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Master Trader Directional Options Strategies for Swing and Day Trading by Master Trader Description 

Master Trader Directional Options Strategies for Swing and Day Trading by Master Trader walks you through practical strategies and methods to profit from options trades amid volatile conditions. Detailed guides come along with illustrated case studies and examples for practical insights into effective applications to real trades.

Here’s what you will learn in this course:

  • Guides on buying options to profit on directional chart setups for day and swing trading.
  • Instructions on options strategies to earn profit from bullish and bearish directional trades.
  • How to conduct the purchase of out-of-the-money options/spreads for bigger expected gains with less cost and risk.
  • How to buy options to bet on news, earnings, high volatility, and expensive stocks.
  • The underlying principles and elements of an options trading plan and detailed process to achieve success.
  • How to buy options with the aid of the Master Trader’s method providing superior benefits, such as leverage, limited risk, and positive reward-risk with debit spreads.
  • Buying bull and bear debit spreads turns time decay into a benefit with the aim of a higher probability of profits.
  • Deep dives into profiting from many fallacies prevalent about trading options.
  • Proven strategies by Master Trader to grow small options trading accounts into big ones.
  • Illustrated case studies and examples to deep dive into practical applications of strategies to real-world trades.