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Lacy Phillips - The Daily Practice1Lacy Phillips – The Daily Practice

To create new habits, patterns, and ways of feeling and thinking, it’s important to have a consistent subconscious reprogramming practice. This is how you create long-term and sustainable change in your life. The Daily Practice is your go-to tool for when you’re feeling triggered, low self-worth, needing clarity, or in search of a safe space to sort through emotions.

This workshop includes a “When To Use” Guide, a DI filtration page, sample schedules, and more! If you want to manifest, make sure you’ve first done How To Manifest, Unblocked Shadow, & Unblocked Inner Child.

What you’ll learn in this workshop:

  • How to reprogram your subconscious & create new neural pathways
  • How to reinforce high self-worth beliefs
  • The science behind reprogramming
  • What DIs to used based on what’s coming up for you & how much time you have
  • What DI schedule works best for you
  • How to pair conscious actions with this work

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