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Julia Taylor – WP Rockstar

Julia Taylor – WP Rockstar

What You Get:

Phase One

(Estimated time to complete: 30 days)


Master Your DJ Scratch Tech Skills

In this module, you’ll get introduced to basic HTML, CSS, and WordPress skills, so you can:

  • Build HTML pages
  • Add basic and extra styles using CSS
  • Install Local and WordPress
  • Practice the block editor
  • BONUSES:HTML & CSS Cheat sheets, code files, templates & checklists
  • BRAND NEW FOR 2023:Kadence Blocks tutorials

Julia Taylor – WP Rockstar


Introvert’s Pre-Launch Marketing Blueprint

You’ll walk away from this module with the confidence that you can:

  • Set attainable goals (not too small and not too big)
  • Set boundaries with the intention of holding them
  • Create revenue goals that align with your season of life, skills, and experience
  • Get laser-like precision on your ideal client avatar
  • Stop worrying about choosing the “wrong” ICA (I’ll show you how to avoid some classic mistakes)
  • Defeat imposter syndrome, fear of judgment, and feel 100% safe to show up as an entrepreneur
  • Get the word out about your business
  • BONUSES:Your Why Workbook, Goal Setting Workbook, Client Avatar Workbook, UVP Workbook, templates, swipe files, checklists & more


Starting Your Business (Some Adulting Required)

The kind of elusive “adulting” that’s insanely productive.

At the end of this module you’ll:

  • Determine your business name
  • Purchase a domain
  • Create your social media profile/s
  • Choose a business structure
  • Set up the proper bank account/s and payment processor/s
  • Secure an EIN
  • File proper paperwork with state
  • BONUSES:Biz Setup checklists, swipe files & blueprints


Build Your First (Or Next) WordPress Website

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to build.

At the end of this module you’ll:

  • Explore themes, homepage setup, and how to install WooCommerce
  • Complete your WordPress build using our Zero to WP Hero framework, including access to 6 Premium WordPress themes (that you can’t buy anywhere else)you can use for your own site or client sites (as many times as you want)
  • Take your website from local to live (scary but exciting!)
  • BONUSES:Theme files & checklists

Julia Taylor – WP Rockstar

Phase Two

(Estimated time to complete: 30 – 60 days)


Pricing, Packaging, And Offers

Make the “business stuff” in your business glide, like Frozen on Ice, without Marshmallow (aka the snow monster, aka the mind gremlins) chasing you.

In this module you’ll:

  • Discover your special sauce and what makes you different from Fiverr, Upwork & other “WP peeps”
  • Avoid face-palm moments so you can effortlessly close sales calls
  • Put on your big girl (or boy) boundary pants so you can navigate client projects like a pro
  • Price your offers without breaking into hives…or armpit sweats
  • Understand how to set up contracts and agreements
  • Create a compelling, resistance-melting offers
  • Learn how to create strong digital marketing assets so clients know exactly what you do (i.e. your website copy, emails, SEO, FB ads, and operating systems)
  • BONUSES:Pricing Workbook, templates, swipe files, checklists, blueprints & more


(more than just making a random Facebook announcement)

Get the word out about your business when you’ll complete this module:

  • How to get socially famous (and hired)
  • How to use organic methods to get clients knocking at your (digital) doors
  • How to use paid advertising…and profit from it
  • Introverts rejoice:you’ll learn how to use your strong relationship skills to make inroads in desirable networks, make connections with podcast hosts, and turn on the faucet for referrals
  • BONUSES:Marketing strategy spreadsheet, checklists & blueprints


Rockstar Workflow (Work It, Rockstar)

Run your business like a well-oiled machine when you manage 5 critical project management phases using ClickUp (this is a bananas-insane update that’s akin to Bono crooning “The Sweetest Thing”)

You’ll use your ClickUp template to:

  • Manage, maintain, get on sales calls, and follow up with leads (yes, we’ll show you how to lead sales call like a pro, even if you’ve never sold anything before)
  • Send and track proposals for website builds, quickly and on the regular (using a proven, high-converting template and swipe files – like our favorite cake mix, nothing’s from scratch ‘round these parts)
  • Forge airtight client contracts to protect your bottomline (and bottom)
  • Create a seamless client onboarding & offboarding systems (a.k.a. the key to attracting future high-quality leads)
  • Get paid with streamlined payment tools/invoice processing software (you’ll have the option to use free or paid tools)
  • Control your website builds, keep track of your progress, and not lose your mind in the process (or other “buggy” details)
  • BONUSES:Rockstar Workflow ClickUp template, swipe files & checklists

Julia Taylor – WP Rockstar

Phase Three

(Estimated time to complete: 30 – 90 days)


WordPress Ecosystem (No Plants Required)

Time to build on your basic WordPress skills and expand your repertoire.

In this GOLDmine of a module you’ll understand:

  • The differences (and similarities) to the old, current and new WordPress
  • Themes, plugins, page builders… oh my!
  • De-clutter & Demystify all the WordPress ingredients
  • Why Full Site Editing is the new black (ie the new WordPress), so if you want to be ahead of the curve (no one likes change), we’ve got you covered
  • BONUSES:WP Ecosystem checklists & templates


PRE-BUILD: Set Yourself Up For Success

You’ll perform a pre-build for a successful site.

  • From the initial design & wireframe all the way to website copy, we’ll walk you through how to have what you need before you start building
  • How to use organic methods to get clients knocking at your (digital) doors
  • BONUSES:Design & wireframe templates, checklists & more



Probably the most exciting module (I’m biased). It’s time to build your WordPress website.

In this advanced module, you’ll:

  • Understand what it means to host on a local versus a sub-domain
  • Dive deep into Full Site Editing and be ahead of the curve compared to other WordPress ‘experts’
  • Check for mobile responsiveness (ie does it look good on a phone)
  • BONUSES:Full Site Editing checklists & workbook
  • BRAND NEW FOR 2023:Updated tutorials on Full Site Editing



Your WordPress site is not ready for the world until it passes the quality assurance checks.

Here’s how you’ll make that happen with the help of this module:

  • Ensure Quality Assurance checks for mobile responsiveness. Accessibility, speed plus a host of other features
  • Migrate your clients site with perfection (without getting sweaty)
  • Discover the world of WordPress hosting, including BIG discounts from two of the biggest WordPress hosting providers
  • Understand WordPress maintenance and malware and how to offer services for recurring monthly revenue
  • BONUSES:Hosting discounts (for WP Rockstar® students only), QA checklist, migration blueprint & more



In this final module, you’ll learn how to use Google to support your WordPress site.

  • Google analytics – get this set up on your clients site so they understand where their site traffic is coming from
  • Google search console – measure how your (or client’s) content is being found by search engines
  • Google My Business – use this as an added bonus when finalizing your clients sites so they’re found locally on Google Maps
  • BONUSES:Google checklists & workbooks

Julia Taylor – WP Rockstar