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100 Money Blueprints 2014 Edition By Lawrence Bernstein – Instant Download!

 This billion dollar ad collection may be…

“The only swipe file
you will ever need”

(All NEW 2014 Edition)

NOW with 4,880 searchable keywords in Health, Wealth,
Self-Help & dozens more markets)
100 Money Blueprints 2014 Edition By Lawrence Bernstein
“It’s my 8th time through it and I still have great ideas jump out at me.”
(Michael Beck, Dallas, TX)

“Your manual has been instrumental in me writing an ad that generated over $20,000 in just two weeks, so cudos to you Lawrence.”
(Dr. Ivan Carney, Temecula, CA)

From: Lawrence Bernstein
“Cornerman to Direct Response Players on 5 Continents”
Tucson, Arizona, USA
Sunday 3:07 pm

Dear Friend,

How did Gene Schwartz build a fortune big enough to amass one of the largest private art collections in the world?

He did it by writing advertising copy that targeted the most basic wants and desires known to man.

His legacy and style of copy are still going strong 19 years after his passing.

How does this relate to you right now?

Whatever you’re selling… and whoever your customers are… you need an edge today more than ever.

I’ve compiled this Eugene Schwartz ad collection to help you soar while others are floundering.

And it all starts with a simple learning action that takes just 10 minutes a day.

Gene Schwartz did it all with just a pen and writing pad… working 4 hours a day… using nothing more than his lethal, street-smart understanding of what makes people buy anything.

Step though this time machine and enter the mind of Gene Schwartz. Immerse yourself in the creative and advertising genius that built his financial empire and get ready for a level of persuasion that…

Opens a new FLOODGATE OF RESPONSE to your advertising

But don’t think this is another copywriting course.

It’s not.

More of the “same old” will only get you more of the same old.

These “100 Money Blueprints” are to be found nowhere else. And the 2014 Edition now has a whopping 114 masterful ads.

It’s taken thousands of dollars and dozens of hours to track them down and assemble them into the ultimate collection of ads… written by a man who’s sold over a BILLION dollars worth of products via direct response.

It was a most unusual quest. Here’s how it began.

I first came in contact with Breakthrough Advertising back in the 1990s

Back then, I was fruitlessly ordering every mail order course I encountered. Eventually, I came across a direct mail operator who credited Breakthrough Advertising with making him a millionaire and he strongly suggested I read it.

Though the book was difficult to come by because it was out of print, I managed to get a hold of it through an inter-library loan from a city half-way across the country.

Because it was so highly regarded and scarce (it’s said to be one of the most stolen books in US public libraries) I stood at the copy machine for the better portion of an hour, spinning off a copy.

I anxiously arrived home with a package of several hundred photostats and prepared for the transformation certain to follow.

Little sank in on the first read.

But I kept plowing through it over the next few months until the book went from gradually making sense… to being my most valued copywriting playbook. My photostats became so dog-eared, I was forced to buy a real copy of the book.

I’ve since used the rock solid principles in Breakthrough Advertising to write ads for everything from low budget information products to the most expensive home in the Southwest United States.

But something was missing…

The world’s MOST STOLEN advertising book now has the
MISSING KEY…that makes most copywriting advice obsolete

Gene Schwartz was supposed to be one of the most prolific ad writers of all time.

But where were all the ads?

And why hadn’t somebody tracked them down and made them available, so marketers like us could take our skills to the next level, by studying his numerous direct response masterpieces?

After waiting long enough, I realized it wasn’t going to happen unless I took action myself.

So, I began digging through online databases, yellowing space ad collections and even hiring a researcher to look through corporate registrations in New York and Florida.

Much like the process of solving a mystery, one clue led to another… and another…until I had tracked down over 100 Money Blueprints.

Why are they called 100 Money Blueprints?

I called them “100 Money Blueprints” for two reasons.

First, because there were originally 100 proven print ads when the first edition was released — now expanded to 114 in late-2013. One great idea alone… from a single ad… could be worth thousands to you.

