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Master SWOT Analysis & Business Strategy for Ongoing Success By Vicky Fung – Instant Download!

Master SWOT Analysis & Business Strategy for Ongoing Success By Vicky Fung

A Must-Study Basic MBA course: Essential Business Management and Development Skills for Entrepreneurship

What you’ll learn

  • How to make a comprehensive SWOT Analysis without missing any key factors
  • How to formula effective strategies by SWOT Analysis
  • How to ensure smooth implementation of strategies and monitor results
  • The SWOT components in details and all the tricky points
  • All what you need to understand regarding SWOT Analysis, including SWOT 2.0 and advanced SWOT model
  • How to overcome the limitations of SWOT Analysis
  • How to generate more ideas and business strategies from the SWOT Analysis
  • How to conduct an effective workshop for SWOT Analysis
  • How to identify all the affected areas during the implementation of business strategies
  • A total of 11 business analysis techniques that are essential for all people working in the business sector


  • No special requirement, just a learning mindset


No matter what kinds of businesses you are in, every organization wants to achieve its objectives, say amazing profits, large market share, good reputation etc. They also want to be sustainable and stay competitive in the long run. But how to do it?

In this course, we will explore a winning formula to achieve your desired outcomes. We will start by understanding the SWOT analysis in details as you need to fully assess your current position before thinking how. You will learn how to get a comprehensive view of the current position of an organization without missing any key factors. You will learn 5 useful techniques to get this done, namely MOST Analysis, Resources Audit, BCG Matrix, PESTLE Analysis and Porter’s Five Forces Model.

Just knowing your current position is not enough. You will then learn how to make use of the SWOT analysis and derive your business strategies. We will go through the 3 stages of business strategy, including formation, implementation and performance measurement. You will learn how to conduct each part successfully by using 5 additional helpful techniques, namely new SWOT analysis, Ansoff’s Matrix, McKinsey’s 7S Model, POPIT Model and Key Performance Indicators. You will also learn an easy approach, the Outcome Frame, to deep dive each strategy and get a complete picture from another perspective.

To conclude, this is the course for everyone who wants to help your organization and team to be successful. You will learn the SWOT analysis in details and also get learn 11 great business analysis techniques! All these are essential knowledge that everyone in business, particularly entrepreneurs and leaders, should know about. This is also the basic MBA knowledge that you should have.

Who this course is for:

  • Organizations who want to achieve mission and objectives, and be sustainable in the long run
  • Anyone who wants to understand SWOT Analysis and Business Strategy essentials
  • Anyone who wants to drive the Company to achieve the desired goals
  • Anyone who wants to acquire business analysis models (totaling 11 techniques) for their work, studies or interest

Course content


  • The Magical Formula for Long Term Success

Basic Knowledge on SWOT

  • What is a SWOT analysis?
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Important Notes on Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats
  • SWOT 2.0
  • How to conduct a SWOT analysis?

Advanced SWOT Analysis

  • Introduction to Advanced Techniques for SWOT Analysis
  • MOST Analysis – Technique 1 for Assessing Internal Resources
  • Resource Audit – Technique 2 for Assessing Internal Resources
  • BCG matrix – Technique 3 for Assessing Internal Resources
  • PESTLE analysis Part 1 – Technique 1 for Assessing External Resources
  • PESTLE Analysis Part 2 – Technique 1 for Assessing External Resources
  • Porter’s Five Forces Analysis – Technique 2 for Assessing External Resources

Business Strategy Formation

  • Strategy formation and implementation
  • New SWOT Analysis
  • What to Do After Your SWOT Analysis
  • Ansoff’s Matrix – Technique for Strategy Formation
  • Quick Tip on Developing Existing and New Markets (for Lecture 20)

Business Strategy Implementation

  • McKinsey 7-S Model Part 1 – Technique 1 for Strategy Implementation
  • McKinsey 7-S Model Part 2 – Technique 1 for Strategy Implementation
  • POPIT Model – Technique 2 for Strategy Implementation

Business Strategy Performance Measurement

  • Key Performance Indicators for Performance Measurement (Part 1)
  • Key Performance Indicators for Performance Measurement (Part 2)
  • The Outcome Frame

Wrapping Up Conclusion

  • Wrapping Up on SWOT Analysis
  • Wrapping Up on Business Strategy
  • Conclusion

Bonus Lecture

  • Bonus Lecture


Vicky Fung: Senior Finance Professional, CPA, Registered Corporate Coach

Vicky Fung is a senior finance professional with over 20 years of experience. She has worked in many large listed corporations with operations over the world. She is a qualified accountant since 2004. She has all-rounded professional accounting and finance solid experience, including financial accounting, management accounting, budget, forecast, internal and external audit, internal control, cash flow management, financial planning and analysis, tax planning, mergers and acquisitions as well as group restructuring. Her work experience covers over 10 industries, including trading, wholesales, retailing, logistics, insurance agency, immigration service, property agency, brokerage, FMCG and supply chain management.

Over her career, Vicky has gained over 10-year recruitment experience, including team restructuring, evaluation of new job roles, creating job descriptions, sourcing candidates, screening, interviews and on-boarding of new employees. She has hired staff not only for the Finance Department, but also for Compliance, Financial Analysts, IT, Internal Controls, Operation etc for job roles ranked from juniors to Management level.

In addition, Vicky is actively involved in voluntary work. She has been a School Manager for over a decade and has served as the Treasurer for the School Management Committee. Therefore, she has also actively involved in the hiring, interview and promotion process for School Principals, teachers and school general staff.

Vicky has traveled over 50 countries, with extensive work experience particularly in the USA, the UK, China and the South-East Asian countries. Thus she is well versed with different cultures and practices of different countries.

Besides, Vicky enjoys learning and has kept improving herself by attending various training, courses, seminars, webinars, exhibitions and reading to improve her technical knowledge as well as various management skills and soft skills. She is a Master NLP Practitioner and a registered corporate coach. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with people very much. She has been invited as the guest speaker for 14 secondary schools and also for 3 radio programs in Hong Kong. She is also an author of a travelling book.

Master SWOT Analysis & Business Strategy for Ongoing Success By Vicky Fung, what it is included (Content proof: Watch here!)