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Become an Agile Business Analyst in Scrum – IIBA® Endorsed By Vivek & Pabitra Khattri & The BA Guide | Jeremy Aschenbrenner – Instant Download!

Become an Agile Business Analyst in Scrum - IIBA® Endorsed By Vivek & Pabitra Khattri & The BA Guide | Jeremy Aschenbrenner

Learn the concepts and standards of the Agile Extension to the BABOK Guide, then leverage it to become AAC certified

What you’ll learn

  • Master key BA techniques including personas, product roadmaps, MVPs, Kano analysis, user stories, retrospectives, and more.
  • Learn what an Agile Business Analyst is, what they do, and how they do it
  • Understand the Agile BA role in the three agile horizons: Strategy, Initiative, and Delivery.
  • Embrace the agile mindset as a business analyst and successfully help organizations evolve.
  • Prepare for the Agile Analysis Certification (AAC) issued by the International Institute for Business Analysis (IIBA).


  • This course covers all the foundations. No prior experience required!


Business Analysts working in organizations that use an Agile approach are often referred to as Agile Business Analysts, and they play an instrumental role in helping teams efficiently deliver valuable, high-quality products.

One of the leading organizations in providing standards for Agile Business Analysts is the International Institute of Business Analysis, better known as the IIBA. The IIBA provides guidance on the skills and techniques that are important for Agile Business Analysts to be successful. And these standards can be found in their publication, the Agile Extension to the BABOK Guide.

In this course, within 3 hours of high-quality video lectures, we break down the Agile Extension standards to help you grasp those concepts. This includes:

  • The role and responsibilities of an Agile Business Analyst
  • Core agile business analysis principles
  • Analysis of the Strategy, Initiative, and Delivery horizons
  • Application of the business analysis principles in each horizon
  • Advanced agile business analysis techniques

And since 2 out of 3 organizations, nearly 70% of them, are using Agile today – these skills and techniques are in high demand.

This comprehensive Agile Business Analyst course is endorsed by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) and has been verified to thoroughly cover the standards explained in the Agile Extension to the BABOK Guide. While this course is not meant directly as exam prep, the knowledge taught can be leveraged to assist you in passing the IIBA’s Agile Analysis Certification (AAC), since its questions are based on the Agile Extension standards.

As an added bonus, with this course, you get the information explained from the viewpoints of multiple instructors. Allowing you to have complex topics broken down from different perspectives, aiding in your comprehension. And as expected, we have activities and quizzes throughout the curriculum to help you validate and apply your new knowledge and skills.

So whether you are:

– an aspiring Business Analyst looking to gain the knowledge to land your first Agile BA position,
– a current Business Analyst wanting to increase your Agile BA skills, or
– someone who wants to become AAC certified

This course is perfect for you!

Who this course is for:

  • Aspiring Business Analysts from all backgrounds looking for a deeper and more practical understanding of the Business Analyst career path
  • Current Business Analysts that are new to agile and want to understand how their roles fit agile organizations.
  • Current Business Analysts who are looking to prepare for the Agile Analysis Certification (AAC) from the International Institute for Business Analysis (IIBA)
  • Product managers, developers, managers, and marketers who want to develop an expertise in the process from product strategy to delivery
  • Anyone interested in working in an agile team including aspiring Business Analysts, Project Managers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Developers, Quality Assurance Managers, and more.

Course content

Welcome to the Course

  • Course introduction

Introduction to Agile Business Analyst

  • Course Instructors Introduction + Important Links
  • What is Agile Business Analysis
  • Business Analyst Role in an Agile Environment
  • Day in a life of a BA
  • What Problems do Business Analysts solve
  • Is the Business Analyst Role Going Extinct?
  • Course Resources – for your convenience
  • Business Analyst Core Concept Mode

Intro to Agile

  • Agile Principles Mindset
  • Agile Manifesto from business analyst perspective
  • Twelve Agile Principles from Business Analyst Perspective (Agile Manifesto)
  • Agile Principle downloadable Resources
  • Seven Principles of Agile Business Analyst (Agile Extension)
  • What is Agile Mindset
  • Business analyst role in Scrum framework
  • DOWNLOAD: 7 principles of Agile Business Analyst Resource

Project based work – Trainable

  • Introduction to trainable application

Horizon of Analysis

  • Analysis at multiple Horizons
  • Strategy Horizon
  • Applying Agile BA principles in Strategy Horizon
  • Initiative Horizon
  • Applying Agile BA principles in Initiative Horizon
  • Delivery Horizon
  • Applying Agile BA principles in Delivery Horizon
  • Horizons – In Other Words

Agile BA technique – Strategy Horizon

  • BA’s role in Strategy Horizon
  • Visioning
  • Visioning Exercise
  • Portfolio Kanban
  • Product Roadmap
  • Trainable Product Roadmap Example
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Value stream mapping Exercise

Agile BA technique – Initiative Horizon

  • BA’s role in Initiative Horizon
  • User Roles
  • Personas
  • What are User Stories and why use them
  • User Story Format
  • ACTIVITY – Practice writing User Stories
  • User Story Mapping
  • Kano Analysis

Agile BA techniques – Delivery Horizon

  • BA’s role in Delivery Horizon
  • Product backlog
  • Backlog Refinement
  • Story Splitting (Invest)
  • Methods for Prioritizing (MOSCOW)
  • Agile Review
  • Agile Retrospectives

Facilitation skills of a BA

  • Business Analyst facilitation skills

Wrapping things up

  • Course conclusion + Bonus lecture


Vivek & Pabitra Khattri: Coach & Instructor @ The Agile Coach

Hi there,

We are Vivek and Pabitra, co-founders of The Agile Coach. Nice to meet you! We are seasoned professional with experience in Agile Coaching, Business Analysis, Product Management, and Technology/Business Consulting in domains like IT, Financial Technology, Healthcare, Sales and Distribution, E-commerce, and Communications.

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge, expertise, and experience that we have gained from working in 10+ multinational companies and multiple startups. We are life-long learners and entrepreneurs. We believe learning and education should be made accessible to everyone & it should be fun.

We have 7+ years of experience working in roles like Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Manager, and Business Analyst, and do our best to bring real-life scenarios from our work experience. We have spent 100’s of hours in the boot camps; teaching and coaching agile to aspiring Scrum Masters and Product Owners along with helping them master the resumes and interviews. We are very excited to serve you as an instructor, mentor, and guide in your agile career journey.

Become an Agile Business Analyst in Scrum – IIBA® Endorsed By Vivek & Pabitra Khattri & The BA Guide | Jeremy Aschenbrenner, what it is included (Content proof: Watch here!)