And second, all make use of a specific blueprint for reliably extracting money from almost any market.

Like these:

  • Health and Healing
  • Childhood and Continuing Education
  • Beauty and Rejuvenation
  • Exercise
  • Self-Improvement
  • Weight Loss
  • Memory Improvement
  • Business Opportunity
  • and many more!

Though several of the ads in this collection were written as early as the late-1950s, make no mistake about their relevance today.

The same tested blueprint that cleared the shelves of plant nurseries from coast-to-coast in the 1950s was the same one used to sell $50 million worth of one book by direct mail, Dr. Chang’s Book of Internal Exercises, well into the 1990s.

It’s a blueprint you can use to create surprisingly high hit ratios because you don’t have to be a great writer. You just have to know how to assemble the copy in such a way as to make your product irresistible to your prospects.

And the surest way to do that is by taking these 100 Money Blueprints — the missing key that skyrockets the potency of Breakthrough Advertising — and reading one advertising masterpiece a day.

That’s it.

You’ll take about 10 minutes a day to digest one of these ads… and with each passing week, you’ll begin to feel your copywriting muscles strengthen like a well-trained athlete.

The greatest proven print ad collection from one of the most successful copywriters in history… now at YOUR fingertips for INSTANT PROFIT producing inspiration!

Here’s a question for you.

Suppose tomorrow, you were offered a substantial sum to create an ad in the continuing education market.

Would you risk taking the untested advice often found in books and courses… or would you look to a source that sold hundreds of thousands of copies over the course of a half-decade…like the ad in the sidebar above and to the right?

(Go ahead… enlarge it… print it out and feel the raw selling power that compelled millions in sales.)

The answer is obvious.

Time and dollars are in such short supply nowadays, you can ill afford to take anything but the most direct path.

And 100 Money Blueprints are it.

“POWER COPYWRITING” is a skill YOU can master
in 10 easy minutes a day!

Here’s just a fraction of what awaits you…

  • Why words in advertising are like the windows in a store… and how to help your customers look right through them to see (and desire) your product!
  • How to melt away writer’s block and fill your ads with automatic… explosive copy that compels orders NOW.
  • How to build a power packed copywriting vocabulary. Gives you the words you need — overnight — to load your ads with verbal dynamite!
  • A little known secret for virtually eliminating “buyer’s remorse”… even for products created on the fly.
  • A blueprint for combining “future pacing,” social proof and an irresistible offer…to make even the most lethargic prospects take immediate action.
  • The positioning secret that moved a basement full of ‘unwanted’ books and set up a 40-year money machine in the beauty market.
  • How to harness the power of “see-page bullets” to make your prospects drool with desire for your product. See page 13.
  • The magic of “5 proof-layers” that make even the boldest promise rock solid believable.
  • How to explode the power of advertising claims with time frames
  • Secrets of text boxes that beacon to your prospects like a lighthouse in a sea of clutter
  • How to create powerful word pictures that LEAP off the page
  • The blueprint for creating self-published, million-copy selling titles
  • And much more…

Plus, you’ll also get…

The 9-page “cheat sheet,” Persuasion Patterns, that will lock down your understanding of Eugene Schwartz’s techniques and help you put them into rapid action… so you can start writing dynamite ads NOW!

But there’s even more!

Big BONUS #1: The “Fascination Files”

Do you know the difference between bullets and fascinations?

Bullets… good bullets… make your customers wonder IF your product works. Fascinations make your customers wonder HOW your product works.

This 40-page bonus will ramp up your power to write FASCINATIONS THAT SELL… as you learn from the legendary copywriter, known as, the Master of Fascinations. (Value $97)

Big BONUS #2: The Master’s Copywriting Workshop

Would you like to dial the wealth creating power of your copy up a notch or two?

Then this rare video may be the most valuable 90 minutes you invest this year because who better to learn from than a copy legend like Gene Schwartz?

