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A Step by Step Blueprint to Your Own 6 Figure Facebook Dropshipping Business (No Inventory or up $ Needed)

This is one of the best new eCommerce Businesses you can learn for 2022. It’s great for beginners because you don’t need any inventory and you can get ed with little to no money, but at the same time it’s also scalable.

It’ll specifically cover how to and scale a Dropshipping Business on Facebook Marketplace/Shops (one of the biggest up & coming Marketplaces online currently…& a phenomenal opportunity still in it’s infancy).

It’ll also specifically cover how to and scale a Dropshipping Business on several other platforms with software that will take care of everything for you so you can make more money, but spend less time in your business.

Example Curriculum

How to Master Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping
  • Dropship Pro Overview – What is Dropshipping(10:48)
  • What Software You’ll Need to Dropshipping (Complete Overview of All)(16:35)
  • The Best Dropshipping Software to Use(9:29)
  • Cashback Sites and Cashback Cards for Increase Margins and More Money(10:14)
  • How to Dropship on Facebook Marketplace(28:11)
  • Inputting Your Tax Information(1:59)
  • 6 Ways to Find Hot Selling Items for Facebook Marketplace(17:52)
  • How to Find Hot Selling Products to List (Reverse Sourcing Manually)(20:22)
  • How to Find Hot Selling Products to List (Reverse Sourcing with Software)(10:28)
  • How to Keep Track of Your Facebook Price and Inventory(2:48)
  • How to Get Reviews and Social Proof When You’re a New Seller(7:02)
  • Facebook Marketplace Insights(2:49)
  • How to Appeal a Canceled Order(3:54)
  • Fulfilling an Order(6:07)
  • NEVER Cancel an Order on Facebook Marketplace – Do This Instead(5:54)
  • Convert Amazon TBA Tracking to Fedex Tracking for Facebook Marketplace Buyers(6:20)
  • What to Do if You Don’t Have Shipping on Facebook Marketplace(4:23)
  • How to Keep Track of All Dropshipping Orders with an AutoCaluclating Spreadsheet(16:48)
  • How to Upload Hundreds of Products to Facebook Marketplace at Once(7:04)
  • Listen to Your Customers (Do this Every Day!)(2:31)
  • Customer Service Messaging Templates to Save Time(11:28)
  • How to Deal with Returns(12:03)
  • What if You’re Losing Money on an Order or Your Product is Out of Stock(13:58)
  • Facebook Marketplace Listing Limits and How Much You Should List Daily(6:01)
  • If You Plan to Use Amazon Prime as a Buyer(7:33)
  • How to Get More Views and More Sales(10:43)
  • What to Do if Your Facebook Marketplace Account Gets Suspended(10:19)
  • How to Get Tax Exempt as a Buyer on Amazon(8:02)
  • Dashboard Overview, Renews, & Relists(4:40)
  • Renewing and Relisting Matter A lot!(2:18)
More Ways to Find Hot Selling Products
  • How to Use eBay to Find Great Products to Dropship(12:19)
  • An Obscure Way to Find Hot Selling Amazon Products No One Else is Listing(3:13)
  • How to Search Facebook Marketplace to Find Great Products to Dropship(20:11)
  • One of the Best Ways to Find Hot Selling Products(6:26)
  • How to Protect Your Products from Snipers(13:57)
  • The Top Ways to Find Products to Dropship(10:47)
  • Get 100 Hot Products Every Month Here(2:24)
Other Sites You Can Dropship on
  • Another Website You Can Dropship on(7:48)
  • A Great Supplier to Dropship From Using this Site(8:34)
  • How to Dropship on Poshmark(12:47)
  • How to Get More Sales on Poshmark with Automation Software(7:31)
  • The Best Shipping Supplies for Dropshipping on Certain Platforms(4:34)
  • Getting More Sales with Offers(4:54)
  • How to Use List Perfectly to List Everywhere Faster(8:02)
  • How to Use List Perfectly to List from Site to Site in Bulk(3:18)
  • How to Dropship on Tradesy(12:02)
  • How to Dropship on Grailed(8:24)
  • How to Dropship on Kidizen(7:15)
  • How to Dropship on Curtsy(4:53)
  • How to Dropship on Offerup(9:32)
  • How to Dropship on Offerup Fast from Your Phone(2:37)
How to Dropship on Facebook Shops
  • What’s the Difference Between Facebook Shops and Personal Facebook Marketplace
  • Why You Should Eventually Move Your Listings Over to Facebook Shops(14:51)
  • How to Setup a Facebook Shop(23:47)
  • How to List on Facebook Shops Fast(6:16)
  • Upload 1000’s of Products to Your Facebook Shop in Bulk(6:43)
  • Tips to Get a Facebook Shop Enabled with Marketplace Faster(4:46)
  • How to Create a Website to Give Your Shop More “Trustworthiness” with Facebook(16:37)
  • How to Get Facebook Page Likes for Less than a Penny(9:02)
How to Hire Virtual Assistants to Scale this Business and Buy Your Time Back
  • How to Find and Hire Great Virtual Assistants(10:14)
  • How to Pay Your VAs, Communicate with Them, and Train Them(5:27)
  • 8 Crucial Lessons Learned Hiring my First 3 Employees(6:37)
  • How My Employees Work, Sign into my Computer, and How I Monitor Their Productivity(11:19)
Taxes for eCommerce
  • Software to Track Your Business Revenue Expenses & Profit(4:31)
  • What You Can Write Off on Your Business to Keep More Profit(8:00)
  • Keep More of the Money You Make by Paying Less Taxes(4:35)
  • Save Yourself Money on Your Business’s Biggest Expense(5:10)
  • How to Form an LLC to Protect Your Personal Assets & Pay Less in Taxes(2:46)
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