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Best Ads By John Carlton – Instant Downlaod!

Now, at last, you can have the entire collection too..



From: John Carlton
To: You


For years now, people have been hounding me about a rumored collection of all my most infamous, notorious and (sometimes) legendary ads and direct mail letters…

… that includes detailed stories on how these beasts came to be written (revealing the often – shocking tales behind the hooks, headlines and strategy)…

… all supposedly stuffed into a single digital package…

… for cheap.

And I’m here to finally admit
that it’s all true.

This collection exists, and all the stories revealing how each ad or letter was created are included.

And… yes, it’s so freakin’ inexpensive, it’s kind of embarrassing.

I mean, people have spent massive time and money stalking many of these ads… and some of the manuscripts were once thought to be lost forever (because, over the decades, I often did not keep samples of the steady stream of ads I pumped out).

This collection has been carefully edited and transferred to digital form… which makes everything super-easy to access. It won’t take up nearly the massive space on your bookshelf as the original packages would, either.

And while the ads are pure gold… they’re even more valuable with the added insight and back-story I’ve provided on each one.

Some of the stories behind the creation and execution of these pieces will give you an otherwise impossible-to-get window to the world of hyper-successful entrepreneurs, and how legendary copy gets created.

You’ll laugh, you’ll be shocked and delighted, you’ll be allowed behind the scenes of advertising tales involving Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Joe Polish, and a host of brilliant, semi-insane and ridiculously-successful entrepreneurs who are fearless about running outrageous ads (as long as they make money).

My handle has, for many years, been “the most respected and ripped-off copywriter alive”… and it’s no idle boast. Marketers have desperately sought out my ads for decades, so they could both see what a great ad looks like…

… and absorb some of the mojo for themselves. Headlines, hooks, verb choice, positioning paragraphs, killer closing pitches, brilliant teasers, bullets that kept people awake at night…

… every ad is a Grad School course in salesmanship, persuasion and evil-good marketing strategy.

I’ve had uber-successful biz owners shyly admit that their entire campaigns were based on studying my ads and copy, and applying what they learned to their own efforts.

I’ve also known that MANY so-called “famous” ads bouncing around have been incorrectly attributed to me… while others I actually have penned are not.

That’s why this amazing collection is such a hot ticket.

Not only are you assured that this towering pile of ads and letters was PERSONALLY collected by me…

… but you get back-story introductions that could
ONLY come from the original writer.

Along with the absolute guarantee that each ad and letter are the REAL THING, in the form they were created and run in the real world.

And yes, I reveal stuff (like results and embarrassing details) the clients probably would prefer I didn’t share…

… and maybe down the road this collection will be pulled off the market. (It’s been impossible to find for years… and it’s NEVER been in one digital format before.)

So, yeah, you wanna jump on this.

Best Ads By John Carlton  



“Pure Gold”
“I’ve written pieces that have pulled in millions of dollars. Yet, when I sit down to write copy, I pull out my swipe file of John Carlton’s stuff, and study it like my life depended on it. He is one of the few true experts in advertising. Pure gold.”

Caleb O’Dowd,

If you’re like the few others who managed to secure this collection years ago (before it disappeared)… then you’ll immediately discover the POWER of great ads to inspire you to write your own killer stuff.

And that’s the Key To The Kingdom, my friend. Really knowing what goes into a great ad unlocks the future for you, so you have a wide-open path to whatever cash-heavy goals and lifestyle you desire.

Stay frosty,

John Carlton

Best Ads By John Carlton  

Perry Marshall, says: “John’s input on my website increased my flow of sales leads by 50%.”

“Also, his advice to trash my sales letter and start fresh (with very specific instructions on how to do it) DOUBLED my sales conversion rate! He was right — this gets exciting, fast.”

Perry Marshall,
Internet Marketing Pioneer.



Best Ads By John Carlton  

Ken Glickman, Says: What A Boardroom
“Great copywriters are proven because consumers vote with their money. That’s why guys like John are so expensive, and so valuable. This is seriously important information for your business. There are only a handful of writers in John’s league. I read this book as soon as I got my hands on it.”

Ken Glickman,
Boardroom Inc.


Best Ads By John Carlton  

Joe Polish, Says: “You’ve Helped My Ads Get Wicked-Good”
“Phenomenal content. Of all the marketing, advertising and copywriting experts I pay attention to, John Carlton is by far the most articulate and passionate and knowledgeable (and funny). I get more value just from your hilarious, ballsy stories alone than from the serious efforts of most other gurus. Man, you’ve helped my advertising get wicked-good.”

[Full Disclosure: Joe has been a trusted colleague for many years.]

Joe Polish,
Piranha Marketing


Best Ads By John Carlton “When my copywriting business was operating in the red, I bit the bullet and and invested in John’s stuff. Best business decision I ever made. Know why? I started making money. Lots of it. The subtle tweaks and step-by-step systems I learned from John shot conversion rates through the roof. And I confidently raised my fees by 60% because of everything I learned from him… and my fees continue to rise.” 

[Full Disclosure: Lorrie was not a colleague of ours when she bought and read this course. However, she later got our attention, and has been a trusted colleague for years, and is now a respected teacher in our Simple Writing System mentoring program.]

Lorrie Morgan,


“You’ve got nothing to lose. And a lifetime of making more sales & more money to gain.”

Best Ads By John Carlton, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • Golf Ads
  • Body Building Ads
  • Financial Ads
  • Self-Defense Ads
  • Ads for Men
  • Miscellaneous Ads
  • Read First