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Authority Profit Machine By Paul Clifford – Isntant Download!

UNIQUE, Step-By-Step System You Too Can Use To Create, Publish and Market A Special Kind Of A Simple, 40-Page eBook That Will Turn You Into A Sought-After, Go-To Authority In Your Desired Niche And… AT THE SAME TIME… Pull In Clients, Leads and Sales — In 27 Days Or Less!

If you’re an expert, coach, consultant or simply someone who’d like a proven system to create and publish a world-class eBook in 27 days or less to:

  • Tell your story, share your expertise, experience, passion and knowledge with more of the world!
  • Establish yourself as a credible, go-to expert in your field… with cash-rich clients and customers seeking YOU out and lining up at YOUR door… securing a prolific, profitable, stress-free and beyond!
  • Amass an army of die-hard fans, leads, customers and clients eagerly waiting to hear whatever you have to say and… chomping at the bit to buy any product or service you put out there… almost sight unseen!
  • Use an eBook in your funnel as a front-end product to give a taste of your expertise before selling them on your more expensive products and services… tearing down objections… and making selling your high-ticket offers a breeze!
  • Establish and promote your brand or make your business a known entity in your field!
  • Grow your business and multiply your income along with it!
  • Generate 1000s of book sales,100s of sizzling-hot reviews from your readers… and convert them into big-ticket clients and customers…

If you’d like to achieve anything (or everything) I’ve mentioned above — read on. Because this may be the most life-changing message you’ll ever read.

Hey —

​My name is Paul Clifford — I’m the founder of Designrr.

I fully realize the points I’ve listed above may sound like just ANOTHER BIG, HYPED UP PROMISE.

And If you and me are anything alike…

You Must Be Really Fed Up With All Those Outrageous, Phony Claims Made By Marketers To Sell Their New Shtick!

So I’m not even going to ask you to believe me. All I ask of you is give me a few short minutes of your time.

In return, I’ll simply show you exactly how other Designrr users just like you were able to achieve every single thing I’ve mentioned above.

I’ll share how most of them did it in less than 27 days. Many of them — much faster.

And I’ll also show you how this tiny group of people did it with nothing but a very special kind of short, strategically crafted, structured and marketed eBooks.

As you’ll recognize in just a second…

Those special eBooks I’m talking about here, really DID turn them into go-to authorities in their respective fields.

Those eBooks did build a powerful brand for them and their business from ground zero.

And they really DID start bringing them followers, sales, clients and customers eager to do business with them.

What’s more…

Most of the authors of those special eBooks, really DID wake up famous in their niche the NEXT day after publishing their eBook.

You must also know that:

90% Of These Designrr Users Had ZERO Experience In Writing And Publishing!

Most had ZERO experience publishing even simple blog posts. Let alone books. (That’s despite the fact that a lot of those people had spent a lot of time and money on books and courses about self-publishing.)

Most – knew nothing about marketing.

Had no list.

All of them were severely crunched for time (running their own business or else working at a 9-5 job.)

MOST, weren’t even sure what their eBook should be about in the first place!

The only thing, in fact, they all had going for them was their desire to publish their eBook, share their message, show their expertise and… of course… make some serious profits in the process.

Yet, once they followed the clear, simple, step-by-step system I laid out for them…

They Were Able To Achieve Results 99% Of Professional Authors Can Only Dream About!


It’s Super Easy To Check The Validity Of Each Claim I Make Here!

When referencing these authors I’m including their names and the titles of those special eBooks they’ve published. So they can be easily found on Amazon (or their own sites), along with publication dates and reviews from people who bought them.

So if I’m wrong, and all this is just a phony-baloney, a marketing trick — in the absolute worst case you’ll waste 5 minutes of your time going over this message.

But what if I’m right? Well, my friend, if I am indeed right… in just 27 days from now…

Not only you could be a proud, PUBLISHED author of your own eBook… But of an extremely rare, very special kind of an eBook which will position you as a go-to authority/expert in your field and by extension…

May Easily Put You Among The 1% Of Top-Earning Authors In Your Desired Niche… On Your First Try!

I think you’ll agree with me — the risk (5 minutes you’ll spend on this message) is well worth the reward (all the life-changing benefits I laid out above.)

At least the reward was definitely worth it for Jamie Bolander, author of Story-Driven Outreach.

Jamie is one of the tiny handful of Designrr users who got exposed to my unique system for creating, publishing and marketing eBooks.

Authority Profit Machine By Paul Clifford

With this system of mine, he was able to whip out his own eBook… working on it for about 1 hour every day for three days.

(In just a minute, I’ll show you the special tool-kit I’ve developed which allows you crank out YOUR own world-class eBook in a matter of hours too.)

Back to Jarie for now.

He published his eBook, “Story-Driven Outreach” on Amazon.

Yet… check this out:

It’s Become An Amazon Bestseller In Just 2 Days!

It’s been ranked as the #1 bestseller in the PR category on Amazon since February 20 (2 days after he published it).

