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Copyhackers - Master of Sales Webinars1Copyhackers – Master of Sales Webinars

Imagine how it would feel to tell your team that you personally closed hundreds of sales in a matter of minutes… without a complicated email automation or fancy 40-step funnel.

Hop into Master of Sales Webinars and see how to craft a webinar that can help you generate masses of sales in minutes. So you actually love the process of pitching (yup, it’s possible).

  • 4 modules, with over 60 step-by-step lessons (with transcripts)
  • Dozens of over-the-shoulder tutorials, showing you how to research, plan and structure your sales webinar
  • Completion badge for LinkedIn
  • PLUS! A sales webinar Google Slides template to get you jump-started on your sales webinar presentation

“When I started the pitch, I began to hear the greatest sound…”


*ping* *ping*

*ping* *ping* *ping* *ping* *ping* *ping*

When I clicked “End” on the webinar, I saw in Slack that we’d already made hundreds of sales in just over 20 minutes.

We finished that day with a half million US dollars more than we’d started the day with.

And that webinar convinced me of this:

Sales webinars are the most perfect tool for generating masses of sales.

And that’s what you can get from Master of Sales Webinars:

masses of sales.

Master of Sales Webinars shows you a proven, methodical and repeatable process used to research, plan, write and structure sales webinars that have driven millions of dollars in revenue. No guessing required.


It doesn’t benefit ANYONE for you to shyly hope someone will dare to buy your solution.

Your future customers actually want what you’re selling.

So give ‘em what they so desperately want.

Pitch what you’ve got.

Make it sound as freakin’ amazing as it is.

And make your Slack *ping* with Stripe notification after Stripe notification. And you’ll see how you might begin to love selling. (Yup, even if you loathe selling right now.)

From the CEO who coined the term conversion copywriting:

Joanna Wiebe is the CEO of Copyhackers – where marketers of all stripes learn how to be the most profitable person in the room.

As the original conversion copywriter, she’s driven multi-millions in revenue writing copy for the likes of Metalab, Shopify, Huel, BT, Tesco and Wistia. That’s why she’s been invited to teach conversion copy on 100+ international stages and to sales and marketing teams at Google and Amazon.

With Master of Sales Webinars in your back pocket, you can generate masses of sales for businesses of all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Course creators
  • Community memberships
  • Service providers
  • SaaS and apps

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