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Fire Yourself Playbook By Joey Gilkey – Instant Download!


This proven playbook is packed with videos, scripts, templates, scorecards, and tools that will get you out of sales in your agency and allow you to hire, train, and manage successful salespeople.

“Anybody who has the opportunity to work with or learn from Joey & his team at Sales Driven Agency will see their sales transform in short order.”


“I did all of the sales. I went to all of the conferences, met all of our customers, I did everything. After working with Joey, I feel like I’m actually becoming the CEO… I get to do what I love.”

CEO, Brehm Media

“We went from all sales dependent on me and closing 1 per month, to now my sales rep closed 8 in the past 4 weeks. We went from 7 team members to 16 really fast.”

CEO, The Nine



Fire Yourself Playbook By Joey Gilkey

Dear Agency Founder,

If you want to get out of sales, stay out of sales, and have salespeople producing sales on behalf of you and your agency…

Then this playbook will be an extremely transformative experience for you and your agency.

I’ll explain.

My name is Joey Gilkey and I’ve been in this agency game for a hot minute. Some of you know me very well… others, this is your first time. Hey there!

From being the VP of Sales for a digital agency 8 years ago, to starting and exiting an agency sales business (I would actually consider this exit a massive fail—how’s that for transparency), to now running the #1 sales consulting firm for agencies in the world…

I’ve hired more salespeople than I can count at this point (not sure of exact amount but it’s probably nearing 500)

I’ve made some massive f**k ups in my career as it relates to sales people.


Lost millions of dollars in my mistakes (and tens of millions in opportunities).

But I didn’t let it stop me from cracking the code on how to get myself and my clients out of sales AND achieving massive growth along the way.

And that’s exactly what I did.

You see…

The biggest problem with agency’s hiring for sales is not…

because sales people don’t understand digital.

…because you know your product better than anyone else and nobody can sell as good as you.

and not

…because good salespeople are just “hard to come by these days.”

If those thoughts have ever crossed your mind, you’re not alone…

But you’re wrong.

The reason that agency’s have a difficult time hiring for sales is because of one big thing…

…your margins.

Yep. That number at the bottom of your P&L. Not the top.

See, we look at tech companies and SAAS players that have these massive sales teams that seem to scale infinitely.

We want to have that for our agency but we don’t ever see it when we look around at the agencies in the space (unless you look at the people that have learned or worked with me).

In tech companies (and the like), they have really high profit margins—think 70%, 80%, and even 90%.

Pretty much anything that you do, as it relates to growth, only needs to be marginally successful to be both profitable and scalable.

They can have salespeople that make $150,000 in a year and only produce $400,000 in revenue.

Their margins support that.

They can basically throw a rock in a field, blind-folded, at night, while hammered drunk and hit a salesperson that can do those numbers.

But can you?

Well, I’ve worked with hundreds of agencies and it is rare that I find an agency that’s net margins are outside of the 10-25% net profit range.

So, if you introduce a salesperson that can only produce 3X what they are paid then that is 33% of your revenue right there.

You’re losing money whereas a SAAS company would thrive.

So, what’s the key to salespeople for agencies?


You need to be able to put $1 in and get out at least $7—minimum.

That’s what it’s going to take.

And here is the unfortunate reality…

You likely don’t know how to get them there.

Not your fault, per se, but still your reality.

Hence, why you are here with me…

The secret is incredibly simple, yet likely the hardest thing you’ve ever done.

That is… until you buy this playbook and I just show you.

There are 3 massive components to pulling this off.

It’s not rocket science, but when you can actually do these 3 things…

Your agency growth will transform (and your life will likely follow suit).

The three components are as follows.



& Managing.

I know what you’re thinking.

“I just read this entire open letter all the way down here for you to tell me this obvious bullshit.”


Like I said.

It’s not rocket science,

Yet so many do not know how to pull this off.

Let’s break it down.


What’s the ideal candidate? What should I pay them? Where do I find them? How do I attract them? How can I vet them? Should I negotiate? Should I not?


I hired someone. How do I set them up for success? How do I train them on what we do? How do I train them on sales if I’m not a salesperson? What processes do they follow? What technology should we use and how do I train them on it?


How can I lead someone that I’ve never been myself? What numbers should I measure? What do I do with those numbers? Where does accountability play into this? Hands off or micro manage? What does my salesperson need from me? Do we meet regularly? Do I give them ultimate autonomy?

These are the questions you need the answers to.

You need a process you can follow.

You need a guide to show you the ropes.

You don’t know what you don’t know….



So, here we are.

At a crossroads.

You want out of sales, but you are unsure of the future and you’re afraid to mess up.

Don’t be.

Remember when I told you that I’ve made some massive f**k ups earlier in this letter?

Well, those are very few and very far between at this point—for my business and for my clients.

It’s become somewhat formulaic. (oh shit… maybe it is rocket science)

And you have the opportunity through a series of well thought-out and hand-selected modules, videos, worksheets, and instructions to make this a win for you and your agency.

To get what you finally want…

What you deserve.

To get out of sales for good and feel good about doing so.

Sure, it takes a little investment on your part…

But what good thing in your life hasn’t taken a leap of faith, an investment of time, or a little money to get the dream outcome you really wanted?

Not many.

At least not many that I’ve personally experienced in my business and life successes.

I hope you get everything you want in life.

If getting out of sales is one of those things…

I’ll see you on the inside of the playbook.

CEO of Sales Driven Agency


 25+ training modules spanning all facets of hiring, training, and managing salespeople.

✅ 2+ hours of videos and walkthoughs, including software setup walkthroughs to streamline your hiring.

✅ KPIs to measure so you know exactly what is working, what revenue is coming in, and how to forecast.

✅ Salesperson scorecards for accountability and coaching.

✅ Sales compensation calculator to ensure you’re not losing unnecessary money to poorly structured comp plans .

✅ 5-step hiring funnel to attract and surface the best sales talent.

✅ Management scripts, meeting templates, and review frameworks.


    • 25+ Training Modules on Hiring, Training, and Managing Sales Rockstars (and getting you out of sales)
    • Over 2 Hours of Video Tutorials & Walkthroughs
    • Dashboards, Templates, Scorecards, Scripts
    • Sales Compensation Calculator
  • 5-Step Hiring Funnel
  • Management Frameworks

Fire Yourself Playbook By Joey Gilkey, what is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

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  • 3-The Right Sales Candidate.ts
  • 4-5-Step Hiring Process.ts
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  • 5-The Job Description.mp3
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  • 7-Compensation Plan Creations.ts
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  • 9-Setting Up The Hiring Funnel (Software and Technical Setup.ts
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  • 11-The Sales Rep Onboarding Plan.mp3
  • 12-The Product Market Training Creation.mp3
  • 13-The Onboarding Checklist & Schedule.mp3
  • 14-Preparing Your Sales Rep Through Role Playing.mp3
  • 15-The Knowledge Base Creation.mp3
  • 16-Crafting a Gateway Offers.mp3
  • 17-Sales Leadership & Management.mp3
  • 18-The Sales Leadership Routine.ts
  • 19-The Sales Meetings.mp3
  • 20-The Sales Reviews.mp3
  • 21-The Daily Shutdown Scorecard.mp3
  • 22-Setting Up The Daily Shutdown Scorecards.ts
  • 23-The KPI’s to Measure.ts
  • 24-The Big Invite.ts
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