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Authentic Man Program – Getting Her World


After 12 years of studying seduction… the past 5 of which I have been a professional dating coach… it’s safe to say that I have painfully researched A LOT of seduction material.I’ve invested close to 30 thousand dollars on seduction seminars, boot camps, products and workshops… you name it, I’ve read it, watched it, listened to it, or done it…And if you’ve been involved in “pick-up” and seduction for any length of time then you know that 80% or more of the material you come across is more or less a rehash of the same stuff… there might be a few new tidbits of useful information here and there but for the most part it’s nothing new…How does “Getting Her World” from the Authentic Man Program measure up against the rest?

When I first started getting this part of my life under control about 12 years ago… without a doubt the hardest part of the equation was overcoming approach anxiety…And, on the rare occasion were I actually did muster up the courage to talk to a girl I found attractive… I would eventually freeze up and draw a complete blank when it came time to keep the conversation flowing…It didn’t matter how many books I had read on the subject, or how many seduction trainings I listened to… when the time game to actually talk to a beautiful woman it was like my face was injected with 10 gallons of Novocain… and I ended up mumbling my way through a conversation that would eventually fizzle out and go absolutely NOWHERE.It was extremely frustrating… and a lot of the time I felt like a failure as a man for not knowing how to do something that felt like it should just come naturally.It was an incredibly lonely time for me and I had serious doubts about if I was ever going to get this part of my life handled.I was watching all of my friends in great relationships with amazing women, some were even getting engaged, and it honestly felt like my life was at a complete standstill while everyone else was moving forward…Bottom line: I was miserable and unhappy…Something Changed…Well… I think it was 2005 or 2006 when I was really on the verge of giving up completely when I reluctantly decided to give it one more shot… I actually went ahead and signed up for a 3 day seduction conference with dozens of world class pick-up artists…I figured that if this didn’t help me achieve the results I was looking for… nothing would.Well after 2 days of listening to guys basically teach the same things in slightly different ways I was about to stand up and leave the event when the guys from AMP took the stage…Immediately I knew these guys were different and it just felt like exactly what I was missing…I ended up flying to San Francisco after the conference was over and took their AMP Weekend Intensive (which sadly is no longer available)

To make a long story REALLY short… I was completely blown away…It had such a MASSIVE impact on my dating life (and on my life in general) that when I was offered a chance to take a year long training course in San Francisco where I could really immerse myself in the work that they do, as well as learn their coaching model… I jumped at the opportunity without hesitation.I transformed from a guy who could barely approach a woman, to a guy who ended up dating 3 women all at the same time… and who all knew about each other…And, I did it all in less then 2 months…It was nothing short of amazing… and I was having experiences with women that I never imagined were possible.And it was all thanks to the specific way of relating and connecting with women that AMP teaches you in GETTING HER WORLD.“Getting Her World” is hands down the BEST PRODUCT I have ever come across when it comes to teaching you how to have profound connections with women…… the type of connections that will end with you ripping each others clothes off…… having one night stands…… open relationships with multiple women…… and even meeting the woman of your dreams, getting married, and starting a family…… anything you can think of.How Can I Be So Confident Making That Claim?

Because the stuff that Decker and the guys over at AMP show you in “Getting Her World” has allowed me to experience all of those things.This is the very same stuff that I personally teach students in my private one on one coaching sessions and it has had such an impact on their lives as well…The only NEGATIVE thing that I can really say about Getting Her World is that it is fucking LOOOOONGGGGG!Because the conversations with the women are meticulously analyzed and broken down each and every step of the way (Decker and Garrison literally stop the recording and provide commentary every 20 – 30 seconds) it can take you a few hours just to get through one conversation…But this is SO critical to the program and in teaching you how to relate with women in this way, that you somehow don’t seem to mind. Just make sure you watch them when you have a lot of free time so you can really pay attention and absorb the information.You can also watch the conversations with the women uninterrupted in the member’s area, which is really cool too…I highly recommend checking it out by clicking here I honestly feel it will be the best decision you have ever made concerning your dating life.