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Google Ads Masters By Oliver Pestalozzi – Instant Download!

What’s In It For SEM Freelancers

  • Downright COPY my PROVEN million dollar campaign settings – This is the same structure I used when managing the Google Ads accounts of some of the highest spending advertisers in the world.
  • Learn the simplest and most effective way to start advertising on YouTube – And how to ensure you ONLY PAY when someone watches your entire video.
  • Maximize the value of every dollar by combining narrow keyword targeting and exclusion rules to ensure you only pay for VALUABLE CLICKS. Make sure your ads are being seen by the right people… at the right time!
  • Learn the THREE things you must regularly do if you’re advertising on Google Search to ensure you’re not wasting any money!

Meet Your Instructor
Hi, I’m Oliver.

From 2018 – 2020 I worked as a digital strategist at Google’s AUS/NZ HQ in Sydney, Australia.

My role there was to provide actionable advice and consult with the fastest growing advertisers on how they could improve their Google Ads campaigns.

I was also the official presenter at Google’s OWN training seminars, for which I personally wrote the training content that they’re still using to this day.

I’ve taught thousands of business owners and digital marketers how to master Google Ads, and have distilled everything I know into this extensive series of practical lessons & tutorials.

  • Ex-Google Employee Widely considered Australia’s #1 Google Ads Specialist
  • An expert in the subject matter and the ability to teach it!
  • Part of the original team that launched the award-winning training program “Grow With Google”
  • Lead presenter at hundreds of these “Grow With Google” events (as you can see from the photos)
  • I’ve taught thousands of business owners and digital marketers how to master Google Ads

Course Curriculum (Expand To See More)


  • Welcome! How To Approach The Course
  • About Me
  • Course Agenda: What You Will Learn

I. The Basics

  • Google Ads (1/2): A History
  • Google Ads (2/2): Where We Are & Where We’re Going
  • Creating An Account & Getting Started
  • Understanding Account Structure
  • Navigating The Interface

II. Google Search

  • Understand the Ads Auction
  • Build a Search Strategy 1/3: The Keyword List
  • Bonus: Two Tools to Help With the Keywords List
  • Build a Search Strategy 2/3: Segment the List
  • Build a Search Strategy 3/3: Design Appropriate Campaign Structure
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Creating Killer Ads
  • Extensions: Critical for success.
  • Bonus: Boost Your Ad Performance by Spying on Competitors
  • Choosing a Bid Strategy
  • Bonus: Do These 3 Things or You’ll Waste Your Money
  • After Launch: Ongoing Campaign Optimization
  • Ongoing Campaign Management (1/2): Keywords & Search Terms
    Ongoing Campaign
  • Management (2/2): Launch Experiments to Limit the Potential Damage of Bid Changes
  • ‘Smart Campaigns’… are they really smart?
    (Advanced) The BEST strategy for local service-based businesses.
  • (Advanced) Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)
  • (Advanced) Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) Campaigns (1/2)
  • (Advanced) Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) Campaigns (2/2): Landing Pages from Standard Ad Groups

III. Google Shopping

  • Intro to Google Shopping
  • Google Merchant Centre: What, Why & How
  • Creating Your Product Feed – An Overview
  • Which Campaign Type Should I Use?
  • Standard Shopping
  • Campaign Launch & Setup
  • Standard Shopping Campaign Optimisation
  • PMAX Campaign Launch & Setup
  • PMAX Campaign Optimisation
  • PMAX FAQ’s
  • How the Biggest & Best
  • Retailers Structure Their Shopping Campaigns
  • (Advanced) Use Feed Rules to Beat Your Competition
  • Running Shopping Campaigns in Multiple Countries (The Right Way)
  • Google Shopping for a Shopify Store: COMPLETE GUIDE

IV. Display Campaigns

  • Overview of the Display Network
  • Targeting on the Display Network: Understand Your Options!
  • Audience Targeting In Practice
  • Content Targeting In Practice
  • Example Campaign Structure
  • Creating Display Ads
  • (Advanced) Use Dynamic Ads Feed for Personalised Ads
  • Viewable CPM: A Bid Strategy Unique to Display Campaigns
  • Campaign Creation COMPLETE Demonstration

V. Video Campaigns

  • Understand YouTube Ad Formats
  • Bid Strategies for YouTube Ads
  • The Best Way to Start With YouTube Ads: Full Campaign Walk-Through
  • YouTube Campaign Structure
  • (Advanced) Ad Sequencing on YouTube
    VI. Other Campaign
  • Discovery Campaigns
  • Local Campaigns

VII. Golden Bonus

  • Content For Google Ads Superheroes
    Google Ads Editor: Quickly Make Bulk Updates to Revolutionise Your Campaign Management
  • Google Data Studio for Real-Time Reporting like a Pro.
  • Should I be applying recommendations from the Recommendations Tab?
  • Notes: Keeping track of what you’ve done.
  • (Advanced) Seasonality Adjustments to Maximise Revenue During Sale Periods

VIII. Conclusion

  • Congrats on Finishing the Course!

Google Ads Masters By Oliver Pestalozzi, What is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)