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Copy Posse Launch Files 2022 By Alex Cattoni – Instant Download!

Learn Highly-Paid Copywriting Skills, Write An Irresistible Portfolio and Ignite Your Copywriting Business In 8 Weeks

Copy Posse Launch Files 2022 By Alex Cattoni

8-Week Copywriter Coaching Program To Start Making Money At Home

In this step-by-step online learning experience, you’ll be guided by expert copywriter, speaker and founder of The Copy Posse, Alex Cattoni, as she teaches you the copywriting essentials that today’s businesses are looking for… and helps you build a killer portfolio so you can approach new clients with unstoppable confidence.

The Dreaded Copywriter Catch-22
The biggest predicament that every new copywriter faces (that keeps them stuck in a rut and paralyzed from approaching potential clients) is this:

You can’t get hired without a portfolio and you can’t build your portfolio without getting hired!
Sound familiar? If you’ve been thinking about starting your copywriting business, you may have found yourself battling this dreaded catch-22.

Or, even if you already have a portfolio, maybe you have no idea if you’re including the right writing samples to catch your client’s attention and get paid.

Or, maybe you lack confidence in your work and have no idea if it’s any good, so you are terrified to put yourself out there.

And to make matters worse, the hot mess of information online lacks the curated and guided support that you need as a new copywriter to learn the skills that’ll pay your bills.

In my 10+ years of running a successful copywriting business, I’ve found that most online copywriting courses focus on how to improve existing copy with generic one-size-fits-all templates, outdated marketing strategies or douchey conversion tactics.

So in the Copy Posse Launch Files, I won’t only equip you with the latest copywriting principles and techniques that are working today, but I’ll walk you step-by-step through writing the essential copy assets you need to build a high-converting funnel and complete portfolio from scratch…

3 Ways The Copy Posse Launch Files Will Ignite Your Copywriting Business

Copy Posse Launch Files 2022 By Alex Cattoni

  • Discover the modern copywriting techniques that are working today so you know exactly how to write persuasive, authentic and high-converting copy (and absolutely dominate your niche)
  • Get an insider look at key psychological triggers you need to include in your copy to get inside the mind of your customers (plus, the common messaging mistakes you must avoid in order to stand out).

Copy Posse Launch Files 2022 By Alex Cattoni

  • Gain exclusive access to the proven copywriting guides and formulas that I’ve used to create multi-million dollar campaigns for my high-paying clients (I’ll walk you through how to write an entire sales funnel from scratch).

Copy Posse Launch Files 2022 By Alex Cattoni

  • It took me 8 YEARS to develop this proven and streamlined process. In the Copy Posse Launch Files, you’ll get the ultimate shortcut to igniting your copywriting business in just 8 WEEKS.
  • By the end of the program, you’ll have highly sought-after copywriting skills AND an impressive portfolio that will make clients fall in love with you (and want to pay you again and again and again).


Copy Posse Launch Files 2022 By Alex Cattoni

Copy Posse Launch Files 2022 By Alex Cattoni

Hey guys! It’s Alex. Like you, I’m a writer at heart and a multi-passionate entrepreneur by design, and I adore freedom, connection and adventure. In 2008, I put law school on hold and moved to Malaysia to accept a gig at one of the world’s leading online personal growth publishers, Mindvalley.

Since 2011, I’ve launched several successful brands and have proudly partnered with many of the hottest transformational authors and businesses on the planet — writing high-converting sales copy, scaling multi-million dollar brands, and crafting iconic promotional campaigns.

In 2015, I became the co-host of the Flight Club Mastermind, a $30,000/year private membership event that gathers the world’s leading internet marketing entrepreneurs to share and learn proven strategies and actionable tactics for scaling their business quickly.

In 2019, I launched The Copy Posse, a team of writers with a passion for crafting compelling copy that combines the power of authentic brand storytelling with proven marketing principles. We are the new school of copywriters.

