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Lost Case Rescue Session By Brett & Ethan – Instant Download!

Lost Case Rescue Session
STOP Losing Deals
You SHOULD Be Closing

There are tons of cases, prospects and even suspects you meet on a daily basis that you could, and should be closing but you are losing…because you lack this one tool…

The ONE TOOL you need to stop losing deals is ability to create meaningful, powerful, intrinsic motivation.

How much are those lost deals actually costing you every month, every year that you SHOULD be putting into your bank account.

The average commission on cases our agents close is $10,000, some commissions are as high as $50,000 even $100,000…

So when you lose 1 or 2 of those cases each month it’s painful.

This is MEANINGFUL profit, this money could be going to your retirement savings, buying the beach house, a new car, or being able to get out of debt and enjoy financial freedom.

All that can stop, today.

The reason you are losing deals is because of one reason and one reason only…you are not creating intrinsic motivation.
Intrinsic Motivation is the golden thread that grabs a qualified prospects attention (Whether it’s on a Facebook ad, seminar invitation, radio ad, or email) gets them to meet with you for multiple meetings, then brings them to the point where they buy.

How do you know if you are failing with intrinsic motivation?

Just answer the following questions:

Do you ever lose cases you feel you should close (the prospect was qualified financially, needed your solution, etc.) but simply didn’t buy?

Do you ever get frustrated hearing any of the following:

“I think we’re okay…”

“I’m not interested…”

“We’ll get back to you…”

“I appreciate your help…this all looks good…but let me think it over.”

“I’ll get back to you after I’m back from vacation…”

“We’re really busy right now…”

If you hear any of those things, you know you aren’t creating motivation on a level that is requisite to close a sale, or move the prospect to the next stage.

Using the Presuppositional Selling™ approach we created you can subtly get your prospects to realize that they SHOULD be motivated, and that they need your help WITHOUT you telling them.

The secret to Presuppositional Selling™ was discovered in an MIT study that identifies INTRINSIC MOTIVATION as the key to getting prospects to move in your direction, to engage with you and then verbalize those new beliefs about why the need to take action, speaking them out loud.

How many more cases would you close if your prospects realized the magnitude of their problem, and that they really needed to take action to protect their wealth, their retirement, their lifestyle, their family, their dreams…AND THEN VERBALIZED THEM TO YOU out loud.

If you were able to create this deep level of motivation, of pain, gain, fear or greed…so your prospects were telling you how much they wanted this, instead of YOU telling them why they should want it… wouldn’t you close more deals?

Of course you would.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to cover on the event September 28 at 11:00 Eastern, 9:00 Mountain.

How to HOOK unmotivated, lukewarm, disinterested prospects and suspects…and turn them into buyers.

The single most costly mistake agents make is in letting high quality, wealthy and affluent prospects, who NEED their help disappear into the wind because they simply don’t have the skills to FIND AND DEVELOP intrinsic motivation.

Have you ever met with a prospect, seen they have a problem, showed them the solution to that problem with an annuity or IUL only to be told ,”this looks good, I’ll get back to you.”

A prospect in their comfort zone will fight to maintain that comfort zone no matter how many fancy charts, software graphics or product pitches you show them…

They simply will not move until you dig deep inside and find the motivation points and push them or stomp on them if needed to get them to move.

Doing anything else amounts to malpractice on your part.

Don’t believe me?

Well let’s take one of our members Steve who sent me a recording of a call we listened to together.

This prospect was ‘highly qualified” he had hundreds of thousands of dollars, he was old enough that he could move the money if he wanted to without penalty, he had already lost $200,000 and HE CALLED STEVE!

At the end of this call his prospect got off the phone thinking he was doing okay and was going to have a reasonably happy retirement.

Nothing could be further from the truth…
Bob’s retirement is a freaking disaster.

He’ll probably end up living out his retirement in poverty and leaching off his kids and working a part time gig just to pay the bills while he misses out on all his grandkids Christmas’ because he can’t afford to fly to see them.

This is the case with MOST people, they think they are doing much better than they are and all the stupid sales presentations and trainings in our industry do nothing to help them discover otherwise.

“Take them to the Mat”

We present, educate, and try to persuade, while violating the most important rule of human nature…we don’t go deep enough into the personal emotional reasons for taking action.

Here’s the golden rule of Master Closer persuasion
(proven by studies from MIT and Harvard):
If the prospect doesn’t come to the conclusion THEMSELVES, they will disregard the conclusion.