Combine what you’ll learn here with 100 Money Blueprints and let the “profit adventures” begin! (Value $197)

A “Recession Beater” That Can’t Miss…

The economy and world financial system may still be in a proverbial hell in a hand basket but that only spells O-P-P-O-R-T-U-N-I-T-Y for savvy direct marketers and entrepreneurs.


Because peoples’ core wants and desires only grow stronger during tough economic cycles.

  • Self-help and continuing education courses fly off the shelves
  • Cosmetics are swept up from the counters. (The Great Depression saw the birth of the modern cosmetics industry.)
  • Business opportunity offers spring up like wild mushrooms
  • Diet, weight loss and exercise become incredibly popular as consumers start to focus on things they can control

In short, the language you’ll discover in these “100 Money Blueprints” is the language that SELLS to the masses in both recessionary AND boom times.

Worth 100 TIMES what you invest or it’s FREE…

It’s a bold, yet simple proposition… and one I have 100% confidence in because countless others before you have seen and experienced the results.

100 Money Blueprints MUST be worth 100 TIMES your investment… or it’s 100% FREE. You’ll be the sole judge. Take a full month to put it to the test and convince yourself of its staggering value to your business.

  • Day 1: Today, you’ll download 100 Money Blueprints and begin feeding your brain just a few of Gene’s timeless masterpieces. Skim the rest of the massive collection… and realize you now hold a playbook for forging your own winning ads… over and over again.
  • Day 2: Tomorrow, you’ll go through the collection and observe Persuasion Pattern #1 in action. See how the Master Persuader couples the”Try-Before-You-Buy” proposition to his prospects’ raw desires to ignite rivers of response. (That’s how Schwartz built the largest private Modern art collection in America!)
  • Day 4: Take two ads and see Persuasion Pattern #3: “the Beacon Technique”… at work. Discover how Gene signaled the lost ships at sea — prospects desperate for a solution — and drew them to his lighthouse.
  • Day 5: Reserve 90 uninterrupted minutes… power down your mobile phone… and watch the FULL Copywriting Workshop for the first time. Keep pen and pad close by, the idea sparks will fly!
  • Day 7: You’ll take a few ads and concentrate on Persuasion Pattern #8: The Power of Word Pictures. No one’s ever shared this with you before, but there are only two kinds of words in copywriting: 1) picture words and 2) connector words. You’ll notice the vibrant world painted in a Gene Schwartz ad and become aware of the power of word pictures that LEAP off the page. Now, your ads become that much brighter.
  • * Day 8: You’ll discover the secret of using a product’s origin as a powerful proof element. Just take one ad,”Doctors In Sweden Say There IS A Cure For Arthritis,” and see how Schwartz used it to weave a web of response.
  • * Days 9, 10, 11: Take a few days off to absorb the material you’ve taken in so far because there’s so much more to follow.
  • Days 12, 13, 14: Time to switch tangents and dig into Bonus #1: “The Fascination Files.” You’ll learn the insider’s story about one of mail order’s greatest “money machines” spurred in large part by the power of fascinations. And you’ll discover the secret to writing captivating fascinations for ANY product… not just those along the “money-power-love” axis.
  • Day 15: You’ll see the influence that Persuasion Pattern #4: Future Pacing, can have on your prospects, as they interact with and accept your products before even using them.
  • Day 16: Uncover the truth about the “winning ticket” technique. It’s so simple, yet it virtually eliminates “buyer’s remorse.”
  • Day 18: Take the ad, “How to Stay Young till 90,” and see how all the Persuasion Patterns work in unison, like a symphony, to easily sell 200,000 copies of a simple mail order book.
  • Day 19: Behold the print ad converted from the mailbox winner, “How Modern Chinese Medicine Helps BURN Disease Out of Your Body.” How’s it possible for an ad to mail 20 YEARS… without changing so much as one punctuation mark? Now, you’re absorbing the brilliance of Gene Schwartz!
  • Day 21: You’ll study the ad, “Flaming Torch Arrives From Canada” and the sub-head of legend, “Who Ever Heard of 17,000 BLOOMS From One Single Plant?” This one ad was responsible for emptying the shelves of plant nurseries from coast-to-coast.
  • Day 22: Screen Bonus #2: the Copywriting Workshop… again and be amazed at the treasure of insights you missed the first time around. Feel the transformation now happening to your advertising prowess.
  • Day 24: Do nothing more than see Persuasion Pattern #6 in action… and learn how to explode the strength of your claims with time frames!
  • Day 25: Take 20 minutes to understand the fine points of the ad that re-made the memory market: “Don’t pay a penny until this course turns your mind into a MENTAL MAGNET.”
  • Day 26: Take the ad, “Use Your Newspaper to Boost Your Child’s Grades” and marvel at how little has changed in the childhood education market. You’re not merely learning how to write master class ad copy but how to mold evergreen products that sell 20…30… even 40 years from now!
  • Day 27: take a day off… you’ve earned it.
  • Day 28: Absorb “the power of demonstration” in the ad, “How To Stroke Wrinkles Right Out of Your Face!” Now, keep this concept “center-stage” when writing your next ad!
  • Day 29: Learn the secret of making your claims more believable by “gradualizing” them. And, there’s no better ad to learn from then: “Break All The Rules and Win a 35-Year-Old-Body at 50-60-70 and Beyond!”
  • Day 30: Are you now enriched (and emboldened) enough to “compete” with Eugene Schwartz? Try this exercise, then. Examine the bullets in the ad: “37 ingenious SPARE TIME BUSINESSES that require almost no investment, and net you up to $200 EXTRA INCOME every week!” Now, see if you can surpass them with your own bullets… using just half of what you learned in Bonus #2: The Fascination Files.
  • Day 31: Oleada Baker was stuck with an inventory of thousands of books she couldn’t sell… until Gene wrote this ad for her… and set up her “money machine” that’s going strong almost 50 years later! Read “Why Models Stay Young Till Sixty!”

