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DotandCompany - The Cam School

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What is CAM School?

Meet the CAM School, a comprehensive training program for your in-house Client Account Managers to fast-track their understanding of the digital marketing industry, campaigns, and how to make (and keep) your clients happy.

Whether you’re a client management pro or training your team to replace you in this seat, becoming a CAM School-trained Client Account Manager is our secret how-to.

“I came into this program with a TON of knowledge from previous experience, however the amount of detail the DOT Team went into this program to make sure it was easy to digest— was amazing. The videos, podcasts, resources, and processes went above my expectations! Having the templates already prepared for you is so worth it. I am so glad I took the jump!”

— Jennifer G.

How Does CAM School Work?

CAM School training is set up in easy-to-follow Modules with videos, customizable templates, swipe files, resource guides, and workbooks. All of the training is online inside a private, CAM School member-only site.

 Is CAM School Right For Me?

 You didn’t start an agency to be busy 24/7.

 You started an agency for the freedom but, instead, you’re busy. You’re wearing all the hats, from agency owner and Facebook Ads expert to Client Account   Manager and hiring manager. You’re doing your best, but your agency isn’t where you want it to be.

  • You want your team to be independent, but you also know most tasks would be faster to do yourself.
  • You wish you could upload your brain to new hires so they could understand the industry from day one
  • You want to scale the business, but you know your systems and team aren’t set up to sustain success

Can I See CAM School Reviews?

You betcha! Here are just a few reviews from Client-facing Account Managers

who took CAM School to level up their skills inside agencies.

“The DOT team teaches you everything from A-Z on Client Account Management. The CAM School assignments are fun simulations of what to expect on the job. Despite already knowing most of the material (I run my own agency)— I learned so much! The support team was really great as well. If I had any questions, they were promptly answered. Don’t hesitate if you are on the fence, you won’t regret your decision!”

Kirtana Devatha Bangalore, IND

“I came into this program with a TON of knowledge from previous experience, however the amount of detail the DOT Team went into this program to make sure it was easy to digest— was amazing. The videos, podcasts, resources, and processes went above my expectations! Having the templates already prepared for you is so worth it. I am so glad I took the jump!”

Jennifer Guntner Wisconsin, USA

“The ladies at DOT & Co. did a fabulous job bringing a complete newbie in the Client Account Management world to a place where I feel like I could competently and professionally take care of my company’s clients. The enthusiasm and cheerfulness that each of the DOT & Co. gals brought to the lessons was truly inspiring.

Jessica Bos

Montana, USA

“The CAM School materials have been super insightful and have given me more confidence to speak to clients and know that I’m doing the right thing. I love that DOT helped me with managing difficult situations which most people don’t talk about. The CAM School modules were very easy to complete, especially for super busy people. Also, I love the variety of learning materials such as video, text, podcast, live feedback sessions.”

Phebi King

London, UK

Who Teaches CAM School?

DotandCompany - The Cam School

This is Emma, an expert Client Account Manager at DOT & Co., and your Training Manager inside the CAM School.She’s a seasoned digital marketer and the lead trainer at DOT & Co. She can’t wait to show your Client Account Managers how to keep your clients happy

DotandCompany - The Cam School

This is Taylor, Founder of DOT & Co. and agency owner.
She loves helping other marketing agencies get to their next point of scale with support and systems that *actually* work.

The Core Curriculum

There are seven learning Modules, with video and audio, plus a comprehensive library of templates, and SOPs, to help your client-facing Account Manager develop the skills so the client side of your agency is self-sustaining. To preview sample lessons,

MODULE 1: Introduction to CAM Life

You’ll learn the foundations to start managing clients for digital marketing agencies—think advertising for e-commerce, lead generation, funnels, and coaching clients through the lens of Facebook Business Manager.

MODULE 2: Servicing Digital Marketing Agencies
Step behind the scenes and see what a CAM does day in and day out—including all the value CAMs add to digital marketing agencies. You learn the nitty-gritty of digital marketing for yourself, so when it’s time to work with clients, you’ll be walking the talk.

MODULE 3: The Best Platform Practices
We couldn’t do our jobs as CAMs without technology. In Module 3, you’ll learn how to project manage like a boss, including how to use the industry-leading platforms we use in real life. You’ll learn how funnels are built and how to generate essential reports to track metrics (our fave).

MODULE 4: Client Onboarding
Onboarding—it can make or break the client experience, and we’re here to show you how to make it. With insider access to all of the onboarding documents and workflows we use ourselves, plus opportunities to practice, you’ll become seasoned at onboarding new clients.

MODULE 5: Client Meetings
Smooth client meetings are essential to happy client relationships. You’ll get access to ALL of the processes and systems we use to feel confident and prepared for every client meeting. We’ll walk through mock reports, provide you with agenda templates, meeting scripts and more.

MODULE 6: Standard Operating Procedures
Now it’s time to build an SOP. What is a Standard Operating Procedure and why do you need one? Good questions. We’ll get into our best practices, templates, real-life examples from agencies we work with, and how this document will add value to your agency.