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Linked University By Josh Turner – Instant Download!

Linked University By Josh Turner

Get A Real Competitive Advantage for Your Business

If you learn how to build and execute a LinkedIn marketing plan, the right way, it can create huge results for you.

It’s either you, or your competition.

Here’s what we’ll teach you to do in Linked University:

  • Establish Yourself as THE Expert in Your Space
  • Build a marketing process and system that generates consistent leads.
  • Increased sales.

If those things are important to you, then you need to be a part of Linked University.

Let me be clear. If you take advantage of LinkedIn now, your competitors won’t be able to catch up.

Our clients in North America, Europe, Australia, China and Thailand pay us thousands each month to build and execute LinkedIn marketing campaigns that deliver big results.

We’re not just trainers or coaches. We walk the walk.

In Linked University, we show you step-by-step exactly how you can achieve these same results.

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has reached a real critical mass. I’d bet that 99% of your prospects are on LinkedIn.

Linked University By Josh Turner

LinkedIn now boasts a community of over 350 million business professionals!

What does that mean for you?

It means that LinkedIn is absolutely the best place to get in front of your prospects, establish yourself as the expert in your space, generate more leads, and increase revenue.

“I was very skeptical at first. The next thing I knew it was just taking off, and now it’s become a part of the way we do business. It took the place of a lot of marketing dollars, and we’re coming in under budget on our marketing. We’ve actually experienced growth this year. It looks like next year, as a result of LinkedIn, we could have a 30-40% increase in annual revenue…just as a result of LinkedIn.”

Ben Cohen
Vice President at Cohen Architectural Woodworking

Reach Decision Makers and Drive Traffic
LinkedIn is the most affluent social network today with average household income well over $100,000 and the average user over age 25. It’s the place for serious professionals that have real business in mind.

It’s the place to reach key decision makers with real buying authority.

Linked University By Josh Turner

Did you know that a recent study showed that LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than other social media networks?

Don’t take my word, check out the study to the right, conducted by hubspot.

If you are not driving traffic and leads from LinkedIn, you are missing out on a big opportunity.

“We’ve generated several bid opportunities and got one PO from just a few hours of working the LinkedIn marketing strategies that Josh taught us.”

Corey McDonald
Green Space Construction

Who is Linked University for?

  • Business Owners
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Service Providers
  • Social Media Consultants
  • Sales Professionals
  • Anybody who wants to increase their presence and grow sales using LinkedIn.

What you will learn in Linked University

  • How to prospect on LinkedIn to find new, qualified business opportunities.
  • How to position your profile at the top of LinkedIn’s people search.
  • How to grow your database of first degree LinkedIn connections exponentially.
  • How to drive a ton of traffic from LinkedIn to your website.
  • How to establish a systematic marketing campaign within LinkedIn, to stay “top of mind” with your most important, high value prospects.
  • How to establish yourself as THE expert in your space.
  • How to distribute your content all over the place, generating tons of new leads.
  • How to really leverage LinkedIn groups to grow your business.
  • How to start and grow your own LinkedIn group.
  • How to find people on LinkedIn that are actively looking to buy your products or services.
  • How to use LinkedIn to promote your local events or webinars.

Linked University By Josh Turner

In Linked University, you will learn how to leverage LinkedIn’s massive network to efficiently and effectively:

  • Become the undisputed expert in your space.
  • Generate more leads, consistently.
  • Increase sales.

“Josh’s training allowed e4e to grow our LinkedIn group from less than 100 members to over 1,200 members in 60 days!”

Bill Prenatt
co-founder at

What exactly is in Linked University?

Linked University is an at-your-pace LinkedIn marketing training program including:

  • A huge library of video tutorials and LinkedIn training courses.
  • Workbooks
  • Templates

Where Should YOU Start?

Want to focus first on leveraging your database of LinkedIn connections to generate new business? Start there, and move on to the rest once you’ve mastered that.

Trying to figure out how to build lasting relationships in LinkedIn groups? Start there.

Or, if you want to do it all…and you want to get it done fast…you can tackle it all.

The point is that it’s completely at-your-pace. You can pick and choose what you learn and how quickly to implement it.

“I’ve been doing your LinkedIn course and learning a lot. I already knew a bunch about LinkedIn but you’ve given me even more practical advice to get more leads. Check out what happened when I used the One Word Reply post idea! Tons of replies and more traffic!”

Jena Casbon

“Thank you for the great training videos. I learned things I couldn’t have imagined, especially regarding a call to action.”

Deidre Simpson
Test Preparation Instructor at Conqueror Prime Group

Linked University is so much more than just a bunch of videos to watch.
It’s a LinkedIn marketing training program to help you get continued results with LinkedIn and online marketing.

“Best content and take-away value I’ve seen…”

Sheila Collins
Owner at SC Surfaces, LLC

Who Linked University is NOT for:

  • People that aren’t willing to put in a little extra work, to achieve great results.
  • Businesses that don’t need more sales.
  • People who are not willing to learn.
  • People who don’t have a greater vision for their business.

Linked University By Josh Turner, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 1. How to Get The Most Out of Linked University
  • 2. Profile Building & Optimization
  • 3. Prospecting and Finding Business Opportunities
  • 4. All About LinkedIn Groups
  • 5. Corporate Best Practices
  • 6. Content Development
  • 7. Monthly Group Coaching
  • 8. Webinars Replays