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Explain Ideas Visually Course By Janis Ozolins – Instant Download!

Learn to Explain Ideas Visually
Grow your audience and attract opportunities by turning your ideas into viral-worthy visuals. No design background required.

“The course is to the point without any fluff and equips you with the right mindset and knowledge to get started instantly.”

– Moina Abdul
Explain Ideas Visually Course By Janis Ozolins
Hey, I’m Janis.

When I started to explain ideas visually it changed my life quicker than I expected.

In 6 months I left my job and got the opportunity to work for Julian Shapiro, Shaan Puri, Naval Ravikant, Steven Bartlett, Matt D’Avella, and others.

Today, my visuals are seen by millions of people every month, which is adding thousands of new people to my audience.
Explain Ideas Visually Course By Janis Ozolins
But it’s not only me.

Since this course is running from December 2021 students are experiencing similar results.

  • Elliott has built an audience of 24k on Instagram and 13k on Twitter in 6 months and is doing freelance on the side.
  • Alex has gone crazy viral several times. Doing freelance on the side and has built an audience with more than 40k people across his Twitter and Instagram.
  • Enka, Moina, Roberto, Tracy, Aidan, Liva, Jun, and many others are enjoying the process, making great work, and getting impressive results. Most of them don’t have any design background.

Read more student stories here.

There are zero hacks. Follow the principles, show up consistently, listen to feedback and you’ll be on your way to similar results.

This market is underserved, so the earlier you start, the better.

Core Lessons
In 4 core modules that will take you 1h 30min, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start creating visuals that will make people stop, think, like, and share. We’ll start with fundamental principles, and end with tools and execution. (You don’t need any paid tools or software to start.)
“Explain Ideas Visually is honestly one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. The course covered a lot of topics that I didn’t know much about, from the tools and design techniques to creating compelling visuals that resonate with a large audience.”

— Aidan Yeep

Watch me do it in real-time
Behind the scenes videos where you’ll hear me explaining every step of the process and see me make visuals from start to finish on various tools like Figma, Affinity Designer, and Procreate.
“I was blown away by the information Janis provided. It was right from his heart, nothing salesy. He was on a mission to help people learn a new skill. He doesn’t use complicated words to explain the technique so it’s understandable for everyone.”

— Enes Kartal

Video Feedback Sessions
I genuinely want you to succeed so I’ll provide tailored feedback on your work. I will explain why and what changes you could make. Students find these feedback sessions very valuable.

Office Hours
Every month we go live and discuss all sorts of things with the intention to grow and have fun. Occasionally we’ll have some guests over. Recordings are available.

More Bonuses

  • Figma templates to get your gears turning without getting overwhelmed.
  • Access to custom-made hand-drawn fonts.

By the end of this course, you’ll…

  • learn principles that make impactful visuals that people will love
  • have a system on how to consistently generate novel ideas
  • be equipped with tools to design visuals even as a non-designer
  • learn how to position yourself to attract opportunities and fans
  • learn common mistakes visual creators make and how to avoid them
  • have loads of fun! (based on course students, true story)


  • 4 Core Course Modules
  • Behind the Scenes Videos
  • Figma Templates and hand-drawn fonts
  • Access to Explain Ideas Visually Community where we cover a lot more!