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Kristina Azarenko – SEO Website Migrations Made Easy (Advanced)

Kristina Azarenko – SEO Website Migrations Made Easy (Advanced)

What You Get:

Module 1: Setting you up for success

This module will set you up for a great start. You’ll understand how this course works and how to get the most out of it. You’ll get clear on all 5 migration stages and your SEO goals on each of them. The best thing? You’ll also have access to an extended checklist outlining your every step during the migration.

  • SEO Migrations Stages and SEO Goals
  • The Ultimate Website Migration Checklist

Kristina Azarenko – SEO Website Migrations Made Easy (Advanced)

 Website Migration: Uncovering the Must-Know Aspects

You’ll learn what migration types exist and how to effectively identify them so that you know exactly what you need to do. You’ll also get a 3-step framework to break down multiple migrations to help you approach them correctly and minimize risks. You’ll understand common website migration issues and how to avoid them (this is a huge help for all your projects!). Plus, you’ll know exactly what to do if you’re included in the migration process in later stages.

  • Priorities based on when SEO is added to the migration process

Kristina Azarenko – SEO Website Migrations Made Easy (Advanced)

 Stage 1: Building an SEO strategy for the migration

You’ll understand how to properly prepare for the website migration and what key information you need to acquire before you start. You’ll know how to tackle the hardest part of any migration project – cross-team communication. You’ll also learn about the types of risks and how to mitigate them. All this will help you set up the project for success. In the end, you’ll create a website migration plan with clear actions and timelines.

  • Questions to ask before you start planning the migration
  • SEO Migrations Stages – Collaboration Chart
  • Website Migration Plan Template

 Stage 2: Preparing for the migration

You’ll understand why and how to collect benchmarks before the migration starts. You’ll learn how to create and provide clear requirements to developers so that they listen to you. You’ll also be able to create a comprehensive redirection map using multiple sources and identify the issues you want to fix during the website migration. In the end, you’ll prepare SEO requirements for the migration that will help the migration go smoothly.

  • Website Benchmarks Template
  • Redirect Map Template
  • Technical SEO Website Audit Checklist
  • A List of Potential Issues That Can Be Fixed During Migration
  • SEO Requirements User Story Template
  • SEO User Story template and example

 Domain Migration Specifics

You’ll understand the specifics of a domain/subdomain migration so that you know how to approach it confidently.

  • Domain Migration SEO Checklist

 URLs Migration Specifics

You’ll get a clear picture of how to help with URL migration so that the project goes smoothly and no traffic is lost in the end.

  • SEO Requirements for Website Migration

 CMS Migration Specifics

You’ll understand how to confidently approach scenarios when a website is switching the content management system, whether to an existing or custom one.

  • A list of SEO Requirements for a Custom CMS

 Website Redesign Specifics

You’ll clearly see how to help preserve the SEO value of the website when it’s being redesigned.

  • Page Templates Pointers

 Stage 3: During website migration & pre-launch

You’ll learn how to test a staging website to make sure all SEO requirements are in place before the website goes live.

  • Pre-launch SEO Requirements Checklist

 Stage 4: Migration day

You’ll learn all steps you need to take immediately after the website migration so that you’re prepared and in control.

  • Post-launch Immediate SEO Checks

 Stage 5: Post-migration analysis

You’ll understand how to assess the migration success and how to evaluate if any additional SEO recommendations or fixes are required.

  • Website Benchmarks Template

Module 12 – Advanced: Migrations during business acquisition/rebrand

You’ll have a clear approach to one of the most common migration use cases – website acquisitions and rebranding. You’ll know exactly how to merge 2 or more websites even if there’s no 1-to-1 match.

  • Marketing Checklist for Rebranding

 How to help a client recover from migration that went wrong

You’ll learn how to save a website after a failed migration: where to look at and how to recommend immediate fixes and create a recovery plan.

  • Post Migration First Aid Guide

A business side of website migrations (how to sell website migrations)

You’ll learn how to sell website migrations as a service (which is always a great addition to your business as migration help is very valuable and expensive). You’ll understand how to scope a migration project and price it so that you’re profitable. You’ll also learn about “pricing traps” and how to avoid them for good.

  • Website Migration Project Scoping Template
  • Website Migrations Pricing Guide

Kristina Azarenko – SEO Website Migrations Made Easy (Advanced)