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Iman Gadzhi – Educate


In Order To Become an “Outsider” You Need to Rescue The 5 Lost Principles:

1.  The Truth:
First, you need to figure out what is the truth you want to guide your path by. At this point, you already know what that is.

2. Limiting Beliefs:
Second, you need to eliminate your Limiting Beliefs that are stopping you from succeeding.

3. Have a mentor:
Third, you need Mentors to guide your path to success.

4. A Curriculum:
Fourth, you’ll need a Curriculum that will allow you to pursue freedom.

5. Intense Hardship:
Lastly, you’ll need intense hardship to develop the self-discipline needed to execute on the 5 principles

1.  The Truth Is…

The modern-day education system is set up to keep you poor and obedient:

  • The Conditioning Factory has fed you with lies ever since you were a kid.

  • They have programmed you for failure.

  • If you follow their path, your best possible outcome is being endlessly stuck in the rat race working a corporate job.

The Bottom Line is…

They want to keep you a Product of the System.

And it’s your decision to take:

Do you wanna keep living as a product of the system or do you want to become an Outsider and achieve true freedom?
Today, I’m providing you with the Principles you need to achieve so.

2. Unwire Your Limiting Beliefs:

Digital Launchpad

We’ll draw together the exact destination you want to get to, and then I’ll guide you through a process that will expose exactly what bad habits and limiting beliefs you currently have that are stopping you from getting there.

This is the first step you need to go through before ever thinking about achieving success. Without this, nothing that you do afterwards will have any effect.

This is the first program I’ve recorded myself in 2 years, and it’s the first time I’m making it public inside of Educate.

3. The Curriculums:


  • The Honorable Close – 5 lessons
  • The Sales Ecosystem – 9 lessons
  • The Million Dollar Sales Process – 7 lessons
  • Overcoming Resistance: Destroying Disbelief – 3 lessons
  • Advanced Sales Concepts – 5 lessons


  • The Best Job In The World – 6 lessons
  • How To Master The Art Of Writing Copy (Fast) – 7 lessons
  • How To Get The Copy Written For You w/ Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT) – 5 lessons
  • Copy Recipes – 6 lessons
  • The Email Engine – 4 lessons
  • Advertising Masterclass – 4 lessons
  • Long-Form Masterclass – 10 lessons


  • Laying Your Foundations – 7 lessons
  • The 7-Figure Mindset – 7 lessons
  • Systems & Processes – 9 lessons
  • Client Outreach: Finding Leads & Setting Meetings – 11 lessons
  • Agency Focused Sales – 8 lessons
  • Top 1% Service Delivery – 33 lessons

4. Have a Mentor:

Inside Educate, you’ll get personally coached by 15+ industry experts on weekly coaching calls, where you can unmute yourself and personally ask them questions…

Dedicated 1-on-1 Mentor:
A dedicated 1-on-1 coach that will jump on a call with you and help you craft a customized action-plan to achieve your specific goals. Your SSC will check up with you regularly in order to ensure you’re on the right track.

5. Intense hardship to forge discipline and self-control:

I’ll personally help you Fast-Track your way to success by working with you LIVE during 6 weeks.

That’s what we’ll do through the Educate Fast Track, a 6-week Live Mentorship Program. Every single week I’ll jump on live and give you a step-by-step action plan to execute during the week. By the end of the 6 weeks, you’ll be ready to start making money with whatever curriculum you choose to follow inside of Educate.