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eBay wholesale dropshipping 2021 By Tom Cormier and Jason Menuier – Instant Download!

Learn how to Dropship on eBay by leveraging US based wholesale suppliers. Throughout this course, you’ll learn everything from opening your eBay Dropshipping store – to securing contracts with distributors. Start listing high-profit wholesale products that comply with eBay’s Dropshipping policy.

  • Take the class fully online with instant access to all lessons and modules.
  • This class is over 21 hours of detailed video lessons and includes 30+ bonus guides.
  • Level up by creating a fully operational eBay wholesale Dropshipping business of your own.
  • Beginner or advanced sellers, this class will teach you everything you need to know about eBay wholesale Dropshipping.


Become a dominant eBay Dropshipper in weeks

Prominent eBay Dropshipper, Jason Meunier, teaches you everything he knows in this 21 hour class, transforming the way you generate income online. Immerse yourself in the process and leave the class with a fully operational eBay wholesale Dropshipping store.

Part 1: Wholesale Dropshipping Basics

Learn the end-to-end skills of eBay Wholesale Dropshipping, from opening your store to registering a new business. During this part, Jason reveals his complete, real-time set-up process for his store.

Part 2: Securing Suppliers & Products

Jason dives deep into wholesale contracts, choosing hot products to sell, and turning your eBay store into a full-time income. By the end, you’ll be able to start your very own Wholesale Dropshipping business.

Part 3: Mastering the Business

Jason demonstrates the advanced techniques he uses to take his store to the next level. You’ll master the ins-and-outs of account growth including a huge range of automation tricks and profit boosting ideas.


Take your Dropshipping skills to new heights

During this class, you’ll learn a full set of wholesale Dropshipping techniques that Jason Meunier uses to grow his own eBay stores. This class pushes your skills and takes you from beginner to advanced Dropshipping.

The “Wholeshipping” Model

Jason breaks down the fundamental concepts of Wholesale Dropshipping and explains why this model is the only accepted form of Dropshipping on eBay.

eBay Account Setup A-Z

Watch as Jason demonstrates his process for creating an eBay Dropshipping store including business profile set up, account settings, and supplier alignment.

Wholesale Inquiry Scripts

Jason makes securing suppliers easy with his wholesale inquiry call scripts, live recorded phone conversations, and email inquiry templates.

Top 20 Wholesale Suppliers List

Jason has included his own exclusive list of curated suppliers so that you can start finding profitable wholesale products to list today!

Product Sourcing Checklist

Finding profitable products to sell is one of the most difficult tasks for Dropshippers. Jason’s template has proven to simplify item sourcing and increase sales.

Customer Service Scripts

Avoid receiving harmful feedback. Reduce returns, refunds, and INR cases with Jason’s refined customer service scripts.

Software Toolkit

Jason has negotiated special discounts for students, saving you hundreds of dollars on top wholesale Dropshipping software and applications.

Tax Exemption

Increase your chances of getting accepted by wholesale suppliers. Watch as Jason easily creates a credible “shell website” from scratch.

Scaling Your Dropshipping Store

Reaching top level growth in your Dropshipping business requires advanced strategies. Jason breaks down the methods he’s developed over several years.


Learn through a step-by-step curriculum

Drastically improve your skills through in-depth video lessons, bonus guides, and community feedback. Its carefully developed curriculum and unforgettable learning experience is designed to help you earn more income online.

Learn from the best
Jason Meunier

After graduating college and faced with the reality of looming student debt, I was able to generate over 6-figures in under 6 months Dropshipping – now I’m eager to help my students do the same!


A new kind of online course

This isn’t your typical “online course”. It’s a fully immersive learning experience. The classroom has been digitized and transformed, allowing you to get a hands-on education and community from anywhere.

eBay wholesale dropshipping 2021 By Tom Cormier and Jason MenuiereBay wholesale dropshipping 2021 By Tom Cormier and Jason Menuier

eBay wholesale dropshipping 2021 By Tom Cormier and Jason MenuiereBay wholesale dropshipping 2021 By Tom Cormier and Jason Menuier