We believe that sales and relationship-building are not mutually exclusive. You can write copy that creates invaluable connection, engagement, and serious conversion… and that’s what I’m here to teach you.

I’m SO excited to welcome you to the Copy Posse Launch Files and help you ignite your copywriting business in 8 weeks.

The Right Phrase Pays!

Copy Posse Launch Files 2022 By Alex Cattoni

– Posse Pres

Copy Posse Launch Files 2022 By Alex Cattoni


“Alexandra was one of my best hiring decisions ever. In just a short time, she rose from support intern to the top marketer in my company.

While working at Mindvalley, Alex led the team that launched one of the hottest personal growth brands on the Internet. She was instrumental in not just conceptualizing the marketing angle and writing phenomenal promotional material and launch emails, but also pioneered a unique style of site design and copy that increased conversions by close to 120% on our main landing page.

Later, Alex directed our transformational event, AFest. She pulled off an amazing event (despite having no prior event experience) and helped make it a truly amazing experience for our attendees.

It’s telling to see that Alex can excel at so many different roles — team leader, marketer, brand manager, event director. She’s truly an amazing woman and someone I would not hesitate to call a “genius”.”




It is not common to find a marketing/branding/copywriting expert with the level of talent and stunning execution as that of Alex Cattoni.

She not only understands how to create buzz that evokes powerful emotion and action, but she’s keyed into “how” to pull it all together. Her insight and experience were invaluable to me when creating the Red Tent Revival.

With Alex by my side, we put on a very unique and powerful 5-day online event for women all over the world. With the help of Alex’s hot copy (have I told you she’s the best copywriter I’ve ever worked with?!) and seriously awesome marketing ideas, we drew 43,000 participants from over 183 countries.

What I loved the most about working with Alex was that her ideas were fresh and authentic, unlike anyone else’s, and tailored specifically for my brand. As a business owner, what you really want to know is that we got huge results on the bottom line. Imagine creating something that gets everyone talking about you and buying from you. It’s how marketing should be.

If you get a chance to work with this woman, I would LEAP at it!!! She’s THAT good.




“There are very few – and I mean VERY few – people I know who I could accurately describe as a “marketing genius”. Alexandra Cattoni is definitely one of those people. From brilliant conception to effective campaigns to compelling copy, Alex has it nailed. Amazingly organized and perplexingly productive, she has allowed me to let go of the reins in our marketing entirely – so I can focus on innovation – and frankly, she does it WAY better than I ever did! I cannot recommend her highly enough.“



Here’s A Sneak Peek of The Posse Program

Week 1: How to OWN Your Niche & Build An Irresistible Portfolio
The key to being a successful copywriter is to determine your area of specialty — a niche you can OWN in true Copy Posse style. In this module, you’ll identify the kind of product or business that you want to write for and discover the #1 messaging secret to make it sell like HOT cakes. (HINT: Every product is different and this simple exercise will make sure you start right and STAND OUT). In this module, we’ll also map out the copy key assets that will become the foundation of your complete copywriter’s portfolio.

Week 2: How To REEL In Your Customers & PSYCHE Out Your Competition
One of the BIGGEST mistakes a copywriter can make is to NOT get into the minds of their customers as soon as humanly possible. In this module, I’ll walk you through some of the key psychological triggers and methods for attracting the RIGHT customers with your copy, and keep them coming back for more. This module will help you get crystal clear on the messaging for your target audience to totally psyche out (and out sell) your competition. Sorry, not sorry!

Week 3: How To SELL With Storytelling
Storytelling is at the core of killer copywriting. It creates believability, trust and authority, and is the most authentic way to get your customers to take action! Stories evoke ALL your audience’s senses and emotions in a way that no other form of communication can. When you learn the RIGHT WAY to sell with story, your copy practically writes itself. In this module, you’ll learn EIGHT proven storytelling formulas you can use in your messaging and create your very own story structures for your portfolio pieces.