That means all of the fancy graphics, software, and educational seminars in the world won’t move a prospect UNTIL he decides he in fact does have a problem.

Yet 99% of the horrible training in this industry is focused around ‘educating’ prospects, ‘presenting information’ and ‘showing numbers’ in the form of illustrations or software reports.

It’s no wonder most advisors never make the kind of money they want to or should make.

They are losing probably 70% of the prospects because most prospects are neutral.

“Personal Impact”
“Prospects never show up begging you to solve their problem, they are curious, information seekers who need to be led, ever so sleuth-like, to the intrinsic discovery of the terrible reality of their situation.”

That’s why Ethan and I are putting on the most important workshop we’ve ever done.

After coaching hundreds of agents, listening to their calls, and seeing advisors lose case after case after case that they should be closing, we realized that discovering and developing intrinsic motivation is the single most costly skill agents are missing.

This is the most important skill you can have in sales, and it’s lacking everywhere.

And no, this is not about ‘developing pain’ or ‘selling the problem’. Everyone knows developing pain is important to the sale…

Yet most advisors try to develop pain by showing numbers, losses, gains, spreadsheets, software, and dollar figures.

NEWS FLASH: This type of selling does not create intrinsic, emotional motivation adequate to close most deals.

If it did, we would all be closing every deal we presented that showed our numbers are better than what they are currently doing.

But we aren’t…
How many times have you shown in REAL NUMBERS, tangible, provable returns that prove your prospect will be better off buying an FIA or IUL…but they simply won’t?
It happens all the time.

These are tactics used by Bungler salespeople that trigger the exact same fatal reaction from prospects who are trying to protect themselves from making a mistake… it’s called the “YEAH BUT” response.
“I’m waiting for the market to rebound”
Anytime you present, educate, or try to persuade a prospect and it initiates the ‘yeah but…’ response, you are losing money.
In order to really create meaningful motivation you must take the prospect not one or two levels deep, but 6 levels deep to where it affects them at the most emotional and personal level.

How will it impact their family, their self-esteem, their happiness, their lifestyle, the people they love the most…until you get to these levels of motivation, you aren’t really moving people as effectively as you should be…and this is why you are losing cases you should be closing.

“More than likely just about EVERYONE we talk to has some sort of financial problems that need your help in solving, but because you aren’t equipped with the skills to get past their defenses, the prospect is left in the heap of trouble they are in… and you are left without a sale.”

How would you like to know how to grab a prospects interest and pull them in so they say “Well, I’ve never thought of it that way…” or “Yeah, that is something I think I could use some help with….” Or “I guess I need your help on that, don’t I?”

In this 4 hour zoom crash course we’ll be covering exactly how to do that in minute detail so you have all the tools you need to get your prospects to find, develop and get emotional about their motivation for moving forward.

I’m loading you up with every tool I have in my arsenal to make you a MASTER MOTIVATION Sleuth.

We’ve NEVER gone into this much detail focused on finding and going deep into the motivation to move prospects to the sale.

In fact, I doubt anyone, anywhere has ever seen this level of sophistication and psychology for finding and developing intrinsic motivation.

So when you attend, you’ll not just get the 4 hour session live and recorded you can listen to forevermore…

You’ll also get actual tools you can take and use immediately for more profit.

Free BONUS #1:
The Motivation Foundation PDF
See each level of motivation to make sure you are going deep enough to actually move a prospect to action.
Free BONUS #2:
The Motivation Foundation Questions
This includes over 45 questions in a step by step process to go deeper into personal, emotional motivation.
Free BONUS #3:
How to preemptively eliminate the “I want to wait for the market to come back.”
This objection is DEEPLY rooted in a human’s complete refusal to sell at a loss and our attachment to hanging on for dear life. This is simply REQUIRED content if you want to overcome this most primal human emotion to hold on…
Free BONUS #4:
The Proof Stack
I’ll give you the exact prices, stats and proof to show your prospects exactly when the bottom of this downturn will likely be and how much it could cost them to ride it all the way down…but even more importantly, you’ll get bonus #5…
Free BONUS #5:
The Retirement Danger Zone
Get the slide and script to help prospects understand that waiting to move their money could be the worst mistake they can make with their retirement right now.
Free BONUS #6:
Motivation Hooks
12 different motivation hooks that give you exactly what to say to discover, within seconds, one of the motivations of virtually ANY prospect or suspect. The result of using these hooks will be a prospect saying “Well, I’ve never thought of that, maybe we should talk…” Or “I don’t know the answer to that, so yeah, help me understand that better…”