And at #2 in the business communications category which is one of the most competitive non-fiction categories on Amazon!

Authority Profit Machine By Paul Clifford

Perhaps what’s even better…

His inbox is now buzzing with messages from people who grabbed his eBook, read it in one sitting (the eBooks published with my special system are short for this exact purpose)…

And were looking to hire him for top-dollar fees, asking for interviews and offering speaking gigs.

​But you know what else?

Jarie’s example is NOT an odd case among people who go exposed to my system.

In a second I’ll show you some astonishing results, of a few other people who got exposed to my self-publishing system too. But first, you must know…

In Just 27 Days From Now, You Could Be Looking At Your OWN eBook Sitting At The #1 Spot In YOUR DESIRED Category!

And you’ll be able to do so in a way that your eBook will build you name so big… your readers will be fervently banging at your door burning to see what else you’ve got to say and offer!

Not only that, but you could also be sharing articles praising you, your book, and your business with your friends, family members, or colleagues… in just 27 days from now too.

Trust me, you’ll have very few experiences in life as heart-stopping as when you… see the bewildered expression on the faces of your loved ones… when they realize…

You’re A Bestselling Author And A Sought-After Authority In Your Niche… With Reviews And Publicity To Show For It!

Just like it was for another another one of our Designrr users who got exposed to this system – Janet Maunder.

Authority Profit Machine By Paul Clifford

She’s the author of the eBook, How To Feel Positive Using 5 Hypnotherapy Techniques.

Using our system, Janet put her eBook together in 4 days. And in another 5 days after publishing, it generated 1,106 hot leads for her hypnotherapy services from free downloads of her eBook on Amazon.

Plus at the time of THIS writing — which is 4 days after she ramped up the price of her book — she sold close to 60 paid copies.

But guess what?

Before signing up for APM

⛔ She had never in her life published even a single blog post let alone a book!

⛔ She didn’t have a list.

⛔ She didn’t know a single thing about funnels, ads, copywriting and marketing, in general

⛔She didn’t even have any idea what her eBook should be about in the first place!.

Anyway, by now you may be asking:

What’s So Special About This System Of Mine And How Is It Different From Other Courses On Self-Publishing?

Well, first of all, this is the most clean-cut, paint-by-the-numbers system in the world designed specifically to…

Help you create, publish and market your eBook in a way that turns you into a towering authority in your desired niche!

What’s more, it lets you achieve that in 27 days or less.

With this system, there’s no guesswork. No confusion. Nothing to work out on your own. You see what to do first, second, third… and so on.

Secondly, as you may or may not have noticed already…

Standard eBooks created, published and marketed the traditional way, don’t work anymore.

Fact is…

A lot of aspiring authors think…

If I put my expertise down into an eBook…

And provide enough value…

And publish it on the right platform…

And market it the right way…

It will start building my brand, bringing me authority status, recognition, leads and sales.

Unfortunately, that’s not exactly true.

The problem is, TODAY, almost everyone with any kind of online presence has an eBook to their name.

You can bet you have at least a dozen competitors who have authored eBooks. And are selling them on their site or Amazon, or giving away as lead magnets.

Your audience knows about it too.

And they KNOW those people who’ve penned an eBook… can’t all be top-of-the-crop experts in their fields.

So the simple fact that you’ve created a book (no matter how valuable) and put it out there, doesn’t impress your audience. It doesn’t automatically communicate to them you’re an expert in your field.

That’s something I had to learn the hard way.

In fact…

Up until I accidentally discovered this system of mine, I’ve tried every trick, strategy, tool under the sun recommended to me by self-publishing gurus!


None of those strategies allowed me to effectively create, publish and sell eBooks for EITHER authority status OR leads or Sales OR clients.

With most of the strategies I got zero results.

Actually, If you haven’t created and published your own eBook yet – I’m a little jealous of you.

Because unlike me when I was just starting out…

With Our System You’ll Be Able To Start Getting Blockbuster Results With Your eBook Right From The Get Go!

Just like another early-bird student who got exposed to my system – Kena McClure. (The lady in the video below.)​

She Had Tried Many Self-Publishing Courses Before, But Our System Is What Finally Moved The Needle For Her!

After I stumbled on my system, I’ve published more than 9 APM eBooks.

In fact, I published an eBook in every niche where I wanted to position myself as an authority and a go-to expert.

And… of course… the eBook that launched the biggest eBook creation company for me – Designrr…

Content Marketing For Dummies!

Now, I’ve put down this system I’m talking about here into a step-by-step home-study video course. It is called APM which stands for…

Authority Profit Machine!

Authority Profit Machine By Paul Clifford

What’s In Store For You In The APM Program!

MODULE 1 – The Big Picture (This is your TICKET to fast and guaranteed success with your APM eBook.)