Week 4: How To Write HOT Headlines & Hooks
No matter our product, service or niche, we are ALL in the attention and retention business. So, arguably, the most important skill in copywriting is creating show-stopping headlines and hooks. While bite-sized, these punchy phrases can be the difference between copy that converts, and copy that flops. So In this module, you’ll learn how to hook and hold your customers’ attention with nothing but powerful and precise wording. As I like to say, the right phrase PAYS!

Week 5: How To Write A High-Converting Offer
When writing a sales page, there are 10 conversion triggers that you must include in your copy to build trust, create authority and boost conversions. I created this coveted 10-Point Offer Map to use exclusively with my private clients, partners, and mastermind members. Everyone else has to pay $500 to get access to this. Not you though — because as a member of the Copy Posse Launch Files, I’ll give it to you, along with everything else you need to write a seriously high-converting offer using these 10 proven secrets.

Week 6: Writing The Page That Will Get You PAID!
Now that you’ve got a killer story, headline, hook and offer — it’s time for you to put all the pieces together and write your sales page! A sales page is the central piece of copy in any marketing campaign. It’s the money page – the conversion point where your customers make the decision to buy or fly. Writing a sales page is a dream gig for any copywriter. It’s what your clients will pay the most for and, therefore, is the most powerful asset you can have in your portfolio!

Week 7: Ads + Landing Page – The One-Two Punch To Perfect Your Portfolio
A marketing campaign is incomplete without the front-end copy pieces that’ll take your prospects from first click to final conversion. In this module, we’ll round-out your funnel as you write the perfect ad + landing page combo for your newly-minted sales page – the one-two punch to perfect your portfolio. You’ll learn the fail-proof frameworks for ads and landing pages that convert, as well as the single most important element that SO many copywriters and entrepreneurs forget when creating ad campaigns.

Week 8: Automating Sales With Personalized & Persuasive Emails
Email Marketing is still one of the most important strategies today to grow a loyal customer base, build trust with your audience and create automated conversions after-the-fact. In this module, you’ll learn how to write a personalized and persuasive email campaign that’ll turn new leads and into raving fans. Ahhh yes, the final piece to your portfolio that will have your clients and customers falling in love with you.

Grand Finale: Putting Together Your Posse-Approved Portfolio
Woo hoo!! It’s time to IGNITE your copywriting business. Now that you’ve completed all the key copy assets to include in your portfolio, it’s time to put it all together. In this module, I’ll guide you through my essential tips on how to put together your portfolio and package your service in a way that will be irresistible to new clients. We’ll celebrate in style as we close out the Copy Posse Launch Files and get you making that money, hunni!

This Program Is For You If…

Copy Posse Launch Files 2022 By Alex Cattoni

  • You’re an aspiring copywriter determined to get your foot in the door but don’t have any experience to show in your portfolio.
  • You’re a content writer who wants to step up your copywriting skills so you can charge more for your words!
  • You love to write and have experience in other fields, but want to venture into copywriting as a more creative, lucrative, and fulfilling career.
  • You’re a new copywriter and have been hired a few times but are gunning to get more experience writing highly-paid copy assets, such as sales pages and email sequences.
  • You’re an entrepreneur, coach or business owner and want to write or improve the copy for your own funnel and website!
  • And you’re 100% committed to showing up and taking action with a program that is designed to give you the results you need to ignite your copywriting business.

