Lucy Brydon – Monoprinting Makeover

What to do with all those gel prints you create!

Ever made a huge pile of gel plate prints and wondered

“What now?”

“what can I do with all of these papers?”

“I have a bunch of prints that are a bit blah!”

Well this is the course for you!

Welcome to my first ever collaborative course! I have gathered together a bunch of great artists who use monoprinting with the gelatin plate in very different ways, and together we are going to show you our techniques and how to save or transform prints that we have made to create something new, exciting or finished and ready for framing or selling or giving as gifts.

No longer will you have a huge pile of printed papers cluttering up your art area that you don’t know what to do with!

In each section of the class a teacher (Myself included) will be taking you through thier printing process, sharing hints and tips and showing you how they create their gelatin monoprints. They will then show you in the following lesson a way in which they “makeover “ these prints (especially the ones that maybe weren’t quite so successful to begin with – we all have those right?!) into a finished piece.

Examples of the sorts of things we shall be doing are:

Collage: both torn paper and mixed media painting into process

Making little journals, cards etc

Making canvas images from gel prints

Working into prints with other media

Working with tissue to layer images into finished pieces

Rather than crafty pieces this course aims to show you how to make your prints into pieces that are images in their own right.

Take a look at some examples from myself and the guest teachers! (please note these are example images and the actual lessons will be similar but not exactly the same)

My lessons will differ slightly from those shown above, but I will be teaching you how to make funky collages, paint into your prints and use them to create fun journals and cards!

All of this is available for immediate access once the course opens, and all lessons are fully downloadable and have supporting pdfs! In the first section you will be able to learn more about your teachers and what they do, along with links to any social media they have so you can go over and follow them too!

Your Instructor

Lucy Brydon

Hi there! I am an artist and art teacher living in the North East of Scotland. I have been teaching art to children for over 13 years and I also teach adult mixed media and monoprinting classes locally. I have taught in several online courses, including “Let’s Face It” (with Kara Bullock), “Paint your Heart and Soul” (with Olga Furman) and “Lifebook” (with Tamara Laporte)

To date I have also launched two of my own online courses and am now migrating these over to the Teachable platform and look forward to making more!

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Course Curriculum

Meet your guest teachers!
  • Meet Dawna!
  • Meet Bob!
  • Meet Carolyn!
  • Meet Theresa!
  • Meet Rebecca!
supply list and video download information
  • supply and video download information: please read before ing the course
My Lessons
  • hello from me! (17:29)
  • mixing up printing inks (17:50)
  • Printing with leaves (24:53)
  • simple stencils (14:04)
  • adding details (17:33)
  • making a shadow box (20:59)
  • printing a seascape
  • adding detail to our seascape (13:49)
  • transforming our seascape fails and making a mini collage (27:39)
  • making mini journals (30:14)
Dawna’s Lesson
  • Critter Collage: Supply List
  • Critter collage lesson outline
  • Critter Collage
Bob’s Lesson
  • Bob’s Supply List
  • Hello from Bob!
  • Torn paper landscape
  • Bob’s makeovers: Information on making a lino cut
  • Bob’s Makeovers: the videos
Carolyn’s Lesson
  • PDF and supply list
  • Carolyn’s printing session
  • Carolyn’s makeovers
Theresa’s Lesson
  • Theresa’s supply list
  • Theresa’s Lesson
Rebecca’s Lesson
  • Rebeccas Supply List
  • Rebecca’s Lesson


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