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Microcopy & UX Writing: The Complete Course By Kinneret Yifrah & Merav Levkowitz – Instant Download!

Microcopy & UX Writing: The Complete Course By Kinneret Yifrah & Merav Levkowitz

Learn to write incredible microcopy, define a unique brand voice, and create an optimal user experience through words

What you’ll learn

  • How to write great microcopy for common UI components, using easy-to-understand conversational language
  • How to help users AND achieve your business goals with words
  • How to create an optimal user experience through your writing
  • How to engage users with real value
  • How to define your own unique brand voice


  • A love for writing, tech and humans



Kinneret is a thought leader in the UX writing field, and a world-renowned microcopy expert.

In this course you will find priceless tips, golden guidelines, and best practices for writers and designers on how to write for common UI component (buttons, error messages, success messages, sign up pages, empty states, forms, and more), define a unique brand voice, write in a conversational language, and boost engagement.


This course will NOT be presenting theoretical or abstract ideas.

Instead, you’ll learn step-by-step, super-practical methods that empower you to write great microcopy for real digital products, with dozens of real screenshots to learn from.

With this knowledge and tools, you’ll be able to:

Land a job as a UX writer

Write outstanding microcopy on your mockups or wireframes

Take your digital product a huge step forward


Each chapter is accompanied by an exercise designed to help you practice and perfect your new abilities, right there and then.

The solution to each exercise is also provided.

In some chapters, a printable tool can be downloaded for future use.


The course is presented in English by Merav Levkowitz, content strategist, copywriter, and UX writer extraordinaire.

The course was written and produced by Kinneret Yifrah.


Chapter 1: Getting started

You will learn how to get the most out of this NEW course.

Chapter 2: Introduction to the brand voice

You will learn how to create your own unique writing style.

  • What is a brand voice and how will it help achieve businesses’ and users’ goals
  • Defining a brand or product’s personality
  • How personality influences writing style
  • How language helps differentiate the brand/product
  • Finding the right messages that are unique to your brand/product
  • Maintaining a brand’s voice when addressing different target groups
  • Writing for a brand with a widely diverse target audience
  • Designing your own brand voice in 4 steps

Chapter 3: Conversational writing

You will learn how to communicate clearly and write in a way that users easily understand.

  • How and why to let go of academic and legal jargon
  • Writing in simple and natural language
  • Writing clearly about serious topics in official settings

Chapter 4: Engagement

You will learn how to create engagement and effectively motivate users.

  • 4 important tools for boosting engagement
  • Tips for writing engaging sign-up forms for websites and apps
  • Tips for writing engaging newsletter sign-ups

Chapter 5: Buttons

You will learn how to write convincing and effective copy for buttons.

  • How to write a button copy that provides value and increases conversions
  • The difference between functional buttons and sales-focused buttons
  • What to write next to a button to give users an extra-nudge
  • Tips for online store buttons

Chapter 6: Error messages

You will learn how to write error messages that prevent user abandonment.

  • How to minimize the need for error messages altogether
  • The two most important components every error message must contain
  • Words that should never be used in error messages
  • When and how to use humor in error messages

Chapter 7: Forms and complex tasks

  • You will learn how to write assistive copy that empowers users to complete tasks independently and with ease.
  • How to minimize the load of copy in a form and still give users all the information and help they need
  • How good microcopy reduces calls to customer support (with a case study)
  • How to answer any question before it’s even been asked
  • How to alleviate potential concerns, for example concerning payment security and free trials
  • How to ask for personal details and encourage sign-ups with a social media account
  • How to write clear instructions presented as tooltips, assistive copy, placeholders, and ghost text

Chapter 8: Success messages

You will learn how to create an experience that delights users and adds value to the usual “Action completed successfully” message.

  • Why success messages are so important
  • Writing concise success messages for recurring actions
  • Writing engaging success messages for meaningful actions
  • The 4 most important elements of any success message
  • How a success message can lead users to the next step and increase in-product traffic

Chapter 9: Empty states

You will learn how to engage users in never-before thought of instances.

  • The 3 types of empty states
  • How empty states can reduce app abandonment rates
  • Why a blank empty state is a wasted traffic
  • Using empty states to engage users, educate them about the system, and sell more

Chapter 10: Loading times

You will learn how to transform frustrating waiting times into delightful surprises.

  • Making users feel like time is flying by
  • Making users appreciate what they’re getting even more
  • How you can creatively fill the short and long periods of time users spend waiting for pages to load

Chapter 11: 404 pages

You will learn how to write 404 pages that are friendly and help you win over even the most reluctant of clients.

  • Why 404 pages are overrated
  • Why 404 pages DO matter
  • How to write 404 pages designed to help users and businesses alike
  • The three must-haves for every 404 page

Who this course is for:

  • Writers who want to break into a new and exciting field – UX writing
  • UX and UI designers who want to improve the microcopy of their mockups
  • UX writers and content strategists who want to sharpen their microcopy skills
  • Product managers
  • Technical writers
  • Website and app owners
  • Digital marketing professionals

Course content

Getting Started

  • Getting Started

Voice, conversational writing, and engagement

  • Introduction to brand voice
  • Conversational writing
  • Engagement

Writing microcopy for any UI element

  • Buttons
  • Error messages 19:48
  • Forms and complex tasks
  • Success messages
  • Empty states
  • Loading times
  • 404 pages


Kinneret Yifrah: World-renowned microcopy expert


Kinneret is a thought leader in the UX writing field and a world-renowned microcopy expert, who has written microcopy for dozens of websites, apps, and complex systems.

She is the curator of The UX Writing Library and leads thousands of writers, designers, and product pros in their journeys towards using writing to create an extraordinary user experience.

Her innovative book “Microcopy: The Complete Guide” is in daily use by professionals from more than 50 countries.

Kinneret manages a community of nearly 14,000 pros, gives lectures and microcopy-workshops, and believes that MICROCOPY MAKES USERS’ LIVES EASIER AND HAPPIER.

Merav Levkowitz: Writer/UX writer, editor, content strategist

What do AT&T, WeWork, and Siemens have in common? They’ve all turned to Merav Levkowitz for UX writing and content services. Merav is the content strategist, copywriter, and UX writing extraordinaire behind MeravWrites, a boutique content consultancy committed to helping teams take their products and user experiences to the next level through words that hook users and get messages across.

Microcopy & UX Writing: The Complete Course By Kinneret Yifrah & Merav Levkowitz, what it is included (Content proof: Watch here!)