Now, imagine all the transformations taking place in your “advertsing brain”… in just the next month alone!

You have 31 days to learn… profit… and… produce… from the fully updated version of 100 Money Blueprints. And it’s entirely at my risk.

100 Money Blueprints MUST be worth 100 TIMES your investment… or it’s 100% FREE. You’ll be the sole judge.

If you’re unhappy for any reason, just send me an email within 31 days with your order number and let me know you want a refund. There’ll be no question or quibble. I’ve been in business for over 10 years and have satisfied customers on every continent but one.

Just keep in mind, if you’re after “marginal” improvement, this is probably not for you. Ditto if you’re looking for entertainment. 100 Money Blueprints is for direct response players… or those who aspire to be.

If Breakthrough Advertising sold for over $1,000…

Imagine what 100 Money Blueprints will be worth to you.

Did you know out-of-print editions of Gene Schwartz’s Breakthrough Advertising fetched over $1,000 on Amazon and eBay in the early 2000s before the book was republished by Boardroom?

But Breakthrough Advertising has only 5 complete print ads compared to the whopping 114 in 100 Money Blueprints.

Since these ads were for all purposes, ‘lost to time’ for the last three decades, $497 seemed like a reasonable price, because this is only intended for serious marketers who know the value of tested and proven winners.

For partially selfish reasons (not wanting to keep inventory or handle fulfillment), I decided to more than half it to $237 and offer it as a digitally downloadable archive.

But even that is a steep barrier for many.

“100 Money Blueprints” is a 130-page, 21-megabyte PDF, downloadable advertising archive you can capture on your computer within 90 seconds. (Nothing will be sent in the mail… take a fraction of your massive savings and go to your local copy shop to print a bound copy or two.) You’ll use it as your tireless “go-to” source for ad copy, offer-crafting and even product creation ideas… not just now… but in the profit-pulling years ahead.

Remember, the best ideas are found on the tops of rugged mountains, not on valley floors. But you needn’t do anything other than take simple action right now. All the hard work has already been done for you… and you risk nothing.

100 Money Blueprints 2014 Edition By Lawrence Bernstein, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!):

  • Lawrence Bernstein – 100 Money Blueprints 2014 Edition.pdf