  • Birds-eye view of the overall APM funnel and how to bang one out… in less than an hour!
  • 3 REAL, invisible reasons why you haven’t been able to create and publish your eBook yet! (And how one dead simple trick will burn each of these 3 reasons right to the ground!)
  • If you have published your eBook you’ll see WHY exactly you are not getting the kinds of results you hoped for!
  • How one simple tweak in your eBook funnel may turn even a dismal failure of an eBook into a monster authority-building asset bringing you leads, sales, and clients 24/7!
  • How and why 19 sales of a single, short, 60-page APM eBook… can easily bring you more big-ticket clients and cash… than most best-selling non-fiction authors get with thousands of books sales!

MODULE 2 – Research & Choosing A Topic For Your eBook

  • How to flesh out BOOMING – yet severely overlooked – niches within YOUR industry… where… people are starving for the solutions you have to offer… BOTH in your eBook AND in your higher ticket products and services!
  • How to tap into five, under-the-radar market data sources… to validate your eBook idea and get a definite answer to the all-important question – will your eBook sell?… and… do it in less than 15 minutes for free!
  • How to uncover the deepest pain points in your market! (And build your entire eBook outline around those to ensure it can’t help but strike a chord with your prospects… in 40 minutes or less!
  • How to measure the amount of money there is to be made in your niche!
  • 3 anti-common-sense tactics for tapping into the most lucrative – yet invisible – markets… and… using your APM eBook to milk it for as many cash-rich clients as you can handle!
  • How to know exactly what info your audience is hurting for RIGHT now!
  • What exactly to write in your eBook! (No guesswork.)
  • How to find and strategically deliver to them that info they’re craving for… via APM eBook… for instant authority status and clients! (Even if you’re making your very first steps in that niche!)

MODULE 3 – eBook Creation

  • How to map out a detailed outline for your eBook using our one, proven, tested framework… in less than 10 minutes!
  • How to create a sizzling-hot title for your eBook that will stop your prospects dead in their tracks… and have them burning to buy and read your eBook!
  • How to choose “hot” keywords for your eBook title and its description to make sure it ranks high on Amazon… right out of the gate!
  • The counter-intuitive – yet 100% legit – reason why you shouldn’t aim to create a signature eBook!
  • The risks and dangers of over-delivering value in your eBook! (And how to deliver just the right amount of valuable info in your eBook… so you’re not UNDER-delivering either!)
  • And much… MUCH… more!

MODULE 4 – List Building/Marketing

  • The #1 most criminally-underused, list-building source on the planet… where you can find tens (and hundreds) of thousands of ultra-targeted leads for your APM eBook AND… your other products and services!
  • How to tap into that vast, grossly-overlooked pool of piping-hot prospects… and squeeze it out of as many readers and clients as you want… like it’s going out of fashion… for free!
  • How to build a list of prospects who’ll be eager to help you create title/subtitle, description, and… even… entire sections… of your eBook… for free!
  • One free strategy for building a list super-fast!
  • TWO paid strategies for building a list of ultra-targeted prospects and boosting your personal brand while doing it… even if right now no one knows you from Adam!
  • BONUS list-building strategy for getting enormous amounts of free, word-of-mouth advertising for your eBook!

MODULE 5 – Publishing

In this module you’re going to discover:

  • How to format your eBook for different platforms! (And do it both on – and off – Designrr.)
  • Step-by-step walkthrough of how to publish your eBook on Amazon!
  • How to use images in your eBooks… the right way!
  • What is Amazon’s KDP Select program… and why and when you may want to have your eBook enrolled in it! (And how to do it the way that brings maximum eBook sales and five-star reviews from your target customers and clients!)
  • How to protect your eBook from digital pirates!
  • How to price your eBook!
  • And much more!


  • How to warm up your audience and have them wait for your eBook with white-hot anticipation!
  • How to launch your eBook in a way that can’t help but generate a host of sales, five star reviews… and big-ticket clients… on the very first day when you publish your eBook!
  • Three, a bit sneaky – yet 100% ethical and legal — strategies for generating a downpour of five-star reviews for your eBook!
  • Fill-in-the-blanks examples of what you should tell/write to your audience in the warm-up stage of your launch and… what to tell/write them DURING the actual launch…. to get them chomping at the bit to grab your eBook and go for your other products and services!
  • And MUCH more!

Plus, if you act now, you’re getting Bonuses!


The Productive Solopreneur

In this training, you’ll discover 7 proven, easy-to-use frameworks, that’ll make sure you accomplish all your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals… without having to use willpower or breaking a sweat at all!


Personal Branding Bootcamp

While APM program will turn you into a rockstar authority in your niche fast… this neat little bonus will supply you with even more, additional personal branding ammo than you can shake a stick at.

Coupled with APM – you’ll have to try real hard not to become a powerhouse in your niche faster than you ever thought is possible.


Paul Clifford

Authority Profit Machine By Paul Clifford, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 01-Session 1 – Introduction
  • 02-Session 2 – Research
  • 03-Session 3 – eBook Creation
  • 04-Session 4 – Marketing
  • 05-Session 5 – Publishing
  • 06-Session 6 – The Launch
  • 07-Bonuses