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Kim Anami – Sexy Mama 2022

All women can have orgasmic births.

All women deserve a natural, ecstatic, consciousness-altering, transformative, self-actualizing and blissful experience.

Your pregnancy and birth can be this way.

Does this seem far from your reality or current experience? Watch the video series and I’ll prove to you it’s true.

Nature intended for women to have blissful pregnancies and births. 


Birth in the modern world has become a tragedy and major surgery to recover from, rather than the natural, blissful, initiating experience nature intended it to be.

This idea, which is broadcast to us in ANY and EVERY childbirth scene in movies and on television, featuring women screaming in brutal pain, becomes the blueprint for women of what birth is meant to look and feel like.

But it isn’t.

We know how to do this—every cell in our bodies knows how to do this and has been doing it for millennia.

The current stats on birthing in the US are abominable:

– 33% of women give birth by Caesarean section—a procedure that ought to be used in emergencies only.

– C-sections are the most commonly performed surgery in the US.

– The US has the highest maternal death rate in the developed world.

What’s going on?

The western medical system has tried to interfere in a process that is encoded in our very genetics.

It’s my assertion that EVERY woman can have a pleasurable, organic and orgasmic pregnancy and birth.

She just needs to remove whatever is blocking her and reprogram herself for pleasure, rather than conditioned to pain.

She needs to reconnect to herself as a source of power and wisdom, rather than buy into the notion that she needs someone to “save her” and do it for her.

You can do it yourself.

This is how.

Here’s Sexy Mama:

An 8-week Virtual Salon for Holistic Pregnancy and Ecstatic Birth

Salon 1: Every Woman Can Have an Ecstatic Birth

– The couple connection
– Clearing blocks to tune into your innate wisdom
– Using vaginal orgasms to facilitate an orgasmic birth

Salon 2: Conscious Conception

– The energy of fertility and becoming receptive
– How to connect with and consciously conceive your child
– Nutrition and detox for optimum fertility

Salon 3: Luscious and Intuitive Pregnancy

– Doctor-approved essential nutrients, food, supplements and exercise
– Creating your renegade birth kit
– Yoni and perineal massage
– Owning and loving your pregnant body

Salon 4: Orgasmic Birth and Your Rebirth

– Making labor pleasurable and even orgasmic—yes, it’s possible
– Best holistic birth and after-birth practices
– Placenta encapsulation

Salon 5: The Babymoon Year

– Breastfeeding
– Attachment parenting
– Baby massage
– Elimination communication
– Health and nutrition

Salon 6: Habits for Life

– Sexuality after birth: how to keep having it!
– Your identity as a mother
– The untraumatized child
– Sex and children

Expert Guidance

– You’ll be guided by Kim Anami, holistic OBGYNs, naturopaths, certified professional midwives and doulas.
– Homeplay, resources and guided meditations and live Q+A calls each week.


— Yoni Massage
— Water Birth
— Avoiding Autism
— Infant Microbiome
— Herbs: Nature’s Best Healers
— Ancestral Postpartum Practices

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