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Dara Denney – Performance Creative Master Course

What You Get:

Introduction: Welcome!

  • A personal note from Dara
  • How to get the most out of this course…

Creative Strategy Research

  • Why is creative strategy research SO important?
  • How to Conduct a Reputation Analysis
  • How to Mine Customer Testimonials
  • Golden Nugget Reviews: The Secret Sauce to Creative
  • How to Analyze Your Competitors’ Creative THE RIGHT WAY
  • How to Quickly Analyze Past Performance
  • How to Present Your Creative Strategy Research to Your Team

Creative Formats That Convert

  • How to Use This Section + Notion Guide
  • The 10 Creative Formats to Test First
  • 10 UGC Strategies That Convert
  • 15 Creatives for Service Businesses, B2B, and Info Products

Consumer Psychology and Messaging That Converts

  • Overview
  • The 16 Human Desires
  • Advertising Strategies That Scale (How to Take Big Swings with Your Creatives)
  • Copywriting That Converts: Primary Text

The Creative Strategist Toolkit

  • The Tools I Use Everyday as a Creative Strategist

How to Build an In-House UGC Team

  • Overview
  • How to Write a UGC Brief that Results in Winning Creative
  • How to Source UGC Creators
  • How to Build an In-House UGC Team

The Creative Project Workflow

  • An Overview of The Creative Process
  • How I Use Trello as My Project Management Tool
  • The Creative Roadmap: How to Track Your Creative Pipeline
  • How to QA Your Creatives

How to Test Your Creatives

  • Naming Conventions (Surprisingly important!)
  • How to Make a Creative Testing Framework
  • How to Test Creatives (TWO DIFFERENT METHODS!!)

How to Analyze Creatives (Advanced)

  • Overview: My Creative Analytics Cheatsheet
  • The Key Metrics You Need to Track (and my take on attribution softwares)
  • The Reports You Need to Be Running Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly
  • How to Lead a Creative Retro with Your Team (Slide deck!)

What’s next?

  • Iterations to Make When You Find Winners and Losers