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Kezia Noble – Deep Connection Notes

Are You Sick Of Women Being Unresponsive? Do You Want To Make A Strong And Positive Impact On Any Woman You Like?

  • Are you tired of women not wanting to see you again? (Even when they give you their number)
  • Have you had enough of having dull uninspiring interactions with women you like?
  • Do you want to learn how to get ‘SOLID” number closes?
  • Do you want to make women become fascinated with you?
  • Do you want to stand out from the rest of the men without using cheap gimmicks?

Do you want a woman to feel she can trust you as much as people she has known for years

The Breakthrough ‘attraction system’ that will trigger her interest and desire within minutes”

The art of deep connection has not been covered nearly enough in the seduction community, especially to the level that it so rightly deserves. Us women believe that the few men who can see behind our masks, and see through the bravado that we choose to display, make far more of a positive impact than the countless men out there who are unable to get behind our masks or bravados.

Women automatically RESPECT the men who have the power and insight to accomplish this, and as most people know a woman must have respect for a man before she can be attracted to him. Getting behind the girls exterior shield is only the first step of achieving ‘deep connection’ and even achieving just this single step can create some incredible results.

I have been teaching my students the “art of creating deep connection” since 2006 and here are just a few of the testimonials I have received from some of my students on the subject. Powerful techniques that you can apply straight away!

“I was having dull conversations with women, who looked bored usually within 10 minutes after all the light friendly banter had finished. I couldn’t work out what the problem was. I tried learning conversation techniques such as creating multiple threads and so on, but still I was not able to make enough impact with the women I spoke to, and I was certainly not getting any solid closes. Kezia taught me the deep connection method, which was to say the least, astoundingly insightful, and made the female mind seem so much more easier to understand. Most importantly, after using the deep connection methods she taught me, I was finally getting the results I always wanted.”- Pete

“ I was sick of women giving me their telephone numbers, and never hearing from them again. I went to Kezia initially wanting to learn better ways to get more solid closes, but when she taught me the deep connection techniques, it all made perfect sense to why women did not want to see me again. I have been applying her deep connection techniques now for 8 months and women are not only wanting to see me again and again, but they are actually wanting me to do much more than just getting their telephone numbers” – Amid

“Kezias lesson on “creating deep connection” has been the most fundamentally important lesson I ever got from anyone in the seduction community. Mastering this art and understanding the power it can give a guy is invaluable. Every woman I now chat up always says that they feel some kind of unusual bond with me that they can’t quite explain. I always though getting hot women was just about being cocky, fun and confident, but although these are great attributes to have, deep connection is definitely the final piece to the jigsaw and with out doubt the most important the most important one. – P.J

Women are now fascinated by me. They used to see me as just another guy hitting on yet another woman, and they would forget about me very quickly, or even worse, they would end the conversation too soon for me to even attempt any form of attraction building! But since learning Kezias deep connection techniques, I am able to get the woman’s full 100 percent attention, and because they reveal so much about themselves both psychologically and emotionally they become completely fascinated with me, and want to get to know me so much more than the other guys they meet” – Dean

“One word best describes Kezias deep connection method ‘groundbreaking’ My game was good before I learned this, but because I am someone who is always on the quest for more knowledge to get better results with hotter women, I wanted to my game to the next level. Now my attraction rate with women is better than I could ever imagine” – Max F

If, like my students, you want to learn the art of mastering deep connection and get the results with women you did not think were achievable, then what I have to offer for a SHORT PERIOD OF TIME ONLY is ready, and can be yours to keep forever!

Introducing Kezia’s long awaited
‘Deep Connection” Program.

Hours of groundbreaking techniques that will give you a step by step break down which will have you mastering the art of creating deep connection, and hand you one of the most powerful secrets in the seduction community is yours to have.

This Program is split in to 25 separate steps.

Each step has been carefully broken down and explained in fine and logical detail (Vague descriptions and explanations are strictly banned from this Program ) in order for you to grasp and apply this technique straight away!

There will also be demonstrations and videoed practice sessions with a number of different types of women, and all demos are done by the men who were lucky enough to attend the filmed event. This will include the mistakes they made as well as the amazing moments when they achieved deep connection with even some frustratingly difficult and impossibly shy girls

Actual demonstrations is something that I know men out there always demand, theory is good, but seeing the theory put in to practice is even better! “Master the techniques that male dating coaches could NEVER give you”

What can deep connection and this program do for you?


  • Help you make a powerful and positive impact on her.
  • Force even the most unresponsive or difficult of women to respond to you POSITIVELY
  • Make her see you as someone worth getting to know MUCH more
  • Make her want to see you again and again and again
  • Make all the other distractions around you both become out of focus, and put you firmly in focus
  • Allow you to build up an almost instant sense of trust with her
  • Will make her respect you
  • Will make her completely fascinated by you
  • Will give you an invaluable insight in to the female mind
  • Will act as a springboard to create sexual escalation
  • Will get you solid number closes (NO MORE FLAKY NUMBERS)
  • Will produce super interesting and inspiring conversations
  • Will help you read any woman no matter how much of a shield she puts up.
  • Will provide you with enough conversation material, that you will never be scared of ‘running out of things to say’ or ‘dead ends’ or uncomfortable silences’ ever again.
  • But most importantly, mastering the art of deep connection will get you the results you want!