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Epic Lovers Fall 2020Laura and Pieter – Epic Lovers Fall 2020

Hi I’m Layla

…and I invite you to experience the most delicious sex together through this advanced training for couples.

Are you ready to expand your level of intimacy and pleasure to exquisite heights in the bedroom?

If you feel there is more to sex and you’d love to tap into it & explore:

  • Outrageous sexual chemistry
  • Wild, fun, and legendary erotic encounters together
  • The feeling of falling even more deeply in love (no matter how long you have been together)
  • One hour plus orgasms, multiple orgasms, full-body orgasms
  • Then this course is for you!

Welcome to Epic Lovers, a step-by-step initiation into advanced sexual practices for couples who want to experience deeper levels of passion and pleasure. It is masterfully designed to enliven your sex life and bring sparks to the bedroom – no matter where you are starting from.

In this course, you and your lover will be guided through the most effective sexual techniques for creating a lifetime of epic sex together, because…

A lifetime of epic sex doesn’t just happen!

Take a second and think about this…
When you fall in love, do you ever dream that one day you might become so involved with your jobs or raising the kids that you stop having as much sex?
…or that you’ll get stuck in a boring sexual routine?
…or act like sex is always amazing so your partner’s feelings don’t get hurt?
…or feel like you might have to pressure your uninterested partner for sex?
…or go weeks without having sex, and then when you do, get stuck in your head fantasizing?
No, no one dreams of that. But even me and Andrew have fallen into these ruts and had to dig ourselves out. Every couple faces a moment where they can “give up” on their sex life or allow it to “just happen” OR they can choose to nurture it and dedicate the time and energy to allow it to thrive.

This is exactly why we created Epic Lovers for you! With beautifully filmed video and audio tracks, you’ll experience the power of this work through:

Sensational Sex

Learn advanced pussy and penis massage techniques while experiencing the rush of intense pleasure that these tools can awaken.

Wild Sex

Unleash your wild, primal sexual connection so you can make love in potent states of abandon.

Electric Sex

Feel the hottest chemistry and a magnetic attraction to one another by using simple breath and movement tools.

Tantric Sex

Explore a Tantric approach to sex that will open you into the incredible world of sacred sexuality and how to experience ecstatic and elevated experiences during sex.

Kinky Sex

Dive into edgy and exciting new experiences with your partner by creating safe and smart spaces to explore your untapped desires.

Enlightened Sex

Give your greatest sexual gifts to one another and feel the incredible love of taking one another into gorgeous places of intimacy and connection.

The tools you learn in this course will keep giving you more outrageous sexual experiences for a lifetime no matter if you’ve just started your relationship or have been in it for 30+ years.

Think of Epic Lovers like a “choose-your-own-adventure” in sex…

In each module, you’ll learn fabulous sexual practices that you’ve likely never heard of before…

They will challenge you, excite you, thrill you…

And open up a doorway to experiences with your partner that are both hilariously playful and fun…while also being super sexy and intimate.

This sexual-deepening process is for:

Couples who already have a great sex life

and want to deepen their relationship and connection to discover even more amazing sexual experiences together.

Couples in a new relationship

who want to create a solid foundation for experiencing the best sex and intimacy together in the long-run.

Couples who want to rekindle their sexual fire

and are in a long-term relationship or marriage where the chemistry is not quite as good as it used to be or even totally dead.

So who am I to talk?

I’m Layla Martin, the founder of the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. I’ve created numerous highly successful and effective courses on sexuality for men, women, and couples.

After studying sexuality at Stanford, immersing myself in Tantric techniques in Thailand, and going through my own healing journey, I’ve discovered how to turn my pain into power and experience exquisite amounts of pleasure in my life. I’ve now helped over 100 million viewers on my YouTube channel to connect with their sensuality and say yes to a life filled with more pleasure, passion, and love….and over 12,000 paying students have gone through my courses and programs…

A sexy little taste of what you’ll experience in the course:

  • How to give an amazing Pussy Massage to your partner
  • How to give an incredible Penis Massage to your partner
  • How to give a full-body extended orgasm
  • How to experience a full-body extended orgasm
  • How to unleash your wild sexual side
  • How to set up a kinky sex scene
  • How to have sacred sex
  • How to give outrageous oral sex
  • How to have Tantric sex
  • How to feel more subtle sensations during sex
  • How to surrender to your partner, or bring your partner to surrender
  • And so so so much more!

Six Epic Date Nights

Date Night 1

Sensational Sex

Explore the ultra-sensitization of your entire body and what happens when you experience sex in an exquisitely tuned-in way. With your partner you will be guided step-by-step through:

  • Deep intimacy & sharing exercises to create profound trust and connection
  • 1 Hr of Advanced Vaginal Massage
  • 1 Hr of Advanced Penis Massage

You’ll learn how to touch your partner in brand new ways, how to open up exciting areas of pleasure, how to allow them to drop in, slow down and really feel and how to support your partner through sexual healing if necessary.

Date Night 2

Electric Sex

Feel what happens when you supercharge your chemistry together so everything feels charged and passionate during love-making. You’ll have the opportunity to experience and offer your partner:

  • The Orgasmic Touch Process
  • Orgasmic Breathing
  • The Full-Body Electricity Practice
  • Epic Kissing for Lovers
  • The Tantric Sexual Energy Experience

This will allow you to master the sexual and breathing skills necessary to take your love-making to extraordinary heights.

Date Night 3

Wild Sex

Experience the rapture and abandonment of wild sex, the kind of over-the-top abandonment that you have when you first meet, but this process allows you to have it forever. Together you will explore:

  • Primal Breathing to Unleash Your Wild Side
  • The Delicious Oral Sex Experience
  • The Epic Playground for Lovers

In this module, you’ll look at releasing barriers and inhibitions so you can delve into the kind of wild passion that makes sex so incredible and keeps you falling in love every day.

Date Night 4

Kinky Sex

Together you’ll safely discuss your desires and your sexual edges. Going on a journey together to your sexual edge will allow you to develop deep trust and intimacy through erotic play. You and your partner will learn

  • How to safely discuss your desires
  • How to consciously explore a sexual edge
  • How to set up a kinky scene
  • How to grow closer together through kinky sex

You’ll be empowered to create an edgy sexual experience between the two of you with all of the communication tools to make it an intelligent exploration of your deeper sexual selves-ultimately bringing you closer together.

Date Night 5

Tantric Sex

Explore the modern approach to sacred sexuality and how to expand your consciousness through the use of sexual energy during love-making. In this module, you and your partner will:

  • Enhance your five senses through an incredible activation ritual
  • Explore the power of Yab-Yum
  • Experiment with transfiguration the art of seeing the god or goddess in your partner
  • Understand how to extend and prolong orgasm into powerful states of ecstasy

Experiencing Tantric Sex together is a lifechanging process for couples. It creates explosive love and opens gateways of sexuality that can totally transform the way you understand sex.

Date Night 6

Enlightened Sex

Discover how to use polarity and sex magic to intensify and deepen your sexual pleasure. In this module you will experience:

  • Intensive Sex Magic for Couples
  • How to create sexual magnetism through polarity
  • The secret power of Erotic Worship
  • The giving of your greatest sexual gifts

In this module, you’ll find out what it’s like to really support one another and to be on the same sexual team, opening up the best possibilities for your unique sexual gifts. And you’ll get to have the incredibly potent and beautiful experience of Sex Magic together.

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