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Course Overview

Futures Day Trading and Order Flow Course give you ways to learn ideas that are the same ones that order flow traders use while working in a professional environment.

You can also advance resources, tasks, and milestones in your training. This is the one-stop shop for futures day traders, including everything from trade planning to a comprehensive list of trading methods and checklists.

Course Outline

  • Futures Order Flow Course
  • Market Structure Course
  • Futures Trading Workbook
  • Futures Trading Journal Course
  • Sierra Charts Software Course
  • Sierra Charts Templates
  • Trading Plan Creation Guide
  • Futures Trading Strategy Modules

What will you learn?

  • Learn five high-probability trading setups
  • Learn a checklist with trade qualifications for each setup
  • Learn a complete trade plan template with illustrations
  • Know a small account growth strategy with a proprietary trading risk management plan
  • Thorough explanation of how to enter, manage, and exit a trade like a pro

Who is this course for?

  • Futures Day Trading and Order Flow Course is for businesses or anyone who is looking to be an active trader on a daily basis
  • This course is for you in case you want to take up a long-term career as a day trader
  • It is also suitable for new traders who tend to trade emotionally