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Cryptocurrency, NFT Basics – How to Trade and Invest? 2021 By Kalyanjit Hatibaruah – Instant Download!

Cryptocurrency, NFT Basics - How to Trade and Invest ? 2021 By Kalyanjit Hatibaruah

Learn how to trade and invest in Cryptocurrency exchanges as a beginner. Learn about NFT and NFT Stores

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to trade and invest in Crypto Currency as a Beginner
  • How to actually purchase Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Cardano etc ) from different Crypto Exchanges
  • What is NFT ? How to buy NFT ? How to make NFT ?
  • Understand the different Wallets in Crypto Currency
  • Learn about SIP ( Systematic Investment Plan) in Crypto Currency
  • Different Cryptocurrency Exchanges Globally
  • Different Crypto news sites to follow


  • You will need a computer/ smart device and an internet connection
  • You will need an eagerness to learn Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency investing
  • Be interested in becoming a professional crypto trader


  • Welcome to our Cryptocurrency For Beginners Crash Course: Cryptocurrency Basics – How to Trade and Invest ? !
  • Learn to invest in Cryptocurrency in under two hours!
  • Everyone seems to be talking about Crypto! We will show you the different platforms we use and how to use them to successfully buy, trade and sell crypto. Also, the different platforms which has Systematic
  • Investment Plan ( SIP) to minimize risk associated with crypto. You will also learn about NFT and how to be a NFT Buyer and Creator. How you can mint NFT In the blockchain.

Course content

  • Introduction
  • What is Cryptocurrency?
  • Types of Wallets
  • Converting Crypto Currency into FIAT Currency
  • Trading
  • Crypto Currency Exchanges and Trading
  • Popular Crypto – Bitcoin / Ethereum
  • NFT – Non Fungible Tokens
  • Crypto Basics
  • Crypto News Sites
  • Instructor

Kalyanjit Hatibaruah: Chairman / MD at Flugelsoft Group of Companies

Kalyanjit Hatibaruah: Serial Entrepreneur.

He has more than 25 years of expertise in Software Sales & Development, social media, mobile, and web applications, NFT, Blockchain Applications for global clients. Part time CTO to many startups and businesses. Angel Investor and Associated with many Startup Incubators

Cryptocurrency, NFT Basics – How to Trade and Invest ? 2021 By Kalyanjit Hatibaruah, what it is included (Content proof: Watch here!)