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Emily Gowor – Publishing Success Program


Module 1: Your Author Master Plan

This will module will guide you to clarify your vision, plans and income opportunities as an author through
developing the Author Master Plan for your future!

In this module:

  • Explore and develop your Author Master Plan
  • C​larify your vision and future plans for your book
  • The mindset you need in order to produce an amazing title
  • What separates authors who succeed from those who struggle
  • Real stories of inspiration from the authors I’ve published

Module 2: Your Book Idea

This module will support you to get clear on your book idea and improve it so it sells like hotcakes once it’s published!

In this module:

  • The key elements that you must master in your book idea
  • The 5 steps to write your manuscript from blank page to being ready for the editor
  • Why a good book idea matters (and how to make sure yours sells well once released)
  • ​The 3 boxes to tick with your book idea
  • Clearly define your Reader Avatar

Module 3: Your Book Outline

This module will walk you step-by-step through the process of organizing your many ideas for your book
into a clear, structured content plan that reflects your core message.

In this module:

  • Be guided to create your Book Outline with my simple step-by-step process used by all my clients
  • Learn how to create a reader journey in your book
  • Discover how to halve the time it takes to produce your book manuscript (and stay organised!)
  • Format your book manuscript before writing

Module 4: Write Your Book

This module will support you to write an inspiring manuscript that both you and your readers will love –

and minimise writers block along the way!

In this module:

  • Learn how to set up your writing space & schedule
  • See examples of book parts– Preface, Introduction & more!
  • Master a title & subtitle that impact your readers
  • Be supported to write a powerful blurb
  • Discover strategies for staying inspired while you write!

Module 5: Review Your Book

This module will teach you how to complete a VERY important step that most self-published authors miss

when writing and publishing their book: review.

In this module:

  • Learn why you MUST complete a book review
  • The 3 pathwaysto sourcing a book review
  • 85 Questions to Ask & Answer during manuscript appraisal
  • How to perform your own book review
  • Publisher experience with improving books before publish

Module 6: Design Your Book Cover

This module will empower you to source a winning design for your book cover that matches your content

appeals to your reader.

In this module:

  • Discover your3 options for sourcing a cover design
  • Learn the essential components of compelling covers
  • Receive a checklist of what to feature on the front, back & spine
  • See examples of great book covers
  • Complete training on how to use 99 Designs!

Module 7: Publish Your Book

This module will teach you everything you need to know about successfully publishing your book,

from the first draft to published title.

In this module:

  • Learnevery step of the publishing process
  • How to hire & workwith editors, typesetters & publishing team
  • How to buy ISBN’s, barcodes & more
  • Choosing the correct trim size & layout for your book
  • How to successfully upload, publish & print your book

Module 8: Market Your Book

This module will prepare you to share your book with the world by teaching you the 3 stages of marketing a book

and giving you creative ideas for promotion.

In this module:

  • Receive ideas for promotingyour book
  • Learn the 3 phases of marketingany book
  • Prepare yourself to launch your title
  • The 3 pathways to selling & earning from your book
  • Attend the Marketing Masterclass for Authors (3 modules)