)
sabotaging your get-acquainted calls because you love delivering content but hurry over the part where you have to start selling (and your energy drops abruptly when you turn on the marketing switch)
practicing a dozen “hot” sales techniques (but you feel sleazy and inauthentic when you try them on real prospects, and they aren’t working anyway)
offering discounts as soon as you mention your price (because you secretly think they won’t pay your full price)
frozen in silence when your prospect says, “I can’t afford it” (because you don’t know what to say next)
wondering if you might have to give up your business because you can’t imagine yourself selling enough to earn a living
I’m Pamela Bruner, and I remember those feelings so well.
Can you relate to these scenarios?
“I can’t imagine what it would feel to actually LIKE sales.”
“I’m doing all the right things to sell, but I’m NOT getting the results.”
“To be successful at sales, I’d have to become a person without a conscience.”
“I know I can’t sell well, but I don’t know what I need to change.”
“When I try to sell, I feel like I’m giving up my values. I’m becoming someone I’m not (and I don’t like her very much).”
“Selling my services? I’d have to sell my soul first.”

Like most conscious entrepreneurs, I struggled for years because I hated to sell. I read books on sales, and learned from masters. But my business grew from $375/month to $1,000,000 in under 3 years, when I learned this life-changing lesson:

Success Begins When You STOP Focusing On Sales Techniques
and START Developing Your Inner Game
Golf Swing

If you were learning to play golf, you’d study with a pro. You’d learn how to swing a club and drive the ball a long way. That’s your outer game. But you wouldn’t start winning tournaments until you worked on your inner game. To win, you’d spend as much time on mental preparation as you would practicing in the field. The truth is… All the practical techniques in the world won’t work, if you don’t have Your Inner Game. Sales works the same way. You start winning when you combine “How to” techniques with a TOTAL mastery of your inner game.

But where do you learn the inner game of sales? Most sales training…

… focuses on techniques and tips that *will* bring results… but only after you’ve mastered your own inner game.

… won’t help you align your energy with authentic sales (so you achieve more success with absolute integrity).

… reinforces the myth that sales and service are direct opposites.

I’ve been where you are. I knew I needed to develop my inner game, but where could I go? My own sales training left me more frustrated than before. I knew EFT Tapping but nobody knew how to help me tap my way to sales success. Nobody was teaching the mental sales game, so I had to figure it out on my own.

You get to benefit from my experience. You don’t have to invest years of your life or thousands of dollars to win your inner game. Now you can learn my secrets and win your own inner game in just 30 days!

Get Pamela Bruner – Tapping Into the Inner Game of Sales Homestudy right now!