Package Overview

What you will get in this package

The A14 Weekly Option Strategy Workshop by Amy Meissner

Course overview

The A14 Weekly Option Strategy Workshop is a short term, high reward options trading strategy that can be used in any market environment. For both small and large accounts, it includes a clear set of rules for entering data and making adjustments.

What you will get in this course

  • Concepts fundamental to the A14 Weekly Options Strategy
  • Guidelines governing the A14 Weekly Options Strategy (including entry, adjustment and exit)
  • Multiple step-by-step illustrations of the A14 in up, down, and turbulent markets
  • Additional alterations that may be made
  • Utilizing the A14 modification for the Boxcar Trade

Introducing A14 Weekly Option Strategy 

  • Planned Capital for a two-lot trade ranges from $5,000 to $8,000
  • Minimum account required to trade two lots is $10,000
  • Profit aim is at least +5%. Amy averaged a gain of 6.5% per trade
  • Losses average 6% and are typically less than -10%
  • Win/Loss Probability was 9:1

Why you should use A14 Weekly Option Strategy

  • No decision is required. Not necessary to be an expert in technical analysis
  • One order at the entrance. There is no need to numerous legs
  • There is no requirement to be in front of a computer during trading hours
  • Adjustments are easy and need to be reviewed only once a day
  • Adjustment strategies can be combined with other strategies

About your course instructor – Amy Meissner

Amy Meissner - Library of Trader

Amy specializes in the use of high-probability option techniques to generate monthly income through the trading of options. She’s a well-known face in the world of options trading and a sought-after presenter on webinars. Amy has a reputation as a disciplined, stable options trader who is able to keep her risk under control even in volatile market situations. She may make little adjustments here and there as the market shifts, but her unwavering dedication to the same strategy is what sets her apart. As a result of Amy’s consistent self-assurance and good investment strategy, she has seen a consistent stream of income.

SJG Trading: Butterflies Class – Steve Ganz

Course overview

This SJG Trading: Butterflies Class tells you how Steve trades butterflies. Steve isn’t presenting a tight rule set but will educate how to trade butterflies with potential adjustments and why he is choosing his unique adjustments.


You should have a general knowledge of Options and Greeks. Moreover, OptionNet Explorer, OptionVue or a similar program is highly recommended, but not required.

Who is this course for?

  • Those that have historically feared volatile markets
  • Those wanting to learn how to profit from some of the juiciest delta neutral trading you will find
  • Those wanting to learn ways to possibly hedge existing long equity/investment positions
  • Those wanting to understand the ins and outs of a wide range of Butterflies
  • Those that recognize that specific rule sets have their own set of issues with Greeks being different from program to program

About your course instructor Steve Ganz

Steve Ganz - Library of Trader

Steve Ganz has been an active trader for 30+ years, trading everything from stock, to futures, to stock options, options on futures, and index options. He has developed and traded automated/algorithmic trading systems. Currently Steve is Sr. Bot specialist for Option Alpha Automated Options and Trading platform.

He has taught trading classes for Online Trading Academy and independent students Have focused the past 2 years on a variety of Butterfly trades. He also has made over 2,000 live and paper trades of various Butterfly styles.