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Justin Blackman – Write Like Anyone

Over these four lessons, you’ll learn how to sound like any client and create brand-consistent copy, even if their voice is unique. We’ll deconstruct the science of analyzing, matching, mirroring, and evolving any style so you can bring your skills to bigger clients and bolder brands — and pump out near-perfect copy on the first shot.

…And you may just improve your own style along the way.


– Understanding what voice truly is (and why most writers get it wrong)

– Measuring voice with a process (so you can identify and mirror any style)

– Distilling the nine voice types (and knowing what characteristics to spotlight)

– Positioning your voice skill as a superpower (so you can differentiate yourself from the pack)

– Becoming crystal clear on your own writing voice (then adjusting it to match your client’s style)

– Approaching bigger clients confidently (because you have a plan to stand out)

– Knowing the right questions to ask for better feedback (so you know what to adjust moving forward)

– Bringing copy to life by cranking up the three elements of voice (without making your client sound like a caricature of themselves)

– Using worksheets and tools to measure your copy (and confirm it’s right before you submit it)

– Ensuring you have the right voice (before you ever write your first word)

..And delivering on your promise to truly “get” your client better than any writer has before.


– Pitch With Power: See how to demonstrate your skills on sales calls

– Abbey Woodcock: on what she looks for when she builds a writing team

– Angie Colee: on what it takes to write for a big name client, what to expect when you land the gig, and how she keeps the brand voice alive

– Daniel Throssell: on the importance of voice and differentiating yourself in a direct response world

– Live Monthly Office Hours with Justin Blackman: Join us for 60-minute Ask Me Anything sessions for all your questions about voice, writing, clients, services, positioning, or any unique situation you’re facing. Recordings are in your dashboard.