This Program Is NOT For You If…
As the Posse Pres, my job is to protect the integrity of the group, and I’m fierce as hell about it. That’s why I’ll respectfully ask you to leave the program if…

  • You just want to make a quick buck. There’s no such thing as an overnighter copywriter! This program is about building a long-term, sustainable, real money-making business that leads with authenticity and value — not manipulation and hype.
  • You’re not committed to making the world a better place. As copywriters, we are given the rare gift of persuasion. When you join this program, you’re taking a vow to use your newfound skills for good and to create messaging that truly helps people.
  • You’re not a team player. This is not a competition, it is a safe environment for new and aspiring copywriters to support and learn from each other. This is for team players who have an open mind and each other’s backs — not energy vampires who suck.
  • You are a tire-kicker. This is not for people who want to “try it out” and half-ass their way to a copywriting business. I’m putting my heart and soul into this program and I expect the same in return. You gotta commit to showing up and taking action.
  • You’re a negative nancy! If you tend to complain, compare or argue just for the sake of it — please stay away. We’re all about love, respect and constructive feedback ‘round here. No negative nancies, debbie doubters or douchey dans allowed in this clubhouse.

Why I Created The Copy Posse Launch Files

Over the past decade, I‘ve had the privilege of working with clients all over the world and connecting with amazing leaders in sales and marketing. In that time, I’ve also observed a dangerous divide in the industry — especially with copywriters.

While there are a lot of brilliant and authentic copywriters out there, many still use douchey marketing and messaging that – quite frankly – I just don’t vibe with. I am SO OVER the manipulative, scammy, and severely outdated sales tactics I see being used online…

I believe that the best copywriting combines the power of authentic brand storytelling with proven direct response marketing principles.

That’s why I decided it was time to rally the raddest, baddest crew of copywriters around the planet to help me with one mission…⁠⁠

De-douchify the internet one word at a time and make caring cool again.⁠⁠

After 8 years of working behind-the-scenes exclusively with my high-level clients, I started my YouTube channel to redefine what it means to be a copywriter today and share the techniques and strategies I’ve used to build a lucrative and heart-centered copywriting business from the ground up.

Today, that community has grown to 200,000+ freelancers, aspiring copywriters and business owners from around the world.

I’ve been so humbled and delighted by the comments, feedback and support that I received from my global Posse! Many encouraged me to start a program that would dive deep into the specific skills, techniques, and assets a new copywriter needs to get started.

That is why I created this…

A program tailored for those who are ready to ignite their copywriting business and get paid to write that connects and converts.

“I finished the Launch Files in May and quit my job in June.”
I completed the Launch Files back in May, quit my full-time teaching job in June, and it took me three weeks to already make what I was making as a full-time teacher, and now with the prospect of that growing exponentially more in the foreseeable future. I can tell you the Copy Posse Launch Files is hands-down the best thing I’ve ever put money into.

Michael James

Launch Files Student

“Prepare to be blown away by your greatness.”
Alex goes above and beyond to ensure that her students feel confident enough to tackle the world of copywriting head-on.

Kendra Holloway

Launch Files Student

“Alex gives the hottest tips and inside scoop so you can make your first 10k in a month…”
In week 3, I landed a gig that paid $3500. By week 7, the same client happily referred me to other high-ticket clients in their industry, leading to an additional contract for $800. Four short months after completing Alex’s copywriting program, I made my first 10k by closing a $6500 contract.

Sean Kivi

Launch Files Student

Copy Posse Launch Files 2022 By Alex Cattoni, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 00-Welcome
  • 01-Week 1 – How To OWN Your Niche & Build An Irresistible Portfolio
  • 02-Week 2 – How To REEL In Your Customers & PSYCHE Out Your Competition
  • 03-Week 3 – How To SELL With Storytelling
  • 04-Week 4 – How To Write HOT Headlines & Hooks
  • 05-Week 5 – How To Write A High-Converting Offer
  • 06-Week 6 – Writing The Page That Will Get You PAID!
  • 07-Week 7 – Ad + Landing Page – The One-Two Punch To Perfect Your Portfolio
  • 08-Week 8 – Automating Sales With Personalized & Persuasive Emails
  • 09-Week 9 – Grand Finale – Putting Together Your Posse-Approved Portfolio
  • 10-Bonus – Insider Trainings Masterclasses & Guides
  • 11-Launch Files – Special Bonuses+